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O-Zone: No solution

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Donny from Heathrow, FL and Section 35, Day 2

With many fans critical about players from the 2017 team the Jags didn't retain, therefore making the general manager/team incompetent, let's look at reality. During the 2018 season, the team released safety Barry Church (out of the league since) and released defensive tackle Malik Jackson (injured some and just a guy for Philadelphia) and safety Tashaun Gipson (played last year for Houston, was released and is above average for Chicago now). After the 2019 season, the team traded cornerback AJ Bouye (injured a lot and a nonfactor for Denver), safety Ronnie Harrison (part-time starter, has one pick and just a guy for Cleveland and defensive end Calais Campbell (four sacks, three in one game; isn't close to 2017 level) and released running back Leonard Fournette (doesn't start, has 225 rushing yards, 22 catches and two touchdowns; compared to James Robinson this was a brilliant move) and traded defensive end Yannick Ngakoue (Minnesota gave up a second-round pick and traded him for a third-rounder; he has done little for the Baltimore Ravens so far). Campbell and Ngakoue may have helped the Jags win another game or two. Instead, the team has great draft capital and plenty of cap room. Hats off to the team management and I'm excited about next year. If they can get quarterback right, what's not to like here?

Good eye – and a fair assessment in most cases. It's fair to remember cornerback Jalen Ramsey in your breakdown; he very definitely would have helped the Jaguars -- on the field. You're also right that the players the Jaguars allowed to leave or traded away probably wouldn't have made them a playoff team this season. But it's also fair to note that when you're 1-8 a lot of things haven't gone right, which makes it difficult/incorrect to praise management or coaches. Still, the crux of your point is that the idiocy of the Jaguars' moves this past offseason was somewhat exaggerated. That's absolutely the case; most of the moves made this offseason aren't hurting the Jaguars on the field. Bottom line: Whatever moves the Jaguars should or shouldn't have made this past offseason, none were probably going to get them to the postseason this season. They now appear to be compiling some good, young talent and they have draft capital/salary-cap space to acquire more such talent this offseason. And you're right: the key absolutely is getting quarterback right. If they do, this young talent could grow and win relatively quickly. If not …

Edward from Los Angeles, CA

If I were thinking of the long-term, I'd probably start rookie quarterback Jake Luton for the rest of the season to see what we have there. But if I'm needing to win games to save my job, I'd start Gardner Minshew II at quarterback. If the defense can consistently play as it did Sunday, I think he gives the team a better chance to win. What do you think?

Many fans agree with you and believe Minshew gives the Jaguars a better chance in the short-term. I think Luton's arm strength and pocket presence give them a better chance than Minshew. I wouldn't say it's a blowout in Luton's favor two games into the rookie's career, but I would lean that way.

Mike from Jacksonville

Why do the officials hate the Jags? The play clock last week, Sunday a phantom roughing-the-passer against Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers and a phantom hold on guard A.J. Cann that cost us a touchdown and ended being the four points that cost us the game. Even the announcers couldn't understand it.

Officials miss calls. They always have missed calls and always will miss calls. They get the vast majority right. The errors go both ways. Fans don't always believe this, but it typically evens out.

Steve from Bleeding Teal and Black over the Lower 48

Do you think Sunday's efforts show we can run with the big dogs?

Yes, at least for a day.

Nick from Annapolis, MD

I'm looking over the Jaguars 2020 draft class, and I ran across this Josiah Scott guy, who apparently we drafted in the fourth round, No. 137 overall. I have absolutely no recollection of this pick, and although says he has one tackle, I'm not all that confident he is a real person. Do you have any information on this "Josiah Scott" ... if that's even his real name?

It's his real name. And he's a real person – and a real player. The Jaguars see him as a potential nickel corner. DJ Hayden started the season there and Tre Herndon has played well there since moving to the position early this season, so Scott has played just one game this season.

Charles from Port St. Lucie, FL

When reading some of the questions here, I'm left wondering if your readers have heard the old internet saying – "reading is phundametal."

Offered without commant.

Johnny from Syracuse, NY

O, I enjoy watching Luton. He's pretty exciting as far as a rookie quarterback goes. He does have that "prototypical" size and a decent arm. But what seems to be your problem with Minshew lately? Do you disagree that playing through a thumb injury may have cost him when it comes to big throws and accuracy? Do you think Luton will be our starter for the rest of the season? One last thing: Although we lost this week, it was a great game to watch. Go Jags!

I have no problem with Minshew. I like Minshew and would love to see him succeed. I don't necessarily believe he played all that much differently last season compared to this season. I do think Luton will be the starter moving forward – for the duration of this season – if he continues to play relatively similarly to how he has played in the last two games.

Michael from Middleburg, FL

When did Head Coach Doug Marrone say that the makeup of the team was more important than them being able to play? How about all offseason when he thought this roster with so little talent could compete for the playoffs? Everyone else knew we would struggle to win many games. He thought they could be competitive thanks to the "makeup" of the team. How embarrassing to be so wrong compared to us lowly fans and know-nothing national reporters.

Marrone didn't say makeup was more important than talent. What he did say was he liked the makeup of this team and thought the team could compete. And what is he supposed to say? That he doesn't think a team can compete? That the players all stink and should forget about the postseason before training camp begins? I'm not trying to minimize the disappointment you or other Jaguars fans feel about this and many previous season. And I'm not trying to minimize the difficulty of losing. But it's also not a weakness on the part of Marrone to talk about liking the makeup of a team.

Steve from Hilton Head, SC

John, My son-in-law is from upstate NY and a huge Buffalo Bills fan. He warned me when the Jags hired Marrone. He said they will suck. Guess he was right.

Did you talk to him when Marrone had a roster of experienced, good players – and when he beat the Bills in the playoffs? Or have you two just been reunited?

Bill from Jupiter, FL

I'm going to give the most unpopular opinion: Don't fire the coaching staff. This is a good staff that will win with talent. There are changes that need to be made, but the coaching staff is being asked to grill steak with a pack of cheap hot dogs. Give them the talent and the Jags will contend.


RVJag from North Augusta, SC

Is it too early to re-sign wide receiver Keelan Cole? He may not be a superstar, but he is a great No. 2 receiver. Please don't let him get away, Jaguars!

It's not too early to re-sign Cole. He was an undrafted free agent in 2017, so he was eligible to be re-signed following the 2018 season. He will be an unrestricted free agent following this season, and I expect the team to seriously consider re-signing him. Whether they will – or should – will depend on contract demands and what the Jaguars do elsewhere in free agency.

Migs from Jacksonville

I'm always confused when coaches say things like "we need to figure out how to get player x the ball/on the field." Just call a play where you hand it to James Robinson. You're the coaches. You decide. Just say "hand the ball to Robinson." What am I missing?


Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

Coaches want to win for their record and resume. It's better for the Jaguars to draft number one or two. Does that not put their interests at odds?

I suppose your solution to this dilemma is … what? Hiring a head coach and a coaching staff that doesn't want or try to win?