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O-Zone: One true way

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Benjamin from Huntington Beach, CA

Do you feel as if Minshew deserves a few more nods for his big win at the Raiders' final home game in Oakland last year? First Jaguars win on the West Coast in how many years? I have definitely traveled and witnessed two of the losses in the last 11 years and am currently excited to see Minshew get our Jags their second West Coast win in a row at the new SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, Calif., November 1. You da man, O man.

You may be right, and I admit I probably glossed over the victory in Oakland last December. It was late in the season, and I tend to discount victories by teams not in playoff contention. But Michael Silver of the NFL Network on a recent O-Zone Podcast made the same point you made – that the victory in a very difficult circumstance against a Raiders team very motivated to win perhaps had much to do with the Jaguars' commitment to Minshew. The Jaguars and Minshew played poorly enough in the first half of that game that it essentially looked over. Many teams and quarterbacks would have been out of that game. Minshew led the Jaguars to scores on their final three possessions, including two touchdowns in the final 5:20. And it indeed was their first victory on the West Coast since 2004. The Jaguars got some good fortune, but Minshew took advantage of the opportunity. The more I thought about it, the more I thought Silver had a good point – and that perhaps that victory did say a lot about Minshew. As far as Minshew deserving nods, I'm not sure. I nodded at him after the regular-season finale against Indianapolis. I thought he didn't see me, so I nodded again. He said he noticed the first time and to please stop nodding and to maybe just not talk to him for a while. So maybe I'm not da man after all.

Isaac from the Southside

Do you think they will play all 16 games this season?

I do believe NFL teams will play all 16 regular-season games this season. Whether or not that will mean full stadiums and all teams playing all games in their own stadiums … we shall see.

Rad from Orange Park, FL

Is it noteworthy to hear (read) new Jaguars offensive coordinator Jay Gruden say he's most keen on "getting an adequate idea of what the players will be comfortable doing in the offense" versus learning the offense? Obviously, he isn't implying they don't need to learn the offense, but it seemed encouraging that that was his perspective. I feel like it's counter to "guys need to learn this system," which is what we've normally heard from newly-hired coordinators in the past. He's insinuating what he's most concerned with is figuring out what guys (parts) do well in the building offense (machine) versus slapping the machine down on top of the parts. Considering his previous offensive success in the league ... yep, here I go again thinking things might not be so bad for the Jags this year. If a definition of insanity includes every offseason thinking the Jaguars may get hot and shock the NFL world the upcoming season and expecting a different result - I am nuts. #loyaltoinsanity


Harold from Orlando, FL

Hey, Zone: You know that Facebook thing? Where people put their Top 10 albums without comment? We're not on Facebook, but give me your ten.

London Calling, The Clash; My Aim is True, Elvis Costello; Blonde on Blonde, Bob Dylan; London 0 Hull 4, The Housemartins; John Prine, John Prine; The Ramones, The Ramones; Murmur, R.E.M.; Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen; Closing Time, Tom Waits; Learning to Flinch, Warren Zevon.

Peter from Orange Park, FL

Can you explain why the Jaguars would sign Mike Glennon?

They wanted veteran experience with NFL playing experience behind Minshew; Head Coach Doug Marrone wanted that element in the quarterbacks group. The Jaguars also wanted that backup experience to be affordable. Glennon fit both categories.

Ken from Ocala, FL

I hate when you're right.

Learn to live with it.

Jon from St. Petersburg, FL

Am I wrong to be excited about this wide receiver core? Call me stupid, but I have a gut feeling they might be OK.

I don't think you're wrong; it's reasonable to be cautiously optimistic about this group. A primary reason: the addition of second-round selection Laviska Shenault Jr. While rookies tend to take time to make a major impact, Shenault could defy that trend. He's a physical player with big-time run-after-the-catch – and tackle-breaking – ability that could allow him to make an impact early. Even if he's not yet running routes at a high level, that could allow the Jaguars to get him involved in the offense quickly. Shenault could be key in another way: if effective, it could ease pressure from third-year wide receiver DJ Chark Jr., who is sure to continue to draw the double teams and shaded coverages as was the case in the second half of last season. If Chark continues to ascend and Shenault can be a factor then yes, Jon … there could be plenty of reason to be excited about this receiving corps.

Randolph from Birmingham, AL

Explain to me again why Minshew wasn't Rookie of the Year last season?

Because Kyler Murray of Arizona was the No. 1 overall selection in the 2019 NFL Draft and had an OK enough season that it was easy to vote for him. And because Minshew started "just" 12 games and was replaced for a few games by the then-incumbent starter Nick Foles. Those are the reasons and admittedly some pretty lame ones. Minshew should have been Rookie of the Year. Even though he had some rough games, he played well enough to deserve the honor.

Scott from Gilbert, AZ

John, one of the great mysteries of the world is why we can no longer make fun of J.P. in the O-Zone? There are many theories and much speculation, such as Shadrick kissing your pinky ring and agreeing to any monumental request you make of him at any point in the future – or Tony Boselli thinking he was the closest thing to your alpha level in the marketing and communications department (stature, strength and physicality) and believing it in his best interest to respectfully request you show his broadcast partner in a more positive light in hopes of growing audience. We need to know the answers to our most pressing questions surrounding what transpired in the saga of Zone becoming a more compassionate supporter of Shadrick before the country can truly begin to heal…

Boselli knows he's not close to my alpha level, and believe me: what you described is way more than he would do for Shadrick.

Mike from Section 122 and Port Orange

If so many fans believe that being in or winning the Super Bowl is the only measure of a successful season, why don't the fans believe every team should fire the front office and the head coach of the other 30 or 31 teams? I truly don't understand our fans. Go to the game. Enjoy watching great athletes play and rejoice when we win, moan when we lose. Playoffs are the icing on the cake.

That's not how fans think, nor is it how they should think. Fans want their teams to win every game, and they tend to react emotionally when that doesn't happen. And they darned sure should expect their teams to make the playoffs, or at least contend for them regularly. As for your question -- Why don't the fans believe every team should fire the front office and the head coach of the other 30 or 31 teams? … I would tell you that they do. I covered the Indianapolis Colts for 10 seasons. They made nine playoff appearances, won eight division titles and won a Super Bowl. With the exception of the Super Bowl season, media following the season questioned the head coach and coordinators, and a certain faction of fans called for firings. I vividly recalled one fan saying that quarterback Peyton Manning was the problem and the Colts wouldn't win a Super Bowl with him as quarterback. Fans fan. It's what they do. And the Jaguars have struggled enough for the past decade that it would be really odd if fans didn't want people fired. It's the nature of the league. It's part of it.

zach from austin, tejas

This 100 percent means nothing - but the Madden simulation put Jacksonville Jaguars at 1-15. I understand that in 10 years, we really only have the 2017 playoff run to cling to. But King, I'm just tired of being the butt of every football joke and the onslaught of media disrespect.

The Jaguars have to earn – i.e., win – their way out of such things. You have heard this before. It doesn't mean it's not true.