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O-Zone: Poverty line

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Jeremy from Gilbert, AZ

Is it just me or does Trevor still have plenty of room for improvement? We don't see him throwing wide receivers open or getting the ball out before receivers make their cut. It seems he gets the ball there on time or slightly behind at times. If he does take the next step, then watch out!

Of course Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence has room to improve. He's entering his third NFL season and he's 23 years old. It would be weird if he didn't improve. But it seems you may be overanalyzing a bit here and expecting a bit much to want him to make perfect throws all the time. No quarterback does this. Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs is the current standard of NFL quarterbacking and he doesn't do it. Peyton Manning is in the Hall of Fame and he didn't do it. The thought here is Lawrence's biggest improvement can – and will – happen as he continues to get more comfortable reading defenses and gaining confidence within Head Coach Doug Pederson's offense. The accuracy and timing specifics could come along with that.

Travis from Ormond Beach (now Chattanooga)

O-Zone! Looks like 12 of the 13 draft picks made either the 53-man or the practice squad. That's pretty good considering there were a few voices after the draft who were saying the Jags wasted the picks, and that there was no way all those players make the team. One for the scouting department!

Nine 2023 NFL Draft selections made the Jaguas' initial 53-player roster, with one on injured reserve and two on the practice squad. Defensive lineman Raymond Vohasek, a seventh-round selection, was the lone exception. This high number of rookies is not unusual and was pretty much expected. Teams chutrn the bottom of the roster every season and it's a young man's game. Still, one fer a scouting department and general manager that knows the NFL in this era is about staying young and managing the salary cap for the long term? Absolutely.

Mario from West Kelowna, BC

Juan Zona O, if you could be a football player what position would you play?

Left out.

RipTheProducer from Jacksonville and Duval County

There is still concern about the depth at pass rush. Pederson and General Manager Trent Baalke are a smart duo and love to use subliminals in press conferences to not give away any roster surprises. Do you think everyone is forgetting that we still have Smoot that is getting healthier faster and stronger? He's sort of a sneak caged animal ready to be released.

I can't speak to what fans and observers do or don't remember. Jaguars veteran defensive lineman Dawuane Smoot will begin the 2023 regular season on the Physically Unable to Perform list, which means he is out for at least the first four games. He sustained an Achilles injury last December, and it can take a while to return to full effectiveness following that injury. I don't have a great sense of when Smoot will be able to help the pass rush, but the hope is it will be sometime relatively close to midseason.

Armand from Jacksonville

Which roster cut surprised you the most and why?

Tight end Gerrit Prince because I thought he would make the roster.

J. Hooks from Orange Park, FL

Sooo. Assuming our roster is healthy after week 4 and Cam returns, we will have to cut one of these guys so he can be on the roster? If so, venture a guess at who might be on the chopping block?

Yes, the Jaguars will have to move a player off the active roster to make room for left tackle Cam Robinson when he returns from a four-game suspension to start the regular season. I haven't the foggiest idea who the Jaguars might move.

Steve from Jacksonville Beach

So much for "Why did we cut xxxx"... no other team signed any of our cut players. Just shows you how good the NFL really is around the entire league.


Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire, UK

Oh Mighty 'O'/King of all Funk, is Ayo Oyelola no longer on the team? I thought the Jags had an extra spot on the roster because he was an International Pathway player?

Safety Ayo Oyelola is on the Jaguars' practice squad. The Jaguars have 17 practice-squad players instead of 16 because he is in the International Pathway Program.

Randy from Jacksonville

Remember 2019 when fans wanted Alex McGough to be Nick Foles' backup because he looked better than Gardner Minshew in the preseason? Fans were mad when he signed with the Texans and we were stuck with Minshew. Fun times.

The memories are fuzzy, but I do sort of remember. It's not surprising that this took place, though. Preseason quarterback evaluation is cool. Fans like it. But it doesn't always line up with how rosters get shaped for the regular season.

Roland from Jacksonville

Why did jaguars get rourke Quarterback put him on the practice quad

The jaguars have beathard Quarterback and backup position like him

Tom from St Johns, FL

Help, John! I'm trying to find something I don't like about this bunch of Jaguars. Got anything for me?

It's hard to find anything not to like about the Jaguars' offense. Lawrence looks like a third-year quarterback maturing in his second season in the offense, and the depth and versatility at the skill positions gives the unit a chance to be among the elite units in the NFL. It makes sense that people question the pass rush. This was a solid area at times last season, but the team didn't have a superstar, close-the-door pass rusher. That still appears to be the case – and that concerns people. The Jaguars believe they will get disruption from the front seven when regular the season begins. There have been good signs at times during the preseason in that area. But if you're looking for areas to watch, pass rush and cornerback beyond Tyson Campbell make sense.

Nicholas from Fort Cavazos, Texas

KOAF: I was looking on the final roster and didn't see anything about the Culligan Girl. Is she still with the organization?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Cole from Jacksonville

Hey Zone, thanks for all the content to get us through the offseason! I know we will find out in Week 2, but I'm too excited not to ask. From what you've observed so far, do the Jags have an answer to stop the Mahomes to Kelce attack that ended our playoffs run last season?

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce had at least 98 yards receiving and/or a touchdown in 12 games last season. Mahomes threw for 300 yard in two of those other five games. I mention this to make the point that this is a duo of two Hall of Fame players and "stopping" that duo is rare. Can the Jaguars' defense slow the duo at key times and force mistakes in other areas enough to complement the offense? That's possible. It's difficult. But it's possible.

Randy from Jacksonville

I think we upgraded for cheaper at right tackle. We replaced Marvin Jones and Kendric Pryor with Calvin Ridley, Parker Washington and Elijah Cooks at wide receiver. We replaced tight ends Chris Manhertz and Dan Arnold and running back Snoop Conner with Brenton Strange and Tank Bigbsy. I think we could see 250 yards rushing 200 passing 1 week and 500 yards passing with 100 rushing the next.

NFL quarterbacks have passed for 500 or more yards in a game 26 times, so 500 is a lot.

Bill from Bostwick

Personally, I feel if a player made the 53 he should be available to play on Game Day. He's earned that right. If the NFL is worried about competitive balance on Game Day, why not allow a team to elevate "x" amount of players on Game Day? Just like the NFL should allow a team to play the practice squad quarterback in the event the first two quarterback go down like happened to the 49ers instead of forcing a team to have the third quarterback on the 53. Perhaps it's time for the NFL to expand the roster to 55? Especially if the NFL is wanting 18 regular season games and cut the Preseason games down to two?

The NFL does allow "X" amount of players to be elevated on game day. In this equation, X=47, 48 if eight of the players are offensive linemen. Coaches always would prefer to have more players available, but you have to stop somewhere. Forty-seven or 48 are fine numbers.

John from Jacksonville

Hi KOAGF - I often hear for NFL players that it's all about the money. Does that apply to you, too? Do you plan your annual "show me the money" speech?

Yes, it's all about the money. In my case, it's all about the not much money.