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O-Zone: No limits

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

PDub from PCB

Zone Man, do the JAGS have any input on who they play in Europe? I am hoping it is Atlanta or a divisional rival as the home game. If they also play as visitor, I am hoping for Buffalo. Less chance of playing in a blizzard.

NFL teams do have a degree of input into scheduling – a very small degree. They can request, for example, certain dates on which they have home games. In the Jaguars' case, they can request teams they play in Jacksonville as a home game as opposed to playing the team at home in London. But the league ultimately makes the decision on scheduling. This is by necessity. The league must schedule 17 regular-season games for all 32 teams, trying to ensure all teams are treated comparatively fairly in terms of home and away games, when key division games are played, etc. Meeting all requests of all 32 teams is impossible.

Rob from The duuuuu

Why does everyone want to get rid of one of our best offensive linemen? I watched a bunch of Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr.'s highlights recently and left tackle Cam Robinson is responsible for a bunch of those big plays. He is very fast for his size and an excellent run blocker in space. He might be our best offensive lineman. Walker Little played OK for half a season and the rookie is a complete unknown. Does anyone remember 2019? What if three guys go down? One fer Cam and not getting rid of good players for no reason. I'd be fine paying him next year as well if he plays well.

Many observers analyze based on depth charts and forget that injuries often make those depth charts obsolete very quickly during the season. They also have very selective memories, and often judge offensive linemen more harshly based on a few plays than any other position. Robinson has been the Jaguars' starting left tackle since 2017 and indeed is a very good player. And while many assume this will be his final season with the Jaguars, such assumptions made during the offseason often are incorrect once seasons play out. Stay tuned.

Don from Marshall, NC

It would be great to see the Jaguars bring back the all-gold uniforms for the away Titans game. Go up there and put a stick in the door and see what they say this time. Go Jaguars!

Don remains "all in" on all gold.

Brendan from Yulee, FL

Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. I'm fired up about this next season, but man ... that schedule is stacked. How many games do you see the Jags winning this year?

Loyal O-Zone readers – and he knows who he is – know I lean away from specific preseason predictions, particularly so long before the season. I expect the Jaguars to win double-digit games – 11ish or so. I don't expect them to get into the 12-or-13-victory range – in 2023. This is not because of the schedule, necessarily, but because getting to 11 or so victories requires consistency the Jaguars didn't show last season. I expect them to be more consistent than they were last season, but 13-victory consistency is a tough task. They must show they're there before I predict it.

Randall from Jacksonville

We have six games against a playoff team (four at home). We have 11 games against a team with a losing record, the (AFC/NFC) South and Cleveland Browns. We have eight road games instead of nine last season and one might be played in London. There's only one road game in a different time zone (Houston Texans) not counting London. If we split the AFC North like the West last year plus get the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers at home, what more could you want from a first-place schedule? After the top five quarterbacks (Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson), I don't see a quarterback that could keep up in a shootout.

Wow. You really like Watson.

Oscar from Palm Coast, FL

Frank Clark? Great addition for Jags? Should the Jags pursue him?

Clark's final contract in Kansas City, signed before the 2022 NFL season, averaged $15 million a season. I think the Jaguars signing a veteran pass rusher this offseason is a real possibility. Clark feels a bit pricey considering the Jaguars' current salary-cap situation, but stay tuned.

Eric from Jacksonville Beach, FL

In your eyes, what's the biggest question(s) that you would like to see answered still in the Jags offseason to make you feel as comfortable as possible heading into the year. Mine would be whether or not we bring in someone to help address pass rush (still thinking a veteran signing is coming) and to see what the development looks like for our younger defenders. Anything jump out to you?

You pretty much covered it.

Deane from Daytona Beach, FL

Yo, O-Zone! Given Head Coach Doug Pederson's history of using a running back by committee, I had an interesting vision after this year's draft. We got a mauler on the offensive line, a tight end who can block; a bruiser, downfield runner in running back Tank Bigsby and a fullback in Derek Parrish. Mix that with our current offensive group and I definitely saw some Power I and a little Wing T (for variety) formations being used. Use our run game to set up the pass? What says you Mr. O-Zone?

You need to get your vision checked. The Jaguars want to run better in 2023. They want to be better in short yardage. They want to be more versatile at the position. They don't want to be run-centric. They want to be balanced enough to run Pederson's offense effectively, and to create the constant threat of the run, and the offseason moves could have that effect.

John from Jacksonville

Hi KOAGF - If you could change one or two things about how the draft is managed, what would you change? For example, less/more time on the clock for each team to select their pick.

The draft is run phenomenally efficiently. The 10 minutes between selections in Round 1, seven in Round 2 and five in Round 3 feels right. I probably would eliminate the guest announcers that dot the final two days. But I dislike fun and frivolity. Get off my lawn.

Jason from Suffolk, VA

Jaguars General Manager Trent Baalke has said since the draft that they are not done building the roster. There are a few rumors as to who they are considering and articles regarding ideal fits. If the Jaguars do sign other free agents, when do you think it will happen?

When the Jaguars get a better feel for exactly what they have in the young players acquired in the draft and via collegiate free agency – and when available players' salary demands match up with what the Jaguars are willing to spend for free-agent help.

Jimmy from Jax Beach and section 131 since day 1

Zoniack, wherever Lane Meyer is hanging around he is a study in mopishness.

Good eye.

Alan from Jacksonville

Senor Zona, when is the first workout fans can attend this year? I am beside myself with excitement so I'll need two seats. Can you help arrange that for me?

Multiple practices at Jaguars 2023 Training Camp will be open to the public. Dates have yet to be announced. No, I cannot help arrange this. Wait. That's wrong. I could. But I won't.

John from Ocala, FL

OK the draft is over and we have a ton of new guys that can compete. Who wins?

It's 2023. Everybody wins.

Not Sam from Not Orlando

Somewhere in a dimly lit candle glowing room, former Jaguars General Manager Dave Caldwell is scoffing at our 2023 draft and bemoaning no players taken from William & Mary or Mount Union and then going back to his typewriter.

All NFL general managers scout and select players from small colleges. It's not a fatal flaw. It's not even really a flaw.

Catfather from St Augustine, FL

Do you think that our newly drafted running back will allow running back Travis Etienne Jr. to have more receiving opportunities – either out of the backfield as a wide receiver or to even potentially replace a tight end on a four-to-five receiver set?

Maybe, but remember: Pederson's offense is about getting the ball to the best option, not forcing the ball to a certain position. Etienne is a capable receiver. Is he – or any running back – as good an option as a receiver in this offense as a wide receiver or tight end? Considering the quality at wide receiver and tight end, perhaps not.

Woody from Dunlap

KOAF: Does the NFL place any type of upper limit on the number of coaches/assistants a team can have or a maximum total amount of money a team can pay for these coaches/assistants?