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O-Zone: Life lessons

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

JR from The Squatchlands

Did we play THAT well or did the Titans play THAT bad?

The Jaguars beat the Tennessee Titans, 34-14, at EverBank Stadium Sunday. The Jaguars outgained Tennessee 389-235 with 24 first downs to 12 for the Titans. The Jaguars forced two turnovers, registered two sacks and did not allow a sack or commit a turnover. Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence threw for two touchdowns and ran for two more, with wide receiver Calvin Ridley catching two touchdown passes. The Titans did not score until the final play of the third quarter when the Jaguars led 27-0. So, yeah … it was a convincing victory. Really convincing. I believe most one-sided victories in the NFL require one team to play well and the other team to play poorly. The Jaguars played really well Sunday. haven't seen the Titans play much this season, but I'm guessing people who have seen them play a lot would tell you they played really poorly Sunday. That's usually the formula in games such as this. That doesn't make the Jaguars' victory unimpressive. Winning in convincing fashion is hard in professional football. It's always a positive.

Joseph from Acworth

When the Jags were winning and Trevor wasn't playing well, I admit I was worried. I'd rather he play well and the Jags lose; at least that way, we know we have hope for the future. Thankfully we got both Sunday – a franchise quarterback performance and a win.

I understand the sentiment and I understand the emphasis on the future with a young quarterback such as Lawrence. But maybe it's time to stop thinking so much about the future and think more of the present. Consider: The Jaguars have won 15 of their last 21 games. They won the AFC South last season and lead the AFC South this season. They have two five-game winning streaks during that span. They beat three playoff teams during the final half of last season. They have multiple victories this season over .500, plus .500 and contending teams this season. They have lost once in their last seven games and they have trailed just once in their last seven victories. I don't know if the Jaguars will win the Super Bowl this season. I don't know if they will win the AFC South this season. I don't know how they will fare against the Houston Texans Sunday. But I do know these are some damned good times to be a Jaguars fan. They have a good quarterback, a good head coach and a talented roster. They have a chance in any game. Enjoy it, if possible. These are the good times.

Johnny from Section 408, Westside wowside

This was more like it. There were only a couple minor things, but we looked good. It wasn't exactly a HOF QB, but we looked good. Yay us. #duuuuuval

Yay Jaguars.

Brad from Orange Park, FL

Give me 16 over any other option in the league and I'll live with the results. Channeling, Terrell Owens', "That's my quarterback."

Lawrence turned in his best game of the season Sunday – a performance that came one week after a three-turnover, no-touchdown performance in a 34-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. He called the 49ers loss perhaps the worst performance of his career. Lawrence is good. He has been developing and making better decisions over the last 16 or so games. He's not elite yet, but he's trending in the right direction. Remember, too: Lawrence for the last month has been playing on an injured knee. He's getting healthier and he had more time to throw Sunday – and voila! – he played better. Go figure.

Brad (The Barbarian) from the The Avenues

The much-hated ancient enemy vanquished, crushed, driven from our shore, replete with lamentation, deep satisfaction. Duval.

Grant me one request. Grant me revenge.

Mike from San Diego, CA

Hamilton a healthy scratch against Titans running back Derrick Henry. Interesting! Your thoughts KOAF??

The Jaguars deactivated nose tackle DaVon Hamilton Sunday because they wanted him to be ready for the final weeks of the season. It was not a setback with the back injury that put him on injured reserve for the first seven games of the season. It was not a performance issue. It was not a game-planning issue. This was Pederson on the topic Sunday postgame: "It was a healthy scratch. I just want to make sure that he is mentally and physically ready to go. We're not going to put somebody out there to risk anything further, and it was the decision by me to just hold him one week, see where he's at, and get him more practice time, get him more reps, get him back to where he was a year ago. He has missed a lot of time. I think it's definitely taken a toll a little bit, but he's busted his tail to be in a position to help us. I think it's going to be a week-to-week decision, but he understands where we are, and he appreciated that, and we'll see where he's at again this week."

Bob from Sumter, SC

Winning is cool. A beat down of the Titans is beyond cool.

Jaguars fans like to beat the Tennessee Titans.

Mike from New Milford, NJ

One fer Ross Matiscik.

Jaguars long snapper Ross Matiscik had a tackle and a forced fumble on a punt return Sunday. It was an impressive play, though not an unusual one. He entered Sunday third on the team with three special teams tackles. That's a good number for Matiscik. He does that. He's a good player.

Chuck from Ponte Vedra Beach

Third-quarter offense looked much more like we were expecting: 15-25 yard passes is in Trevor's wheelhouse. He seemed to have a bit more time to throw and as a result he found our high-caliber receivers open. But the rest of game was either two-yard pass or incredible toss by Trevor to get 10 yards. Still need to re-evaluate play book or get blown out early by good teams.

It's always coaching in the NFL.

DT from NW AR

0 reasons to not like Ridley the Riddler.

Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley, like Lawrence, had one of his better games of the season Sunday. He caught seven passes for 103 yards and two touchdowns. There had been more than a bit of criticism and consternation over Ridley recently. As is often the case with midseason criticism and consternation, it perhaps was a bit premature. Ridley through 10 games has 42 receptions for 574 yards and four touchdowns. He also has drawn 10 penalties for more than 100 yards. He is difficult to cover. He draws coverage. It appears he's developing chemistry with Lawrence. The best in this vein may be yet to come.

Joe Living in St johns, down by the river

Winning is fun, John. Fans like it!


Nick from Palatka, FL

Is that what they mean by complementary football, Zone?

Complementary football is when the defense offense takes advantage of a good play by the defense and vice-versa. It's also when the defense makes a big play to make up for a mistake by the offense and vice-versa. It's also when special teams helps similarly. Yes, when you win 34-14, there's usually some complementary football involved.

Rich from Dacula, GA

RELAX, we just beat a team that hasn't won on the road in over a year. It's on to next week, can Trevor handle it?

Winning in the NFL is hard. Taking a 27-0 lead and not allowing a point until the final play of the third quarter means you play well. I don't know how Lawrence will play in Houston next week. He has been the winning quarterback in 15 of his last 21 games, so he has a chance.

Michael from Mean streets of Arlington

I don't know. They're still not playing well enough.


Jason Extreme SW Duval (aka Tampa)

KOAF, last year I drove three hours to take my 12-year-old son to his first NFL game: the Jags-Titans season finale. He learned that day that winning ugly is a sign of resilience and grit. The next week we went to the Jags-Chargers game where he learned that cold weather games are miserable and the game isn't over until there are four zeroes on the clock (and other cliches). Earlier this year we went to the Jags-Chiefs game where he learned that hot weather games are miserable, as well as how to keep fanning even after an ugly loss. Sunday he learned that when a healthy-enough Zay Jones is back in the lineup, it opens up Calvin Ridley to have a monster game. Mighty O: what is left for my boy to learn?

That life will wear you down to the nub and break your heart every chance it gets. And that sometimes, a good glass of scotch and a porch breeze is the only defense. Give him some time to learn the second lesson. My path is not for our youth to follow.