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O-Zone: Probably not

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Jimsure from DBS

What do you think about states funding stadium rebuilding or remodeling? Personally, I am against it because the vast majority of taxpayers never see any benefit from it. We will never be in the stadium –and in a state like Florida we have three NFL stadiums, so it could cost taxpayers three times. Let these billionaires pay for the stadium like Jerry Jones did.

Your thought isn't unreasonable. Most people are against the "idea" of states and cities funding stadiums; the natural instinct is to say owners should pay for the stadiums. It's also easy for observers to point to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as an example of an owner paying for a high-profile stadium without taxpayer input. Once you move past the surface on this discussion, though, there's more to it: a key factor in this discussion is market size – and therefore revenue potential. It made sense for Jones to build and fund his own stadium; the Dallas market size and the Cowboys' popularity ensures that stadium-produced revenue will allow Jones to pay for the stadium and therefore make it a smart investment. Teams in smaller markets have less potential revenue from the stadium, which makes it less reasonable – and often unreasonable – for owners to fund their own stadiums. This is why the Buffalo Bills' proposed/planned stadium features significant public money and it's why the Jaguars' stadium renovation likely also will feature significant public money. A point to note: The state of Florida doesn't fund stadiums, so the TIAA Bank Field renovation will be a City of Jacksonville/Jaguars issue and not a state/Jaguars issue. There's a lot in that answer – and about this issue – many observers/fans won't love, but that's the answer.

David from Jacksonville

How would you rank the teams in the AFC South going into the draft? Also, what would you say are our chances of winning the AFC South this season? After all: Win the division and you get a playoff spot.

My early order: Tennessee, Indianapolis, Jacksonville and Houston. I would say the Jaguars' chances of winning the AFC South in 2022 are relatively slim. I think the Jaguars will improve this season and that you will feel a lot better about this team by the end of the season than at the end of last season. But going from 3-14 to winning the division is a big jump. It's not unjumpable, but it's hard to predict in advance.

Justin from New York City Bob Rutter from Neptune Beach, FL

After thirty years of NFL games and TV contracts, would you not believe NFL teams would have saved enough money to pay and finance a new stadium?

No, I wouldn't.

Would the Jags begin contract negotiations with the No. 1 pick before the pick is made?

This could happen, but it's unlikely. While the team holding the No. 1 selection in the NFL Draft under league rules can negotiate with a prospect, this doesn't happen as often as once was the case. Because of the rookie wage scale implemented in 2021, there's not as much mystery or pressure regarding potential contract demands of the No. 1 overall selection. There is plenty of time to get this done between the draft and start of training camp – and not much reason to do it sooner.

Daniel from Johnston, IA

When I think of the Jaguars' receiving corps over the past probably eight-plus years, every year it's the same. A lot of "potential." Players that potentially could take the next step, players that might step up. How do we get a receiver, particularly in free agency, that is a proven commodity?

In free agency? It's difficult, because teams typically don't let No. 1 wide receivers with productive seasons remaining in their careers become free agents. The best way is to draft one, develop him and pay him when the time comes for a second contract. Another way is to execute a trade – often for big draft capital and crazy contract money.

Gary from St. Augustine, FL

I didn't think this was possible, but I like you less than before.

Just wait.

_Keith from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL        _

How frequently would you say it happens in the draft where the team trading up would reveal to the team trading down who it is they are trading up to get?

Occasionally. Not too often. And it likely would depend largely on how well the two general managers knew one another.

Jim from St. Augustine, FL

Luke Joeckel was the "safe" pick!


Fred from Highland Park, NJ

Hey, O. With all the OT rule talk, have you ever put thought to a "kickout" similar to a shootout? I think it would be immensely exciting if it came down to some of the most overlooked players on the team to seal the deal. What do you think?

I think it will never happen because it's not particularly in the spirit of how games are played – and the NFL always has tried to make overtime at least somewhat similar to a game. And I don't know that it would be as exciting as you think.

Steve from Wallingford, CT

Chris from Mandarin asking about penalty bias against small-market teams made me realize how strong fan bias is. He mentioned the Super Bowl, in which I'm assuming his friend is arguing that the Los Angeles Rams only won due to a non-call on a defensive pass interference, which is the most common topic I've heard about this issue. It blows my mind how people can sit there and argue that and blatantly ignore or justify the offensive pass interference involving Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey that gave the Cincinnati Bengals a lead and a chance. That OPI was way worse in my opinion considering it was open field and 1v1.


Shane from Jacksonville

What has Cam Robinson done to warrant being penciled in as the starter at left tackle? He has been solid. He has not been great or even really good while Walker Little played well when given the opportunity. Especially considering that he was a rookie playing for the first time in nearly two years. How about competition at left tackle and right tackle? Why would a team automatically eliminate the possibility of getting better at left tackle? I have to believe they are attempting to avoid saying something he won't like while they work out an extension or they are keeping his possible trade value in mind. Otherwise, installing him at left tackle without competition is a head-scratcher to me, to put it kindly. The amount of money they have committed to paying him should not factor in where he plays.

The Jaguars feel differently about left tackle Cam Robinson than you. I don't believe they are "attempting to avoid saying" anything and I believe he will start left tackle moving forward – quite possibly on a long-term deal.

Sal from Austin, TX

In overtime, just have the kickers begin kicking field goals from 30 yards out and then five yards further away with each subsequent quick. Just the snapper, holder, and kicker. First kicker to miss, that team loses. Problem solved.


Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire. UK

Oh Mighty 'O' / King of all Funk, I have solution for overtime rules. Field goals are attempted from the 20-yard line and move back five yards after every successful attempt. But kicks can only be taken by offensive or defensive linemen. That is TV gold right there. Have you got Roger Goodell's number?


Sean from Jacksonville

Is it just me or are the people responsible for the smoke and mirrors being lazy this year? It feels like a "meh" draft at many levels.

The 2022 NFL Draft isn't believed to include any quarterbacks worthy of being Top 5 – or perhaps even Top 10 – selection. Quarterback is the NFL's sexy position. When there are no quarterbacks at the top of the draft, there is less trade talk. And therefore less smoke and fewer mirrors. And perhaps a little more "meh."

Charles from Riverside

Hello, John. In your tight end article, Jaguars/NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks refers to "a variety of 12 personnel" and "true Y candidates", could you explain to us less versed on what those mean on the field? Thanks.

Twelve personnel is an offensive formation featuring one running back and two tight ends. A "Y" either can be a tight end or a slot receiver depending on the formation and offense.

James from Jacksonville

I have a feeling that we might see trade offers from Detroit and the New York Jets in Round 1. I think this would give us our best chance outcome. Do you think that the Jaguars have a shot to trade out of #1?

I think the Jaguars trading out of the No. 1 overall selection in the 2022 NFL Draft is unlikely. Maybe it will happen. I think the Jaguars would love to explore the possibility. It just seems unlikely.