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O-Zone Late Night: Urban Meyer hired

JACKSONVILLE – The Jaguars on Thursday hired Urban Meyer as head coach.

Meyer, who won three college national championships at Ohio State and Florida, becomes the sixth head coach in Jaguars history – and is by far the most high-profile coach ever to hold the position. He brings a credibility and excitement to the team (and fan base) that has been missing far too long.

We'll learn a lot of details about Meyer's philosophies and thoughts on the Jaguars in the coming days. And we'll discuss the Meyer hiring pretty much exclusively in Friday's O-Zone.

But for now, here's a special edition of O-Zone Late Night. All Urban Meyer all the time?

Pretty much. And why not?

Let's get to it …

Logan from Saskatoon, Canada

Based on history, and knowledge of U.M., what sort/style of offense do you think we will see next season?

This is tough to say – not because of the offenses Meyer has used in the past, but because one of his career's defining characteristics has been adaptability. He was a run-oriented, old-school coach early in his career as an assistant, then adjusted and helped develop/popularize the spread offense during stops at Bowling Green, Utah and Florida. He again adjusted and adapted to the changing college game – and to defenses adapting to his scheme – by changing the offense enough at Ohio State to again have championship-level success. Meyer never has coached in the NFL. So, how he adapts to what at times is a dramatically different game is a major storyline – perhaps the major storyline – of his tenure. But a key trait of a successful coach – and a trait Meyer has displayed through his career – is ability to adjust to changing times and adjust in a way that he stays ahead of an evolving game. He has leaned on innovative coaches and coordinators at times in the past to ensure he adjusts properly. I expect he will do so moving forward, so while I certainly expect an offense that looks similar to the spread schemes he has used in the past, it likely won't be an exact copy of anything he has used previously.

Gary from Wesley Chapel

Hi John, Well, Urban Meyer wasn't "my guy," but if he's "The Guy." Let's Go Jags!!

Hey, one fer Urban …

The Other Michael from Middleburg, FL

Way to bring the fans back ... hiring a coach with zero integrity. This franchise is a total dumpster fire.

… and one not fer Urban, I suppose. Look: The Meyer hire won't be without its detractors. No NFL head-coach hire is without its detractors. But I'm still not sure I see how this makes the franchise a dumpster fire. Meyer was the biggest name in this NFL coaching cycle, and it's fitting that the biggest name went with the most-coveted position. That's a pretty commonly held opinion across the NFL right now. But I suppose we'll see.

Kathy from Jacksonville

After reading some of Urban Meyer's comments, I don't think "penalties" will be an issue with the Jaguars anymore.

I'm sure Meyer will focus on keeping penalties at a minimum.

Daniel from Jersey City

O-man, before the decision was made, and Khan asked for your input, what did you say?

The bathroom is clean now. Is there anything else you need?

Clayton from Gambier, OH

He's a great offensive mind. Heck, one could make the argument he implemented the spread offense first. In an offense-driven league, this hire has got to work, right? Go Jaguars!

I don't get the idea Meyer was hired as much for being a great offensive mind as for his ability to change culture and direction of an organization. My guess is he may lean relatively heavily on coordinators – on both sides of the ball – and be far more of an executive, tone-setter, culture-builder than an Xs-and-Os guy. But hey … that's speculation. I expect he'll speak to the media soon and we'll get a clearer idea of such things.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

A respected reporter said parts of Urban's talks were regarding large upgrades to facilities. Outside of a new stadium, what could you see potentially upgraded if the hiring is indeed almost official?

We'll see. Pretty much anything could be in play.

Michael from Jacksonville

Does Shad Khan think this coach will lead us to the positive side. My bet season tickets will drop 25 percent over last year, even Gators I know aren't buying this.

I bet season-ticket sales don't decline from last season. In fact, I would be surprised if season-ticket sales aren't brisker than at any time since the 2018 offseason. We'll see. I've been wrong before. (But not this time).

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

So, a guy with no NFL experience is going to build a winning NFL culture? A guy who bails when it's convenient for him. A guy that lacks moral credibility. This proves there is no correlation between intelligence and making money. Meyer will hire his college coaching buddies, a recipe for disaster.

Only time will how the hire will work. That's an obvious answer, but it's true. Either way, I highly doubt Meyer will hire only his "college coaching buddies." I would actually be very surprised if it's not a decent mix of college and professional coaches – with the coordinators likely having NFL experience.

Micah from Chicago, IL

Looks like it's time to open the celebratory bourbon Meyer!

Pour one for me, Micah. Never mind. I have my own.