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O-Zone: Pretty, pretty good

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Eddie from Neptune Beach, FL:
I just watched the State of the Franchise. Once again … one fer Shad, right?
John: No question. If you watched the 2016 State of the Franchise on on Friday – or if you heard or read anything about it – it was hard to come away not being impressed once again with Jaguars Owner Shad Khan and President Mark Lamping. Their vision – and the execution of that vision – has been remarkable and helped to stabilize the Jaguars in Jacksonville. As they both said on Friday, there is a long way to go and improvement must come on the field, but as far as getting this franchise on stable ground in Jacksonville … yeah, one fer Shad.
Dan from Sanford, FL:
Do you see the Jags playing Johnathan Cyprien at linebacker on passing downs next year to put more speed on the field?
John: No.
Zain from Orlando, FL:
Dante Fowler Jr. moving around - similar to a Khalil Mack-kind of role? Honestly, that was kind of my expectation all along ... at Florida, his success came in a variety of roles. He wasn't the prototypical hand-on-the ground defensive end people think of with the position. So, if Denard Robinson is "offensive weapon," does that make Fowler "defensive weapon?" Or do we save that for the new versatile safety/cornerback hybrid we'll be drafting/signing this offseason?
John: First, let's not compare what Fowler could do to what the Jaguars asked Robinson to do as a rookie. Robinson was playing a multitude of different positions – receiver, quarterback, running back, returner – whereas Fowler will be playing along the front seven on defense. But also, let's not overplay this before it gets started: the Jaguars are talking about moving Fowler around on defense. They're at the figuring-this-out stage, with the plan to start him out predominately at Leo and try to see where else makes sense. Does that mean he's a defensive weapon? As we saw with the whole Robinson-as-offensive-weapon thing … perhaps it's best to see what he actually does on the field before we decide to call it anything.
Dane from Jacksonville:
Adding to the topic of moving Fowler around, that's a similar role to the one he played at UF, who incidentally played a very similar defense as the Jaguars. Although that Gators defense had loads of talent, it revolved around putting Fowler in favorable matchups. I see the Jaguars replicating that to some extent.
John: Could be.
Ryan from Charlotte, NC:
I'm not one to get hugely excited about the Pro Bowl, but I keep seeing Allen Robinson in promotional material next to A.J. Green, Julio Jones and DeAndre Hopkins. I can get excited about that. It's a well-deserved honor and it's great for the team.
John: You know what? It is cool for the fans and the team; that's what the Pro Bowl is about. Mostly, though, it's cool for Robinson. He indeed deserved the honor – and more importantly, I don't doubt he'll work to earn more such honors in the future.
Jonathan from Jacksonville:
You keep saying Shad wouldn't fire Gus midseason if he starts slow again. Question is, does Gus Bradley have decency enough to resign if he then starts 0-5, 0-6 and let Greg be the interim coach?
John: Oh, come on … can we just stop this?
Chris from Phoenix, AZ:
Hey, O: Do you think if we sign Eric Weddle and draft Jalen Ramsey, Ramsey could play corner until Weddle retires?
John: Yes.
Jeremy from Miles City, CT:
Greg Hardy is going to be released. Let me be the first to say that I don't want him on this team under any circumstances.
John: OK.
John from Jacksonville:
Should we go after Bronson Kaufusi? I think he's a much better player then Buckner or Oakman.
John: If that's true, the Jaguars absolutely should select Kaufusi instead of Buckner or Oakman.
Kyle from Ohio:
You've said you don't believe Anger will be back next season and seem pretty confident that this is more fact than speculation. Which route do you think his replacement will come by – free agency or draft? Marquette King is the free agent I see that I believe would be an improvement. Does this mean you think the team is targeting King, or do they see someone in the draft they really like and think would be an improvement? If draft, who do you think they are looking at? Tom Hackett, Drew Kaser or someone else?
John: I have no idea who the Jaguars want to punt next season. I doubt it's a position in which they would invest much more than a seventh-round selection. I would have a hard time seeing them go to unrestricted free agency. Honestly, I'll be putting a lot of things on the 'ol radar in the coming months. This one likely will fly pretty low.
James from Upper Marlboro, MD:
What does the offseason schedule look like? Dates for free agency and the draft and which one comes first?
John: Free agency begins March 9. The 2016 NFL Draft will be held April 28-30.
Frank from Jacksonville:
Detailed Fowler health update please
John: Fowler reportedly is recovering nicely and has made very good strides in the last month. The Jaguars haven't officially set a target time for him to return to on-field work. I'd expect to get a better feel for this in the coming weeks and months as the beginning of the offseason program approaches.
Mason from Palm Bay, FL:
Wow, Shahid Khan is a baddddddddd man. What's the target date for the stadium renovations to be completed?
John: The US Assure Clubs are expected to be completed this summer. Work on the amphitheater and the flex field – the indoor practice facility – is expected to begin in the next month or so, but no completion date has been set.
Miguel from Section145 and Duuuuvaaaalll!!!!!:
This is an old-school style of rebuild. I looked up Tom Landry's Hall-of-Fame career. He did not even have a break-even record until his sixth year! Our microwave society would not have waited for him to get his perennial playoff-attending, Super Bowl-contending team together. I am glad team leadership has decided to retain Gus Bradley and let this rebuild continue no matter how many negative radio personalities disagree. The alternative is the Cleveland route and change coaches every other year. How's that working out I always knew the Jaguars leadership is smart and the State of the Franchise Friday verified it. These guys know what they're doing so I will let the smart guys do their thing.
John: There's no question Shad Khan is breaking a current modern-day trend by being allowing Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley and General Manager David Caldwell this kind of time. There's no question Khan understood going into this in 2013 that there would be a lot of losing while this team built a young core. At the same time, there's no question this much losing tests even the strongest of convictions. I, too, believe that continuity is good and that the Jaguars will continue to improve, but we're definitely reaching the point where patience must be rewarded.
Greg from Section 122 and Jacksonville, FL:
I think we might be watching the last Pro Bowl this weekend. Given the excessive amount of players bowing out of the event without cause, it seems player support for the game is dwindling. I remember a few years ago when there was the glorified flag football Pro Bowl and Goodell threatened to shut it down if the players were not going to make an effort to provide a quality game. Three years later we are back to where we started. All of the Patriots backed out (7 of them) including Brady. What happened to being elected to the Pro Bowl being an honor? If the players don't care what's the point of the fans caring?
John: I'm all for the Pro Bowl being a glorified flag-football game. The idea of asking players to hit and risk injury in a game that doesn't count is a bit much. If players want to play the Pro Bowl in such a way as to avoid injury … well, that's exactly what I would do. And you know what? That's OK. Enough fans will watch because, you know … NFL.
Eric from Gainesville, FL:
Why does everyone think a pass rush has to come in the form of LEO? J.J. Watt wouldn't be a LEO. Watt is a three-four defensive end who typically aren't pass rushers. Know who else is a three-four defensive end that could help our pass rush? DeForest Buckner. Buckner does it all: pass rushes like a defensive end, bull rushes like a defensive tackle, stops the run, and slaps passes down at the line. One fer Buckner.
John: Hey, one fer Buckner!
Jeff from Atlantic Beach, FL:
You're the Jags GM. The Broncos say they will trade Von Miller for your first- and second-round picks. Do you make the trade?
John: I absolutely would if not for the fact that he already has been suspended by the NFL. The thought of that happening again – and perhaps for an extended period … well, I'm not saying I wouldn't make the trade, but I'd have to think long and hard.
Marc from EverBank Field:
Watched the "State of the Franchise;" WOW ...just WOW!
John: Yeah, not bad, huh?

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