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O-Zone: Never, ever again

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Rvjag from North Augusta, SC

I am as jacked as anybody about having the No. 1 draft selection. The constant talk about getting Trevor Lawrence and him being the savior of the Jaguars has put too much pressure on the young man. I worry he may just decide to not come out early. Oh wait, the money he will get is too much to leave behind!

Inbox euphoria was phenomenally high Sunday. Understandably so. The Jaguars' 41-17 loss to the Chicago Bears at TIAA Bank Field Sunday combined with a New York Jets victory over the Cleveland Browns secured the Jaguars the No. 1 overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft entering the offseason. Never before have the Jaguars selected so early in the draft. Many observers assume that the No. 1 selection will be Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence – and considering Lawrence's status as perhaps the best quarterback prospect in nearly a decade, that's an understandable assumption. We'll discuss Lawrence ad nauseam in the O-Zone in the coming days, weeks and months – and possible years and decades. We'll see. But as for your question/concern – that this talk of him being a savior has put too much pressure on Lawrence and will therefore send him racing back to college next season … I wouldn't worry about that. Pretty much any quarterback selected No. 1 overall is going to a situation in which he is expected to be the franchise's foundation. All indications are that Lawrence is as well-equipped physically and mentally to handle such expectations as any player in recent memory. And I wouldn't worry about Lawrence not coming out. He has indicated throughout the fall that he likely will enter the draft. Whatever year he decides to do so, he's going to go to a team in dire need of a quarterback and one that needs a lot of pieces – and perhaps some time – to become a contender. There's little to be gained from waiting.

John from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

The team stinks, the coaching staff stinks, the front office stinks and the ownership stinks. Is anyone associated with this organization embarrassed?

The Jaguars are 1-14 and have lost 14 consecutive games. I don't agree with your assessment that everything you list stinks, but at 1-14 no one's going to listen much to my disagreeing. It's unquestionably a low point in that sense in franchise history, and it's a franchise that has had some low points. Owner Shad Khan has already dismissed General Manager David Caldwell earlier this season and it's reasonable to believe that won't be the only change. Is he embarrassed? I can't speak for Khan on that front. I can tell you he won't be content with what has happened, and that he doesn't want what has been happening to keep happening. I expect the coming offseason to be one of major change.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, I think this will be the wildest offseason ever. How different will this team be next year?


Artis from Hampton

Big O. If we draft Lawrence with the first overall pick, would we keep him on the sidelines for the first year, or would we throw him into the fold Day 1?

This won't be known until we know more about the Jaguars' new football leadership, but I can't imagine Lawrence wouldn't start immediately.

Nick from Palatka, Fl

Zone, Can you think of any scenario where the Jags don't draft TL if he's available – i.e., alive and healthy – in the 2021 NFL draft? Tell me it's pretty much set in stone, PLEEEASE!

Nothing's in stone until the direction of the football side of the Jaguars is determined. That means hiring a general manager. There seems a very good chance it will mean hiring a head coach and a staff. So, no … Lawrence to Jacksonville isn't "in stone." But I don't anticipate it will be long before we see the chisel.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

It seems like only yesterday you were telling me at Week 4 you thought the team would win another game. Funny how things play out? But we at least locked up home field for the draft, right?

I did think the Jaguars would win another game this season, and they still might. Even when the Jaguars were struggling in September and losing games by double digits, I thought they would have a stretch in which they had a chance to pull out a close game or two. They had that stretch right after a Week 8 bye. They had a chance to pull out a game or two. Or three or four. They didn't pull any out. Now, they have one more chance – at Indianapolis in a game that means a lot to the Colts. That makes it a very difficult situation for a beat-up, staggering Jaguars team. But congratulations on your rightness. You wear it well. And humbly. It's a good look.

Kris from Copenhagen, Denmark

"And yeah … If you're a fan wanting the Jaguars to lose Sunday, starting Glennon indeed could be worrisome."

I couldn't agree more. The Jaguars have made four quarterback changes this season, with Gardner Minshew II getting two starting stints (seven games, one game), Mike Glennon getting two (three games, one game) and Jake Luton getting one (three games). There is no answer on the roster. There is no quarterback who gives them a good chance. But if there is one quarterback that probably give them a better chance than the others, is that Glennon? Yeah, could be.

Nick from St. Augustine, FL

Even the commentators are laughing at this joke of a franchise. Best chance to win, huh?

Glennon? Yeah, he was. Not by much, but considering the alternatives … sure.

Gabe from Chapel Hill, NC

A Krimma gift like no other! At this point, if we somehow managed to beat the Colts, it would be hilarious and amazing. Worst record in the league, but still manage to sweep Indianapolis AND get Trevor Lawrence. It would basically be the opposite of 1999. It will be fun to root for a victory again!

The inbox was a giddy place Sunday night, and why not? This fan base and organization has been without a franchise quarterback for a long time. Jaguars fans have endured a lot in the last decade – more than any fan should reasonably be expected to endure. Is it OK for them to be a bit giddy at the prospect of selecting Lawrence? Damned right it is.

Dave from Chorley, UK

Do you think the O-line needs improvement before we contemplate putting a rookie back there? We don't want another Foles incident.

No, I don't think the offensive line needs a major overhaul before next season. Yes, Nick Foles got hurt in his first game starting at quarterback in 2019, but every offensive line is going to allow an occasional hit on a quarterback.

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

The football gods have spoken, Trevor Lawrence is coming to Jacksonville. Tears of joy, John!!!!

And so it went on Sunday night …

Jeremy from Jacksonville

J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets!

… and so on …

Abel from Westside

With the Jaguars' loss to Da Bears and the Jets win over the Browns the Jaguars have the first pick in the NFL draft … woohoo … life is good!!!

… and so on …

Josh from Lynchburg, VA

I wore my Ramsey jersey today for bad luck. You're welcome.

… and so on …

Keith from Palatka, FL

J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets. How sweet it is! Please come to Jacksonville, Trevor.

… and so on …

Tim from formerly Section 123

Where is the buy-back-my-season-tickets option on the app?

… and so on.

Brad from Jacksonville

Forgive me O, for I have sinned. Never before have I wished my team to lose. And never before have I coveted another team's win with such relish. But now, with the hope of salvation on the horizon, is the time to rally behind our hometown boys and give them all the positive reinforcement that we can muster in the hope of them returning home from Indy next week with a win. And possibly leave us with a smile that we truly deserve.

No doubt. It was a weird situation at the 'Bank Sunday, with fans wanting the Jaguars to lose. It had to have been weird for players and coaches. And I can't imagine it wasn't weird for many fans. So, is it nice on some level to get the No. 1 selection secured and get all that weirdness out of the way? Yes. It doesn't make this a great season and doesn't make everything "right." But it's nice to not have Jaguars fans rooting against their team anymore.

Snidely from Lawrenceville

Dear Bozone, tell them you were only one pick off from your prediction they wouldn't be picking #1.

Nah. Let them enjoy it. I've never been wrong before. And it will never happen again. I know this because I am "awesome."