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O-Zone: Please, sir

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Rob from Pittsburgh, PA

Hey, John. Do you think the Jags will be able to sign Tyson and Andre to long-term contracts if they both have good seasons next year?

You're referencing Jaguars cornerback Tyson Campbell and Jaguars safety Andre Cisco. With each player entering his fourth NFL season, their contracts indeed will be talking points in the coming months. I expect the Jaguars to work to re-sign Campbell. I don't know if that will happen this offseason or after the 2024 season, but I expect to happen. The Jaguars like him very much and believe he will fit well in defensive coordinator Ryan Nielsen's system. The only concern about Campbell is he has had injury issues in two of three NFL seasons. Still, at some point you must decide you like a player and commit to him – and the Jaguars like Campbell. Cisco's situation is less certain. He shows phenomenal instincts and ball skills at times. There also have been too many times, like Campbell, that he has made key mistakes. This therefore has the feel of a big season for Cisco. Teams usually can figure out how to pay players if they merit it. I don't know that the Jaguars planned to be paying both edge rusher Josh Allen and left tackle Cam Robinson this season, but they showed last season they're critical players. If Cisco and Campbell both show themselves to be such players this season, the Jaguars could figure a way to pay both.

Colt from Pittsburgh, PA

Apologies if this has been answered before, but what happened to Jarvis Landry? Was he just hangin' out for rookie minicamp never to be seen/heard from again? An in-depth google search returns nothing recent in terms of news. Is he no longer with the team?

Loyal O-Zone readers – and he knows who he is – know that veteran wide receiver Jarvis Landry participated in the Jaguars 2024 Rookie Minicamp on a tryout basis last month. He was not "just hangin' out." He did not sign a contract with the organization.

Bruce from St. Simons, GA

Fans fan, but seriously folks: Step back a little bit. The Jags have their quarterback. Many, many teams are still searching for a quarterback. Just look at the NFL draft(s) and trades. I believe any objective observer could see the likelihood of last year's finish after the key injuries. Let's face it, nobody can predict injuries and often they determine the season's outcome. Therefore, there is more than a bit of luck needed by any team to win a championship. However, some perennially successful teams do seem to manufacture their "luck" by drafting well, developing and yes, coaching players. What's your opinion on "luck?"

Luck is a huge part of success in professional sports. This is because sports are percentage games. You can dramatically increase your chances with hard work, preparation, focus, practice, organization and desire. But you also need some luck.

Charmanita from Jacksonville

When will the minicamp that's open to the public begin?

No Jaguars minicamp practices will be open to the public in 2024, and Jaguars minicamp practices are rarely open to the public. The Jaguars follow the NFL norm in that they open multiple training camp practices to the public. Those will be held beginning in late July at the Miller Electric Center. I expect a schedule with details such as which dates will be open to be released soon.

Steve from Hilton Head, SC

John. There is a lot of chatter about tackling and other fundamentals. You are old enough to remember pre-SportsCenter football. It seemed like making a good tackle - wrapping up, not pointing to the sky – was good enough. Then came ESPN, now social media, where "blowing up" somebody got you on SportsCenter, now You Tube. Likewise, one-handed receptions get you noticed, where a good two-handed catch is better. Do you and your reporting colleagues notice this?

We indeed are in a highlights-centric era – and I agree that the drive to be on SportsCenter and YouTube has contributed to players trying to make highlight plays at the expense of fundamentals. I don't want to overplay this element because I don't think "all" players are "guilty" of this, and I don't think every missed tackle or dropped pass is because "those darned fool kids are showing off again." My thought is a bigger reason tackling has declined is that professional football players rarely practice it. Once they get to the NFL, the focus correctly is on staying healthy and being ready for the regular season. To practice tackling would be to take unnecessary and unacceptable risk. That's more of an issue in this case than these fool kids who won't get off our lawns.

Steve from Nashville, TN

John, I wanted to share how fortunate Jaguar fans are to have you so dedicated to answering our questions every day without fail. Some other teams' official websites only do it once a week or when they feel like it with creative names like "Mailbag". One NFL team located in Georgia last answered questions in January of this year. Another NFL team located in Ohio last answered a fan question in 2022. Thank you for having the stamina and patience to keep your lone loyal reader informed and up to date.

I am the king of all funk.

Steve from AB

Will teams be allowed the option of punting from the 35-yard line on kick offs? Better hang time.

No. The new kickoff rules implemented by the NFL this offseason are designed to encourage kickoff returns. Allowing teams to use a punt on this play indeed would mean better hang time, which almost certainly would reduce returns.

Johnny from Howey In The Hills

Mr. O: I'm a longtime Jags fan and wish them the best this coming season. I want to give a word of thanks to the fans that are service men and women as the 80th anniversary of D-Day approaches. My Dad was a WW2 combat vet and was a survivor of the Normandy invasion. I know the Jags have a number of service-related celebrations and recognition events and just want to add this in remembrance of those who served, fought and died in all our wars. Bless them all.

Absolutely and positively thanks to and fonds remembrances of your father. Bless him and indeed bless them all.

Brian from Round Rock, TX

Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson did an awful job last year. There is no doubt about it. Can he right the ship and learn from his abject failure?

Your first two sentences are written with impressive confidence. Impressive confidence can lead one to believe he is correct. History is littered with situations that show us the folly of this thinking.

Richard from St. Augustine FL

O King of all funky kings, I have a feeling you aren't going to agree with me here but here goes. I have read Josh Allen's contract puts him in Top 5 of all defensive NFL players. Guaranteed $88 million with signing bonus of $32 million at signing. The Jaguars did not disrespect him by signing him after the NFLPA-agreed-to five-year-rookie-contract period. I am a fan of Josh and believe he is very good. Technically he had two very good years out of five, but those years were the first and fifth year. Even though this is T-Shirt practice time, it comes after new defensive coordinator is installing new scheme's. I am sure Josh will be mostly fine with missing these practices but in my mind (crazy town) it would be more respectful to team, coaches and Owner Shad Khan by flying back and forth for Organized Team Activities from where he is personally working out like last year. He can certainly afford it. I know you probably think no big deal, but just saying. I know Doug has said he is fine with it. Probably Shad too but I just believe no big deal to be there since it seems like almost all players are participating who all making significantly less than him after Shad stroked that big check! What say you? Go ahead let me have it! DTWD.

I have watched Jaguars 2024 OTAs. I understand their importance. I have seen the baseball caps. I have absolutely zero problem with Allen training in whatever way – and in whatever location – he believes will best prepare him for the regular season. No one who is reasonable and who understands the NFL considers it disrespectful for a player to train away from the team during a voluntary offseason period if that player is elite and believes that his approach is a reason he's elite.

P Funk from Murray Hill

If O-Zone was in the booth for an NFL game, would he be play by play or color commentary?

If O-Zone was in the booth for an NFL game, he would be politely asked to leave. If he didn't, the next question would be asked less politely.