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O-Zone: Pure, pure hate

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Jeremy from Wise, VA

No way Mike Glennon is better than Gardner Minshew II. Glennon was awful this game. Put Gardner back in!

Veteran quarterback Glennon made a second consecutive start for the Jaguars Sunday in a 27-24 overtime loss to the Minnesota Vikings, and he wasn't great – not by a long shot. At times, he was bad. And then for one crucial drive late in regulation, he was good – completing six of seven passes for 73 yards and tying the game with a two-point conversion pass to wide receiver Collin Johnson with 1:08 remaining. As good as he was on that drive, he then threw a bad interception in overtime that led directly to the Vikings' game-winning field goal. Head Coach Doug Marrone addressed the issue quickly and decisively after the game, saying he still believes Glennon gives the Jaguars the best chance to win and that he plans to start Glennon for at least one more week. That will mark a second consecutive start for Glennon over a healthy Minshew, who came off the injury report this past week after being inactive four games with a thumb injury. Could Minshew have done better Sunday? Maybe, maybe not. Glennon's game looked similar to most of Minshew's games early in the season. One difference: Glennon was intercepted in overtime throwing downfield whereas Minshew too often didn't make such throws. Would Minshew be better than Glennon in the long run? There's not much evidence to suggest that either way – and neither figures to be the franchise's long-term starter anyway.

Jeremy from Jacksonville

Wow, with Coach Marrone naming Glennon the starter this soon after the game, is it safe(r) to assume we've seen the last of Minshew? Do you think him hiding the thumb injury lost Marrone's trust that much? It just feels like a bad way to see him go out. Not even swinging, just riding the pine...

I don't believe Marrone is going with Glennon because of how Minshew handled the thumb injury earlier this season; if Marrone believed Minshew gave him the better chance to win, he undoubtedly would start Minshew. As far as how Marrone will handle quarterback in the last four games of the season, I get the sense something will have to go horribly wrong for him to go away from Glennon – something worse than an overtime road loss to a contending team. Yes, Glennon made multiple key mistakes Sunday, but he also engineered a nice late-game drive. That evidently was more than enough for Marrone to stay with him.

Bob from Sumter, SC

I think if Minshew had improved in Year 2 like everyone hoped, the Jaguars could very well be the 7-9-ish team some predicted they would be.

Yeah, they would be pretty close.

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

The New York Jets are a much wiser and prudent franchise with more intelligent leadership than the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise.

It's possible – likely, really – that this was an unsuccessful attempt at wit and insight. I get that a lot in the inbox and make many unsuccessful attempts at these things myself, so I have a good eye for such things. The reality is the Jaguars and Jets on Sunday were both doing exactly what all NFL teams do – try to win. Neither did and therefore the Jets still have the NFL's worst record with the Jaguars a game "behind" with the second-worst record. That neither was successful speaks more to the two teams being among the worst in the NFL than to the aforementioned "wit and insight."

Tudor from St. Augustine, FL

I REALLY wish they would have lost that season opener against the Colts...

You are not alone.

Wade from Westside

Why is it that only Jags QBs can be hit late and helmet first?

They can't, though I do understand it feels that way when watching your team sometimes. But I agree that the penalty to which you refer on Jaguars safety Josh Jones hitting Kirk Cousins Sunday was marginal. At best.

Pradeep from Bangalore, Indiana

Hi John, Mike Glennon is not better than Minshew or Luton. Bring back MINSHEW MAGIC may be for couple of games.

But it's sort of "whatever," isn't it?

Jeremy from Jacksonville

Not sure if a safety counts as an official turnover, but it costs the team possession, so I'll count it. That would make four turnovers for Glennon Sunday: two interceptions, one fumble, one sack for a safety. The second pick was literally with the game on the line. The last starting quarterback to come up with that many turnovers in one game got the hook, yet Marrone has doubled down with Glennon for next week. Only one starting quarterback has won for this team in the last 28 games. Just saying...

The Jaguars' offensive line this season has played better than many observers believe, but the safety that you attribute to Glennon was not the line's best play. Just saying.

Sascha from Cologne, Germany

Hey John, why they Jags take out running back James Robinson so many times Sunday? Give him a break, fine, but it's not like he has 30-plus carries or so. Personally, I don't like the decision as it's the best player on offense. Can you explain that?

Jaguars rookie running back James Robinson rushed 18 times for 78 yards and a touchdown Sunday, and yes … it felt as if the Jaguars got him some rest early. But the Jaguars only had five called run plays that didn't get handled by Robinson Sunday. And remember: It's Week 13. It's Game 12. He's a rookie who has carried the vast majority of the load for the Jaguars' running game – and indeed the entire offense – this season. It's OK to rest the kid on a series or two.

Mike from Duval

True or false. Robinson is already our best running back since peak Maurice Jones-Drew.

But of course.

Sam from Jacksonville

I have long believed that NFL players and coaches are trying to win and not tanking. The end of the Jets game is testing that belief.

OK, but if the Jets were truly trying to lose – and therefore trying to tank for Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence – why were they ahead that late in the game?

Mandy from Mandarin

I've been a huge defensive coordinator Todd Wash hater, but if he's gonna get flamed when they play bad he deserves credit for what appears to be substantial recent improvement despite youth and injury. Why do you think the defense, while obviously imperfect, has improved so much in recent weeks?

Coaching. It's always coaching in the NFL.

Logan from Wichita, KS

Is this the same A.J. Cann we have been down on for a few years? He is finishing blocks hard in the running game. This was the hard-nosed bulldozer guard he was meant to be!

Jaguars right guard A.J. Cann has had a good season, particularly blocking for the run. The entire Jaguars' offensive line has had a good season overall, particularly blocking for the run.

Jacob from New York, NY

Looks like Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields will have a good O-line, great running back and promising weapons.

Someone will.

J. Hooks from Fleming Island

Hey John, I believe we have more quality depth at a lot of positions than we originally thought. These second- and third-teamers 's are really stepping up their game. Another reason to think the new GM will be excited about this job. What do your eyes tell you?

I think this is a young roster with more good, young – albeit inexperienced talent – than many observers believe. I believe a new general manager has some pieces with which to work. I believe this team has talent to win relatively quickly if it acquires a big-time quarterback in the offseason and if that quarterback develops quickly.

Al from Orange Park, FL

Some nice production from the Jaguars tight ends. When was the last time that we could say that?

It has been a minute.

Chad from Palatka, FL

Marrone and entire staff should be fired by Jaguars Owner Shad Khan now. These coaches are too stubborn to realize that Glennon was not going to win this game and if they have a healthy Minshew he should be playing?

You're passionate about this. I understand this. I don't know that your passion is matched by reality, but it is nonetheless admirable. Remember: the Jaguars' last six games with Minshew at quarterback were six losses – including five by eight or more points; the last five games with Jake Luton and Glennon at quarterback were five losses – with four of them coming by four points or less. A struggling defense that has improved in the last five games has been one reason for this admittedly marginal improvement. Perhaps quarterback play had a smidge to do with it, too – at least in the eyes of the coaching staff.

JT from Fort Worth, TX

I hate the Jets. That is all.