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O-Zone: One for a legend

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Ben from Jacksonville

Looks like they put Henderson on the trade block. Tell me again how we should not be concerned?

It indeed was reported Sunday evening that some executives around the NFL believe Jaguars second-year cornerback CJ Henderson could be available for trade. The same reporter – ESPN's Jeremy Fowler – also reported that there isn't a problem between Henderson and the team. Should you be concerned? I don't know how to answer that. Could the Jaguars trade Henderson? Fowler is a good reporter and I have no reason not to believe the report. Perhaps people around the league do believe a trade is possible. That doesn't make it true or mean that it will happen. We'll see where it goes.

Hopeful from Blountville

This is something like the 13thyear that Boselli has been SCREWED by the NFL Hall of Fame. I know you feel the same way, because every year you feel like it's his year to be enshrined. Do you believe once again that this year is his year to get recognized?

I have believed for three or four years that former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli had a legitimate chance for enshrinement in the Hall of Fame. That's because I speak regularly to multiple Hall voters, and most of them tell me frequently that the support for Boselli is strong – and generally speaking, that it's getting stronger by the year. The fact that Boselli is not yet in does not mean those voters are lying – or even that he's getting "screwed." Rather, it means that circumstances have kept Boselli out of the Hall in what is a very difficult and sometimes seemingly unfair process. The general belief among voters in recent years has been that Boselli eventually will get in because the belief five years or so ago was that a block of Hall-worthy offensive linemen all eventually would be enshrined. That block: Boselli, Alan Faneca, Steve Hutchinson and Kevin Mawai. Three of the four are now enshrined. Only Boselli remains not in the Hall. My sense is that Boselli will get in this year – partly because the other three lineman are now in and partly because there aren't any dead-solid, first-ballot locks on the ballot next year. That dramatically increases his chances, I believe. We'll see.

Chris from Mandarin

If the Jaguars want to make me the Turk and tell the players getting cut that their dreams are over so they don't have to, I'll do it ... for a nominal fee. I'm nice like that.

You don't sound nice.

Dave from Jacksonville

KOAGF, is CJ Henderson disgruntled? He did come out running with the fourth team in practice Saturday. Now I see Henderson trade rumors on a San Francisco-based podcast. I didn't notice him on the field Sunday. What gives?

Henderson ran with the fourth team Saturday because it was his first practice back after missing the first eight practices of Jaguars 2021 Training Camp on reserve/COVID-19. He wasn't on the field Sunday for "personal reasons."

Dave from Dallas TX

Hey, Mr. O: Do we know if CJ Henderson actually had COVID-19, or was he in the protocol because he had close contact with someone who did?

Henderson has not said whether he had COVID-19 or if it was close contact. NFL teams do not disclose such things. That is up to the player, as should be the case.

Bill from Jacksonville, FL

John, would it shock you at this point if CJ Henderson was traded before or during the 2021 season? Thanks!

Not much truly shocks me anymore, Bill.

Michael from Sanford, FL

Zone, Quincy Williams is a player who I just really WANT to hear good news about. I haven't seen any at all though. Can you share anything about his performance in camp this year that could make us excited?

Jaguars third-year linebacker Quincy Williams is among multiple young players drafted by the previous decision-makers now fighting for a position on the 53-man roster. I have noticed him at times so far during practice, which isn't surprising because of his speed. A positive for Williams is that he is a fast, high-energy player. That means he fits very nicely into Head Coach Urban Meyer's approach of wanting players who play with an "A to B, 4-to-6, etc." mentality. Williams has the traits to stand out to this coaching staff. Stay tuned.

Larry from Duncan, OK

Great and powerful O. What are the betting odds that Taven Bryan gets cut earlier than later? My guess is in the first round of cuts. What say you?

I have no idea the betting odds regarding Jaguars defensive lineman Taven Bryan's roster status this season – if such odds exist. Bryan is currently on reserve/COVID-19, which means he hasn't been able to practice. There's also no evidence to suggest that it is in any way a sure thing that Bryan – a first-round selection in the 2018 NFL Draft – won't be on the Jaguars' roster this regular season. While Bryan has not played up to his draft status in three NFL seasons, he is still physically gifted. Will he necessarily be a core player or starter this season? No, not necessarily. Is it entirely possible he's capable of contributing in a deep defensive line rotation – particularly at big end? Yes.

Dave from Dallas TX

Hey, Mr. O: Given your substantial experience, how many players per position group would you expect to be retained on the 53-man squad? Thanks.

I would expect three quarterbacks, four running backs, six wide receivers, four tight ends, eight offensive linemen, seven defensive linemen, nine linebackers, five cornerbacks, four safeties, a kicker, a long snapper and a punter. Or thereabouts. Give or take. -ish.

Cliff from Everywhere with helicopter

I thought it a bit inappropriate to title Monday's Ask O-Zone "Keen Eyes," referring to two consecutive questions from readers from New Jersey. Being a New Jersey native, I can assure you that in Jersey, nobody sees nothin'. Ever. Get me?

My eyes are straight ahead and I'm not asking any questions.

Scott from Jacksonville

Hey O-Man! Who stands out on the team as the fastest player in the league? While we're at it, who on the team is looking like the best football player in the League? #sarcasm

All of them!

_Nick from Palm Coast, FL             _

When will we know who will be the starting quarterback on Saturday night?

I would expect we will know who will start at quarterback for the Jaguars in Saturday's preseason opener sometime this week. Or at least by sometime around Saturday at 7 p.m. Or maybe shortly after seven. Or thereabouts. Give or take. -ish.

Big on Blake from Philly

Hey Zone, it was some time after Meyer came in and just after free agency and the draft that I got a good "2017" feel for this season. The defense was overhauled enough – and the offense looks dangerous. I'm excited. I just want the games to start. Go Jags!

You go, girl.

Cortez the Killer from Campeche Bay, Mexico

Hey Ozone, Minshew Mania is alive!

You go, too.

Jonathan from Jax

Please do me a favor and do not reply "You go, girl" to my questions. I actually played this sport and have nine years of Krav maga. There is nothing girly about me. Have some respect for people that can end people.

Stay tough, manly guy.

Steve from McGavock, HS

JO- Do they still give the Wonderlic test? How did TL compare to Luck, P Manning etc. Gracias

NFL teams do still administer a Wonderlic test at or around the Scouting Combine each offseason. Scores in the past have become public, but this is not a case in which the league or any entity issues an official score. I have not seen a report regarding Lawrence's score. Peyton Manning's Wonderlic reportedly was a 28 of 50. Andrew Luck's was 37. I took two practice Wonderlic Tests online and scored 27 on both. So, there's that.

Ron from Tallahassee, FL

If Boselli ever returns from "vacation" maybe you could let him know where to find Walker Little?

Who's "Boselli?"

Josh from Atlanta, GA

Based on what you've seen, any predictions on "big names" were used to seeing that won't make the final 53? There's always shock and awe from fans when "big names" are cut, but it's showbiz baby, and this team is getting better.

What one fan considers a big name another fan may see differently. And different fans have different expectations for different players. I expect the wide receivers to include some very difficult decisions, so perhaps there may be a "surprise" there. I don't expect many – if any – players brought in as unrestricted free agents this past offseason to be released or would I expect selections from the 2021 NFL Draft class to be released. Beyond that …

Sean from Jacksonville

Many more than one for Bobby Bowden. He was my favorite coach by far.