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O-Zone: Pull the cord

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Big Jags Fan from Jacksonville

Congratulations to Trevor and Marissa Lawrence on their pregnancy.

Mid-to-late June has featured a lot of big, happy news around the Jaguars. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence's contract extension. Jacksonville City Council's approval of an agreement between the City of Jacksonville and the Jaguars on the Stadium of the Future. Maybe these things come in threes, because on Thursday came the news that Lawrence and wife Marissa indeed are expecting their first child. Lawrence, the No. 1 overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft, and Marissa are enough of an "it" couple that this is "it" news on the interweb and social media. Thursday therefore was replete with pictures of baby bumps and sonagrams, with the photos stuffed with all the joy and giddiness that accompanies these things. My son is long since grown and out of the house, and therefore I only hear tell of all things baby these days. Still, my first thought upon hearing the news Thursday was I was glad for Lawrence's sake he signed his contract extension last week. The happy couple therefore can afford day care. Maybe.

Nick from South Carolina

It was always the Jags = Never Doubt Jacksonville

The celebration continues – as well it should. The City Council's approval of the Stadium of the Future Tuesday was a big, significant moment. It means the Jaguars' three-decade run in Jacksonville will continue through many of our lifetimes. It also means the end of a lot of misguided national narratives. As someone who grew up in Jacksonville before the NFL, and who witnessed the Jaguars' birth and formative years and much of their existence, I can't emphasize enough the phenomenal magnitude of this week's vote. Little Law will be born into a Jacksonville in which fans don't worry about their team leaving. Very cool.

Richard from St Augustine, FL

King of KOAF. Congratulations to Trevor and Marissa on their future Jaguar Cub! I am so glad both of them are part of Jag team and Jag community. They are both great role models for young and old! I am happy they are starting a family early even though I thought they would wait a little longer. They are both such good people and Jax is lucky to have them at least another seven years! Here is to more cubs for the fam! DTWD Go Jags! Duuuvaaal.

One fer L'il Law.

Marcus from Jax

Is it just me, or is anyone else concerned about the owners approving the new stadium deal this fall? The only reason I'm concerned is because of the comparisons to other deals in recent years, especially in Charlotte with the Carolina Panthers. You've mentioned a lot recently that this is a fair deal for both sides, but billionaires rarely like fair deals. They want to be the one to come out on top. It's how they became billionaires! Will the owners view Shad Khan's near 50-50 agreement as a precedent that they don't want to follow in years to come? Or is each stadium deal so unique to the team, owner, and locale that it doesn't affect other deals as much as we may think?

This is an understandable concern – and as was the case as fans waited for City Council to approve the proposal, there's not much I can do to alleviate the concern. A deal isn't done until it's done, and the proposal won't be final until 24 of 32 NFL Owners approve the deal. What I call tell you is my vibe on owner approval is the same as it was on City Council approval, and that's that it will get done. Khan is confident. Jaguars President Mark Lamping is confident. I've heard nothing to make me think that confidence is unfounded. The Jaguars negotiated the agreement knowing it would need NFL approval and they wouldn't have agreed to something that they thought was in major danger of not getting approve. I just can't see the owners voting against an agreement that includes $800 million of city funding. That's the most a city ever has committed in such a deal. To say that's not enough would be decidedly bad form.

Rob from Northside

I caught a huge detail in your answer on the new stadium deal. The split is fair, and with the team taking on overruns, this deal is about as friendly to the city as an NFL team will get. No construction project lacks cost overruns, so while we won't know how big a win this is for the taxpayers, it is a win.


Don from Marshall NC

Good fortune smiled on the Jaguars when they got Shad Khan as owner. I think he is the best owner in the NFL! Go Jaguars!

When it comes to correctly realizing what Khan and his steadfast commitment to Jacksonville has mean to the city – and this team's fan base – Don remains "all in."

Tom from The Mean Streets of Nocatee

Will they be adding diving boards to the pools as part of the upgrade? Can you imagine the excitement in that building as Gene recreates his famous "Triple Lindy" dive prior to a playoff game?

One fer the Triple Lindy, the greatest dive of all-time. I'm not sure even longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist, Northeast Florida cultural icon and force of nature Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette could pull it off. And one fer Burt Young.

Peon from Moscow, FL

Two thirds of Duval did not want to pay for the stadium, yet we are stuck with the Jaguars (Jacksonville Leaches is an apropos name) for another 30 years. Now that's the NFL way. Screw the people, screw the Constitution, it's all about the oligarch. Pathetic to an honest person with a conscience, someone with a sense of fair play, or just someone who just cares about others. There are none of those at either City of Jacksonville or the Jaguars. How can you celebrate when it is clear both organizations are betraying the obvious majority of the people of Duval County? Of the people, by the people, for the people, betraying the Constitution as well. I know, you are too shallow for such thoughts.

Your passion and commitment to your cause are impressive. Go Jaguars.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

In regards to the "missed opportunity" again, sorry (not really) I disagree. Especially if it means the taxpayers are on the hook. Anything further should be put to a public vote and referendum to get the PUBLIC approval of it. All of this so far has been by the City Council and Mayor Donna Deegan's pressure to approve. If private investors want to come in and buy real estate to start a business, great. We shouldn't be paying for it. Man, this whole stadium thing and the fuel depot for the Northside has introduced me to more government than I ever wanted to know about. Everyone seems to be obsessed with being a bigger city, why is that? Big cities cost more money, in taxes. No thanks.


Jeff from Atlantic Beach, FL

How about one 'fer Mayor Jake Godbold?

Without former Jake Goldbold, Jacksonville's mayor from 1978-1987, there would have been no Jaguars. Not in 1995. Not in 2024. Not in 2050. He saw Jacksonville as an NFL city long before most saw it and he believed in it. One fer Goldbold. Yes, and always.

SteveC from Cardiff, UK

I saw somewhere that the stadium deal had a clause limiting games away from Jacksonville? Do you know what that limit is? I guess my question is whether this is the end of an annual London game? As a soccer fan way before I got into football, I saw a few would-be relocations in that game howled down. A team belongs to its town/city so I'm glad for Jax that relocation is off the table, though living in hope I do not lose my occasional fix of the Jags.

The SOTF agreement does limit the number games the Jaguars can play outside Jacksonville. This is not the end of the annual London game, and I expect at least one Jaguars home game to be played in London for the foreseeable future.

Brian from Gainesville, FL

Big O, has there been a decision made as to where the Jaguars will play during construction? If not, do you predict they will play at The Swamp? After all, the Citrus Bowl in Orlando might be the worst stadium in the world plus the drive from Jacksonville to Gainesville is pretty easy. Also, Waldo PD was disbanded a while back. No speed trap concerns and hotels are keeping more towels these days.

The Jaguars will play home games in 2027 in either Orlando or Gainesville. No site has yet been determined because the team has been focusing on the stadium proposal until now.

Scott from Jacksonville

"Would Boselli have a cord?" Ouch! That was mean, even for you!

I am the king of all funk.