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O-Zone: Oh, well

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Steven from Duval

Why did the Jags re-sign guard A.J. Cann? Overall, I like General Manager David Caldwell more than most Jaguars fans, because he took over for the worst general manager in NFL history in Gene Smith. But I watch the linemen a lot when I'm at the games, because I believe it is the most important unit in football. Cann was regularly the first lineman beat play after play. He's not a terrible player, but he is no more than a depth player. A third-round rookie would have been cheaper and I've liked the idea of finding a solid center and letting center Brandon Linder use his athleticism pulling as a guard, but time will tell. I hope I'm wrong.

This re-signing confused a lot of people, but Cann was a player the Jaguars wanted to re-sign in 2019 free agency providing the price was right. A few factors went into this thinking. One was that new Jaguars offensive line coach George Warhop liked what he saw from Cann on tape and told Head Coach Doug Marrone he believed he can get more out of him; Marrone trusted Warhop. Another factor is that Cann entering his fifth NFL season is more likely to play at a serviceable level than a later-drafted rookie guard, which keeps the Jaguars from having to address the position with a Day 1 or 2 selection in the 2019 NFL Draft. Still another factor is that Cann through four NFL seasons has been generally healthy, starting 59 of a possible 64 games; that matters considering the injuries the Jaguars sustained on the offensive line last season. Finally, the reality is Cann is OK at the position. He isn't a Pro Bowl guard, but he's perfectly fine as a starter. You can't spend the money or draft equity to have Pro Bowl players at every position – and in that respect, there's nothing wrong with having a player of Cann's caliber starting. Specific to your question about drafting a third-round rookie … sure, that would have been cheaper. But better than a fifth-year veteran Cann? Possibly, but not for sure.

David from Fleming Island, FL

Is it just meh?

I'm not taking personal questions today.

Travis from North Dakota

I was just wondering with Jermey Parnell still without a team could the Jags look at bringing him back to start at right tackle again and using the seventh pick on a defensive lineman or tight end T.J. Hockenson of Iowa? I always thought Parnell was a very solid right tackle and plugging him back in the lineup and grabbing one of the elite defensive line prospects seems like a better option than a right tackle at No. 7.

I don't know that the Jaguars necessarily will take a right tackle at No. 7 in the 2019 NFL Draft, though I have written often that I believe it's a strong possibility. Either way, though you're correct in your assessment of Parnell, I don't expect him to return to the Jaguars. While he – like Cann – often was criticized by Jaguars fans, the reality was he was a solid player for the Jaguars for four seasons. Still, considering his age and continuous knee issues in recent seasons, Parnell returning to the Jaguars is doubtful.

Kyan from Le Mars, IA

If Daniel Jones, quarterback from Duke, is still available in the third, do you think the Jaguars would take him?

Absolutely, but there's no way Jones will be there when the Jaguars select in the third round. I would be surprised if he's there when they select in the second. I actually will be surprised at this point if Jones makes it past the New York Giants at No. 17 overall in Round 1 – if he makes it that far. Quarterback always becomes a premium on draft day, and Jones is liked by more people in league circles than some league observers believe.

Clyde from Jacksonville

Jaguars at No. 7 pick Garrett Bradbury, center, North Carolina State. Linder goes to right tackle. We have the best offensive line in the NFL. No. 27 rushes over 2000 yards. Jags win Super Bowl. Sounds crazy? Maybe not. Go Jaguars!

Hey … one fer Bradbury! One fer the offensive line! One fer Leonard Fournette! And one for Linder moving to … tackle?

Ken from Summerville

Just because we signed Nick Foles doesn't mean we can't draft a quarterback with the 7th pick. Heck, the Packers had Brett Favre and took a quarterback.

This is one way to see the Jaguars' likely quarterback path in the 2019 NFL Draft …

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

Let's be real, they won't select any quarterback at seven because their jobs are on the line next season. "Thinking long term" is not in the general manager's nor head coach's best interest.

… and this is another way.

Greg from Satsuma, FL

Since the free-agent period started could you give us the how the process works between Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin, Caldwell and the scouts? Go Jags!

College scouts spend the year scouting college players, and pro scouts spend the year scouting NFL players and player from other professional leagues. That's where the base of knowledge starts in terms of personnel for all 32 NFL teams. Specific to the Jaguars: Once one regular season ends, Coughlin and Caldwell meet along with other key decision-makers – including Marrone, coordinators, position coaches, etc. – to determine the team's offseason plans in free agency and the draft. Those meetings are extensive and take much of January, February and early March. The team eventually decides its direction first in free agency and then in the draft. Those meetings generally produce a consensus, with the team then having multiple plans and contingencies based on that plan. The word "consensus" is key because that's the objective and that's how it usually works – though Coughlin has final say over all football decisions.

Crash from the Westside

Any chance that Gene Frenette will replace Mick Jagger on the No Filter tour?

Perhaps you're not familiar enough with the talents of longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette. He replaces no one, not even Mick. Gene is the star, now and always.

Blues Man from Jacksonville

John .... over/under we take a defensive lineman with the 7th pick? I'm a hope in' and a pray in' we don't. I understand building depth on defense, but we really need to start building something around Foles. Whether it's an offensive lineman or "pass catching" tight end - we need offensive players enabling Foles more options.

I don't know the "over-under" but I would say it's very likely the Jaguars take either defensive lineman or offensive lineman at No. 7 – with a slight nod to tight end.

Spazman from Jacksonville

Despite having confused two historically inept coordinators and obvious math error, I would still like to know your opinion as to whether the Dom Capers hire is indicative of a lack of confidence on the part of the Jaguars triumvirate in Todd Wash?

The Jaguars hired longtime NFL coordinator and head coach Dom Capers as a senior defensive assistant this offseason; they hired longtime coordinator Monte Kiffin a couple of years back in much the same role. Teams hire senior assistants often, and it doesn't mean they lack confidence in their current coordinators. If the Jaguars lacked confidence in Wash they could have dismissed him immediately after last season and hired multiple people – Capers included – to replace him. They did not do this. By the way, I'm not sure what NFL you've watched for the last two-and-a-half decades, but the two coordinators to which you refer – Capers and Norv Turner – are in no way "historically inept" and in fact are two of the league's better coordinators during that time.

Robert from Chicago, IL

One of the roster spots I'm most curious about is Jaguars starting free safety next year. I don't remember seeing/hearing much about Jarrod Wilson during last season. Do you have the impression he's "the guy" so to speak? Also, Tre Boston still on the market and seems like a potentially talented addition for the spot. Do you get the impression they wouldn't see him as a fit, or are they just done spending at this point (which would be understandable)?

You didn't hear much about Wilson last season because he played mostly special teams the last three seasons until moving into a starting role in the last two games last season. The Jaguars signed him to a three-year extension after last season, a strong indication that they believe he will start next season. But yes … I do get the impression the Jaguars are pretty much done spending big this offseason – certainly until after the draft.

Cliff Lives LOK from Jagsforlife

Oehser, Oehser, he's our man … if he can't do it, no one can!

I can't do it.

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