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O-Zone: Never get involved

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Mike from Atlanta, GA

How do the receivers look? How does Chark look? Do they look fast?

The Jaguars' wide receivers have looked very good during organized team activities – bearing in mind that receivers are supposed to look good during non-contact work. And yes … perhaps the most notable attribute about the group during the offseason is speed, which is what you would expect to stand out this time of year. Rookie D.J. Chark looks fast, as does veteran unrestricted free-agent signee Donte Moncrief and second-year veteran Keelan Cole. While Marqise Lee has been eased back into work after offseason knee surgery, the group – including Dede Westbrook and Rashad Greene Sr. – appears in sync with quarterback Blake Bortles. That's what the Jaguars hoped to see from the group during the offseason program. The key is continuing to see it in training camp and the regular season. The early signs are good. Stay tuned.

Stephen from Jacksonville

I just realized that "ad" spelled backwards is "da!" Da is Russian meaning "yes." Is the Kremlin behind this influx of advertisements? Are they trying to influence us and control our minds? Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the recent site change leads all the way back to the politburo and Vladimir Putin himself. The American people want answers and maybe we need a congressional probe into the recent format change? Eh, comrade Oehser?


Chris from Ladson, SC

Hey, John: I noticed all last year Blake was on the injury report for his wrist – and he had surgery after the season. When did he suffer the injury, and was he dealing with it in 2016 also? Regardless, it seems the surgery really helped his throws during OTAs. In your video update with Ashlyn Sullivan, you two both stated Rashad Greene Sr. is back in the mix at wide receiver – and Moncrief is looking the part as well as Austin Seferian-Jenkins at tight end. I guess we have to wait to see our first-round pick and new offensive guard in action, but wow: how things have changed in a year. Wide receivers Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns are gone, but they will probably still have to cut a good wide receiver – and Bortles may be a few game-winning drives away from becoming the leader of a young dominant offense alongside a young dominant defense.

Bortles reportedly dealt with the wrist injury from December 2016 through last season. He hasn't elaborated much on the injury, so we can only speculate about how much it bothered him last season. Still, it couldn't have helped – and if his wrist feels better, it sure couldn't hurt his performance next season. He does seem more comfortable within the offense, and he absolutely is throwing more consistently. As far as the Jaguars' offense, it does appear to be undergoing major change for the good. Moncrief and Seferian-Jenkins appear certain to make major contributions next season, and Greene appears to have a chance to make the roster after three injury-plagued seasons. You must always keep OTAs in perspective, but what you look for in offseason work are signs of things that can carry forward to the fall. The Jaguars are showing those signs and that's all you can hope for in June.

Gamble from Brasilia, Brasil

If you've got a real type of thing going down, gettin' down, is there a whole lot of rhythm going round?

So high you can't get over it …

Todd from Jacksonville

As for the ads, I'm still waiting for Whitney to deliver my Culligan water dispenser.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Daniel from Honolulu, HI

Can you please enlighten me on how I am supposed to read what's on this site using iPad? It's irritating the you-know-what out of me. As for the Jaguars' so-called official app, it's as good as this website. A few years ago, we had a horrible football team but one of the best websites; now it's is the other way around.

So, one not fer I suppose …

Rodney from Tastes Great

Zone, I have been thinking about this Funk thing … In your statement, you say "All" Funk, which is quite a scope. There is Funk as in the very hip and cool musical genre vibe. There is the famed Funk who partnered with Wagnell back in the day to master the English Language. There is the Funk of "being in a Funk" – and of course, there is Jacksonville's own Fred Funk, who is a terrific person and a great golfer. Are you indeed the King of all Funk? Would that put you on the tracks ahead of Grand Funk Railroad?

My status as the King of All Funk heretofore included reigning over the hip and cool music vibe (obviously) and odors (just as obviously). My … um, um, um … way with words makes the master-of-the-language thing obvious, and I've spent a lot of my life – and much of the last two years – in a funk. I don't know Fred Funk, so I assume the bitterness and jealousy I feel when I think of him is a "me" issue and has nothing to do with him.

Bruce from Funkytown

You know you were right and I was wrong, right? You know, about that thing. Am I right? Or were you? Right?

I assume I was right. I usually am.

Richard from Lincoln, NE

Why do some people claim that the Jaguars never beat New England in the playoffs? They knocked them out of the playoffs on January 2, 1999. The score was Jags 25, New England 10.

True that. While the Jaguars have lost three consecutive playoff games to the Patriots (following the 2005, 2007 and 2017 seasons), they indeed beat the Patriots in the teams' first postseason meeting following the 1998 season. Why do people forget that game? First, it took place nearly two decades ago. Second, people tend to think of the Patriots as the current era of Head Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. The Jaguars' playoff victory over New England came with Pete Carroll as the head coach and Drew Bledsoe as the quarterback, so perhaps people don't think of it as beating this incarnation of the Patriots. The Jaguars lost the following week to the New York Jets the following week. Belichick was the defensive coordinator of that team. I don't know if that's pertinent to this question, but I know he was there.

Paul from Jacksonville


Paul, for love of everything we all believe in and find important, what happened? What? Paul!!?? PAUL!!!!!!????

Dave from DUUUVAL

Dear Mr. O, I don't want to come across as a Terrell Owens apologist on his decision to skip his Hall of Fame induction ceremony, but you mentioned that he was putting himself "above the game." I think that is the point of his skipping the ceremony ... to point out that the Pro Football Hall of Fame Voters have put themselves "above the game" by making T.O. wait to enter the HOF when it was obvious based on his play he deserved to be in the HOF. I'm not a young kid, by the way: I'm 55 years old and have watched every Super Bowl since Namath. My point is, T.O. has a point. Vote players in based on what they did on the field between the lines.

This is a tricky issue, because both sides have merit. Bottom line: Owens is in the Hall of Fame. He waited through two years of eligibility to be inducted, and evidently this wait that many other enshrinees before him also endured so incensed him that he is opting not take part in the ceremony. That's his right. As for the rightness or wrongness of the voters' reasoning … voters do vote players in based on what they do "between the lines," but in Owens' case voters also gave serious consideration given to the fact that teams chose to part ways with Owens during the prime of his career. That's a tough fact to get past in a team sport. That's an opinion shared by many non-media "football people" in addition to voters, and my sense was that was delaying his induction more than Owens' difficult relationship with the media. Plenty of players have had dicey relationships with the media and been enshrined. Few elite players ever have had teams choose to let them go in their primes the way teams did Owens.

Dwayne from Jacksonville

There is always going to be funk?


Stu from Wrestlingworth, UK

Hey O! I don't know what's going on, but I've just had a truckload of air-con units arrive at my house. The delivery guy said something about that "Oehser guy" and mumbled about "getting involved when he doesn't need to..." What gives?

I have no idea. I never, ever, ever get involved if not required to do so. In anything.

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