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O-Zone: Life is demanding

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Dan from Los Angeles, CA:

Any feeling the team is considering adding a veteran linebacker to take over the Poz role (maybe Navarro Bowman), or does it appear the Jaguars are satisfied with Blair Brown?

John: I wouldn't be surprised if the team added a linebacker sometime during the offseason, or sometime during training camp. That might be a rookie undrafted free agent, or it might be a young player released by another team. But I don't sense they will be seeking a veteran with the name recognition of a player such as Bowman – and remember: they're not necessarily looking for someone to fill the role played by Posluszny last season. He played the middle on early downs and came off the field in passing situations. Myles Jack is moving inside from the strong-side position he played in base situations last season, and he now will play the middle on all downs. The Jaguars right now see Brown playing the strong-side role in base situations and coming off the field on third downs. I don't get the idea they feel any panic to change that; if they thought that was a crisis point they would have signed a veteran early in free agency or addressed it in the draft. When Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell talked before the draft about feeling good about the entire lineup and not feeling as if they needed to draft to fill needs, he was including linebacker in that thought. Therefore, any linebacker the Jaguars sign between now and the season likely would be more of a special teams/reserve player than a front-line guy.

Well-versed in NFL from Duvall:

Does Jason La Canfora hate the Jaguars? They weren't one of eight teams he picked that have a shot at the Super Bowl next season in this story. He picked the Steelers and Chargers over them, FCOL!

John: I wouldn't worry much about this. I doubt La Canfora liked the Jaguars' chances this time last offseason, and Myles Jack wasn't down.

Tom from St. Johns:

Mr. John, I have decided to share what until now was a secret strategy. I say "was" because once I tell you, the entire universe is then wiser and a secret is now a busted two-point play. Last year, I decided to use Austin Seferian-Jenkins as a tight end on my fantasy team. What a great brain!!! It turned out well. He caught several passes, even caught some touchdowns. He did a nice job blocking and I won several games in which he played. I have friends who have like experiences and I am sure the knowledge they displayed in the "pro" career would be of significant value to Tom Coughlin/Doug Marrone/David Caldwell. Next time you pop into one of their offices, feel free to reveal our unbounded success.

John: Will do.

Marcus from Liverpool, England:

Hey Mr. O, apart from wide receiver, what position do you think will have the most competition for roster spots?

John: I don't know that any position on the Jaguars will be overloaded with competition for roster spots. I'd be surprised, for instance, if there's more than one spot "open" at wide receiver; Marqise Lee, Donte Moncrief, Keelan Cole, Dede Westbrook and DJ Chark are all but assured five of six potential spots – though I do think it will be interesting to see how different roles develop for those players. Cornerback could have a couple of competitive spots at the bottom of the depth chart. Beyond that, most positions on this team have room for one relatively unknown player at the bottom of the roster to push for a spot: running back, offensive line, linebacker, safety, etc.

Gary from Fleming Island, FL:

I humbly apologize for being so presumptuous but somebody has to say: you need therapy. Seriously.

John: That doesn't sound humble.

Dane from Jacksonville:

Could you explain some football lingo for me? What is the difference between a "move" tight end, an "H-back" tight end, a "split out" tight end and a, um ... "regular" tight end? I are confused.

John: Yes you is, but that's OK: the subject is a little confusing – at least in part because there is some crossover here. A "move" tight end is a tight end that can line up wide and play a role as a pass receiver, which essentially is the same as a spit-out tight end. An H-back tight end is a player who can catch but more often plays a role as a blocker. A regular tight end theoretically would be one who catches and runs with equal proficiency, although those guys don't seem to come around much anymore.

Charlie from The Candy Van:

Of all the people in the world, how does your lazy backside have a job writing for an NFL team?

John: Just chalk it up your good fortune.

Ray from Monroe, CT:

I know this has never happened before but just curious how it would work out. Theoretically each team in the division can go 13-3. If they all split games and those where the only losses, who would be last place?

John: In your scenario, the tiebreaker would move past head-to-head (the first tiebreaker), won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division (second tiebreaker), won-lost-tied in common games (third tiebreaker) and won-lost-tied in games within the conference (fourth tiebreaker). That would mean the order of finish being decided on strength of victory. That would depend on how the other teams all four teams play fare through the regular season. That no doubt would be frustrating to the team finishing last and out of the playoffs. If it happened. Which it won't. So that team won't be frustrated. So yeah.

Kyan from Le Mars, IA:

A previous reader asked about a wide receiver versus cornerback in the Oklahoma drill and you mentioned you wouldn't necessarily want to see it. Who are two players on the Jaguars that you would love to see go man versus man in the Oklahoma drill? #OffseasonQuestions

John: I wouldn't. I prefer to not have the players in practice risk injury for comparatively little or no gain.

Sunil from Jacksonville:

After 2,467 days, the streak has ended on May 10, 2018. Thank you for your dedication through these last six to seven years. Though we make fun of you all the time, we all truly appreciate what you mean to the diehard fans! Here's to old streaks and to the start of a new one! #GoJags

John: While I certainly am worthy of praise – or, as they say in these parts "praise-worthy" – the sentimental congratulations you offer are premature. As evidenced here, there indeed was an O-Zone on May 10. But thank you for the sentiment and the effort. Onward ho …

Marlin from Newberry, FL:

Dear John, I am not afraid to admit that in 1981 as a musically-repressed youth I bought an Air Supply album. Nor am I afraid to admit I enjoyed them in concert during the hedonistic decade of the 90s. Nor am I afraid to admit that every time I read an Air Supply question in the O-Zone that "All Out of Love" starts playing in my head. I hope you print this question, because reading the O-Zone while Air Supply runs through your head is a great way to start the day.

John: I'm so sorry for you, Marlin.

Neil from Gloucester, UK:

Dear Mr O. In relation to a previous question regarding tackling in rugby would it be worth considering NFL players not wearing helmets? Trust me: As a rugby player some years ago, the last thing you ever considered was lowering your head or using it as a weapon!

John: This concept is sometimes mentioned when discussing safety in the NFL, as is the concept of removing the face mask. While there is merit to both suggestions, it's difficult to imagine the NFL going this direction. Concussions and injuries inevitably would still happen; the perception problem of having that take place after removing helmets or face masks from the game probably would be too enormous to make such a move plausible.

David from Orlando, FL:

O-Zone, before last season, whenever I wore my Jags gear around town, I noticed my shoulders would slump and my head would hang low. However, after last year's success, now in that same gear, I strut down the street like John Travolta at the beginning of Saturday Night Fever. Sometimes, I even point and wink at the ladies, as I flash a sly, Shadrick-like smile … lock up your daughters, lock up your wives, the swag is back!


Dwayne from Jacksonville:

O-Zone, I need for you to always tell the truth. So 'fess up, you don't really have a reader named Phinneus, do you?

John: Ask him. I stopped caring about pretty much anything around the time my life became a web of lies, half truths and confusion. This was around the time Ace of Base got popular. I associate one event closely with the other.

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