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O-Zone: Never played the game

DENVER, Colo. – Let's get to it …

J-School from Decatur, GA

"Reserve/left squad." Is this something you could see the Jaguars using to – ahem – "encourage" Ramsey back into the fold if he continues to stay away?

The Jaguars technically could place cornerback Jalen Ramsey on the NFL's reserve/left squad list but only if he's not on the "squad." You have fallen victim to assuming what so many have fallen victim to assuming – that the events of the past two weeks mean that Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is going to stay away from the team, or that he's going to leave the team. Yes, Ramsey missed a practice because of illness this week, missed another because of a back injury and missed two for the birth of his daughter. And yes, all this happening a week after Ramsey requested a trade is highly coincidental. But I can assure you Ramsey was sick this past week. He was injured. And he had a second daughter. As for all of those assuming Ramsey won't play for the Jaguars again … I can't for the life of me see what there is to gain from him doing so, and I don't believe he will stay away. What's he going to do? Watch football on television for the next two-plus years? He has nearly two years remaining on his contract, and the Jaguars have the option to franchise him for at least a year after that. Barring something extreme and unforeseen, Ramsey will play for the Jaguars again soon. Very soon. And he will keep doing so.

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

Ramsey talking about "disrespect" is laughable. This all came to a head because he PUBLICLY disrespected his head coach. What a clown.

So, one not fer Jalen.

Darren from Fort Worth, TX

I know this is early to be thinking about, but with the progress Will Richardson has made, what do you think the chances are they release left guard Andrew Norwell after this season and slide Richardson over? I don't feel Norwell has lived up to his contract.

It's possible. With 13 games remaining this season, we're not close to there yet. But it's absolutely possible.

Nick from Annapolis, MD

I just purchased a $30 Gardner Minshew T-Shirt for myself and a $20 Minshew onesie for my four-month- old daughter. It's now the most expensive T-Shirt in my wardrobe and the most I have spent on an article of clothing for my daughter yet. #MinshewMania is real.


Nick from Milton, Ontario

Was excited to see Oliver was practicing a bit this week, then he was listed as out once again. When do you think he will make his first appearance for the Jags?

Tight end Josh Oliver missed four preseason games and the first three regular-season games with a hamstring injury before practicing this past week. Considering the amount of time missed, it would have been surprising had he been strong enough with enough stamina to play his first week back after practicing. I expect Oliver will be active soon.

John from Jacksonville

The trend of social media hate is rapidly growing and I ask myself "why is everyone so angry?" Whether it's religion, politics, sports, or not getting Whitney back ... so much anger. Now, people are coming after you with their high and almighty insults and opinions. I think there needs to be pause and a reminder that some things are sacred including the King of all Funk. Don't mess around with the KOAF. He might just troll the angry mob by skipping a day of the all-important O-Zone.

I am the king of all funk.

Edward from Los Angeles, CA

On some level, it feels like Ramsey is inching closer to abandoning his teammates. What happens if the locker room turns on him? Do you see any early signs of that?

People overthink this a bit. Ramsey's teammates won't turn on him and they won't not turn on him. They'll show up to work and Ramsey will show up to work – or not. Many will support the idea of him getting paid while at the same time wanting him on the field because they know he's really good. But if you have an idea that the locker room is going to stage some walkout or mutiny because Ramsey is unhappy, no … that's not what this is.


Really? A generational talent? Kyle Fuller, Darius Slay, Marshon Lattimore, Marlon Humphrey, Stephon Gilmore are better than your beloved Ramsey, just to name a few.


John from Jacksonville

I hope the Jags have finally found their long-term durable smart quarterback in Minshew. It's rather remarkable that he has played three games, totally unplanned due to Nick Foles' injury, and has only thrown one interception (late in a game that we pretty much were writing the "L" in the column). Other than that out-of-control Kansas City game, Minshew has won two games in my book (we were robbed on the two-pointer in TX). I love the fact that he is taking advantage of a prime opportunity and that he is enjoying every minute of it. He's a winner and a very cool cat!

Minshew is all the above, and what's most remarkable is he has not been overwhelmed in the least either on or off the field. Three games remain too small a sample size to know his NFL future, because this league can still throw a lot more looks at a player then it has thrown at Minshew. But all you can do is an NFL quarterback – or in life, for that matter – is handle what comes your way. Minshew has done that as well as possible, which means there remains serious hope that he can be a very good quarterback at the professional level.

Rob from Ponte Vedra, FL

As negative as a lot of it seems, do you think there are moments when Khan thinks to himself "Well, at least everyone in the national media is talking about the Jaguars every week." Jags fans are getting what we always wanted: Attention from the national media. Eat it up folks: This is as good as its ever gonna get. I bet winning the Super Bowl gets us less coverage than RamseyGate. PS I think we can go ahead and list him as questionable for the rest of the year. We can list his illness as questionable, his injury as questionable and as always his behavior is definitely questionable. Will he get paid? will he stay? Questionable.

I don't think Jaguars Owner Shad Khan thinks that way about this, but yes … I imagine Ramsey could be listed as questionable at times the rest of the season. I think there may be some midweek drama, but I believe he will play because he's under contract and because he's a competitive football player. What else is he going to do?

Travis from Dayton, OH

Has there been a real offer since the owner stated he wanted Ramsey to stay and was going to pay him?

Khan reportedly wants to keep Ramsey and is willing to pay sign him to a very large contract, though I haven't seen Khan "state" that anywhere. I haven't seen a report that there has been an offer, but let's be clear: Ramsey is under contract and there is plenty of time to sign him to a contract because there are nearly two years remaining on that contract.

Brandon from Denver, CO

I will be the lone Jaguar fan in a sea of orange this Sunday. Can you tell the guys to send me home with a smile on my face with a W?

You won't be the lone Jaguars fan there Sunday.

Paul from St. Johns, FL

Man, the Packers are looking good on offense. We should try to steal away their offensive coordinator, since it's always coaching in the NFL. What's the OC's name in Green Bay again?

The offensive coordinator in Green Bay is former Jaguars offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, and I do know it's always, always, always coaching in the NFL.

David from Chuluota, FL

O - Has Ryquell Armstead or any other running been active on game day? Has anything been said about our other running backs getting some playing time?

Yes, Armstead has been active in the Jaguars' first three games. Head Coach Doug Marrone and offensive coordinator John DeFilippo both have said they are fine with running back Leonard Fournette getting the vast majority of the carries, though I would be surprised if Armstead doesn't get at least a few more carries a game moving forward.

Braddock from Jacksonville

Here is the reality. He either lines up 15-to-20 yards downfield or presses and gets beat. You either don't watch any tape, or just respect some other dude's opinions so much that you defend him. Either way you are WRONG. You never played football. You don't get it. Have a great night.

I was never a veterinarian, either, but I can identify parts of a horse's anatomy.

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