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O-Zone: Long lost friend

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Christopher from Santa Clara, CA

In response to Reese from VA: As a Jags fan living in California for my entire life, I, too, am often asked why am I a Jags fan. I wondered this often myself, then I tailgated with other Jags fans and had a seat with a perfect view of Josh Allen's division-clinching touchdown. It was the first win I had seen in person. Faith and patience get rewarded.

I often suspect people who ask others why they're fans of a certain team often never have been fans of a team located other than where they have lived – and they often never have been fans of teams that struggled for a long period. When I followed teams as a fan, I attached to those teams for various reasons. I was a fan of the NFL team in Washington because my father grew up there and people who lived in our house were simply fans of that team in our house. I was a fan of the Seattle SuperSonics somewhat because we lived in Seattle in the early 1970s, but mostly because I loved the Dennis Johnson-Gus Williams teams that made the NBA Finals in 1978 and 1979 – and that won the title in 1979. I was a fan of the Oakland A's because they won three consecutive World Series – 1972-1974 – when I first started following sports and I usually didn't jump from team to team once I became a fan of a team. In my view, it was always that last element – sticking with a team – that made someone a "true" fan, and that made the experience matter. I expect many Jaguars fans, like you, felt similarly that they had earned those good feelings last season during the Jaguars' run to the AFC South title and the AFC Divisional Playoff game. That's the good stuff.

CaptBob from Jax

Congrats on 31 years anniversary. I'm at 31 also, but longevity had a previous 10-year practice, learning experience. Citing your link to the NFL's drug policy, I think it's worthy to mention the TRUE policy. If a drug is prescribed by a doctor and is registered properly with the NFL it is allowed without penalty. Oh, and by the way, the other Bob was not nice.

Players can take otherwise banned substances if those substances are approved by the NFL and proper medical professionals. This is true.

Doug from Jacksonville, FL

All this stadium talk is exhausting. Let me present the plan – and whomever needs to use it, can use it for free. The City of Jacksonville pays up to $1 billion to update the facility it owns. If it doesn't, the facility it owns will cease to create revenue. Let Jaguars Owner Shad Khan pay up to $1 billion for the infrastructure around the stadium to make it more appealing other than just football games helping everyone make back the invested cash. Play one home game in London every other year when the Jags have nine games, making sure eight regular-season games are played in Jacksonville every year – and Jacksonville and Khan continue to grow the London relationship. Jags sign a lease through 2050. Cowford residents are welcome to jump on the bandwagon or not.


Vern from Hometown of the future

''There is no evidence to suggest [left tackle Cam] Robinson took the banned supplements last season ...'' really, jon?? No evidence? What about that failed drug test and four-game suspension?? You think the NFLPA is letting teams suspend guys with no evidence? C'mon Jon, even you're not that dumb. Jon? Jon?

It's "J-o-h-n," so I'm apparently smart enough to spell that. The NFL tests players for performance-enhancing drugs in the offseason and the season. All I meant by the answer you are referencing was that Robinson could have been tested in the offseason.

Stan from Jacksonville

I clicked on the link contained in your answer to "Dale from Vancouver." It took me right back to where I was. It was either brilliant on your part, or sad on my part, by showing how "stuck in my present" I am. Or something like that.

It was probably brilliant on my part. When in doubt, default to that.

David from DUUVALLL

Not too long ago, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell mentioned a possible four-team expansion in Europe, I believe. Should this be looked at as just idle chatter or could there be a large expansion on the horizon, and what shape do you think it would take? For me, I see London, Mexico City, San Antonio, Portland, Salt Lake, Vancouver, Toronto and London again (one team at Wembley, the other at Tottenham) with two new divisions of four teams – one placed in the AFC and the other in the NFC.

Goodell discussed this possibility last October. My sense is that the NFL may try teams in Europe in the future – but I think it's a distant future. And your "large expansion" would expand the league by eight teams; that's really large considering the league has expanded by only six teams in the last 53 seasons. Expanding by that many would significantly dilute the talent level. I'm not saying the league never would go that route, but it's dangerous and I think there would be a lot of pushback.

Chris from Jacksonville Beach, FL

I know you're tired of this topic, but why don't the Jaguars sign a pass rusher?

It's an understandable topic. The Jaguars were OK in this area at times last season, particularly during the run to the postseason, but they weren't great. Two good pass rushers from last season – defensive linemen Arden Key and Dawuane Smoot – aren't on the roster, with Key signing as an unrestricted free agent with Tennessee earlier this offseason and Smoot still unsigned as an unrestricted free agent after sustaining a torn Achilles last December. The situation has many believing the Jaguars will address the area. Why haven't they done so? One reason: A belief that they can generate pass rush with the players on the roster. Another: The possibility that Smoot – or another current free agent could be signed as training camp gets closer, or even during training camp of preseason. Stay tuned.

Paul from Orange Park, FL

Myles Jack wasn't down and now he's not in the league.

True. Former Jaguars inside linebacker Myles Jack, who played with the Pittsburgh Steelers this past season, remains an unrestricted free agent. I'm guessing he will play for some team this season. I'm not guessing that he wasn't down. He wasn't. Down, that is.

Tom from Charlottesville, VA

In all the talk about the new stadium and downtown, I have not heard much discussion about mass transit! I grew up in New Jersey and went to the shore every Saturday and Sunday (drive from Trenton across the state to Long beach Island). This trip took approximately one hour. When I lived in Jacksonville, it would take an hour from Mandarin to Atlantic Beach! And I never left the City! Mass transit could also address the parking problem. Is there mass transit in the plans?

Mass transit is not part of the Jaguars' plans for the projected Stadium of the Future. Most of the current mass transit in Jacksonville revolves around buses, and there are game-day shuttles. There is also a skyway system in the urban core from San Marco into downtown Jacksonville, but it doesn't serve a significant game-day function.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, are we going to get another amazing video from the crew who scripted last season?

I thought at first you were referencing Sounds of the Game, the popular series reportedly executed last season by members of Jaguars Media. I then realized you were referencing It Was Written, the 2023 schedule release video memorably executed by Ghosts actor/Jaguars fan extraordinaire Asher Grodman and – yet again – members of Jaguars Media. The latter piece, fans will remember, satirically documented how "writers" scripted the Jaguars' remarkable 2023 season. Both pieces indeed were "amazing." Sounds of the Game indeed will return in 2023. Will the writers who came up with the '22 season be able to match that sort of drama in '23? We shall see.

Steve from Nashville, TN

I recall in a distant past that other teams had programmed home games away from their home stadiums. Green Bay played a game in Milwaukee for a few years and Buffalo had some home games in Toronto. Were there others?

The Packers actually played two or three home games in Milwaukee, Wis., from 1934-1994. They have played all home games at Lambeau Field in Green Bay since '94. The Bills played a home game in Toronto each season from 2008-2012. Most other home-away-from home situations have been temporary to accommodate stadium construction. That's how I remember it anyway.

David from Merritt Island

Is Jerrell still around? Haven't heard much from him in a while. He's probably hanging out with Gary.

Jerrell knows where to find me.