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O-Zone: Rapid reaction

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Dave from Jacksonville

This offense just looks terrible. I'm so glad that all offseason great things were predicted. And the Press Taylor-as-play-caller experiment has been very sweet and charitable, but can we have dad take over again?

The Jaguars lost to the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, 17-9, at EverBank Stadium in Jacksonville Sunday. It was a disappointing game for the Jaguars – and a very disappointing offensive performance. As such, the postgame reaction from fans was as expected. Not unexpectedly, offensive coordinator Press Taylor is being criticized for the offensive performance. A couple of thoughts on that. One is that Head Coach Doug Pederson isn't having Taylor call plays to be "sweet and charitable." He's having him call the plays because he's ready for the job. It's also not an "experiment." If there was an experiment in this area, it came last season when Taylor called the plays in the second half of games after Pederson called them in the first half. Let's repeat that last part for those viewing at home: Taylor is NOT new to calling plays. Bottom line: Pederson doesn't see Taylor's play-calling as an issue. He said after Sunday's game Taylor did well Sunday. Pederson talked repeatedly Sunday about "execution." So did the Jaguars' offensive players. "Execution" is not-so-subtle code for players not making plays. I don't expect Pederson to resume play-calling any time soon. We're not there yet, and Pederson doesn't believe we're close to being there.

Adam from St Johns, FL

We call plays like USF trying to upset AL. We have good players. Sheesh.

I received many emails criticizing Pederson and the Jaguars going for first downs on fourth down too much. This is not new. It will not change. Pederson is aggressive. When aggressive calls on fourth downs work, head coaches are praised as geniuses. Plays that work are cool. Fans like them. When aggressive calls on fourth down don't work, head coaches are mocked as fools. Plays that work aren't as cool. Fans do not like them.

Johnny from Jax

If the field was one foot longer we would have had four touchdowns.

Jaguars tight end Evan Engram after Sunday's game: "Every inch matters." He's not wrong.

Bruce from Owensboro, KY

Can't blame the defense for this one. Offense was offensive.

Few who watched this game would disagree. Jaguars players and coaches wouldn't disagree. The defense allowed two touchdown drives Sunday, one of 50 yards. The Jaguars forced three turnovers. Had the offense played remotely close to expectations in the first half, the Jaguars would have had a solid lead at halftime. Had it played remotely close to expectations in the second half, they could have tied or taken the lead on multiple occasions. It was disappointing all around. It doesn't mean the season is over. There's no reason the unit can't improve. But it absolutely was disappointing.

Karter from Somewhere

The offense was terrible. Hats off to the defense. They are proving to be our strength. But our offense needs to step it up. All they have shown so far is they are not among the elite.


Jz from j-ville -> Huntsville

Zone, predictably I'm just seeing a lot of grief about the play-calling online. While in hindsight it may not have been perfect, it really just seems like we could not execute on offense in key moments. Wide receiver drops, offensive line, etc. It's wild to me that people forget that Press called plays in our comebacks last year. If we had executed a little better, no one would be saying a thing.

Good eye, but it's always coaching in the NFL.

Adam from Saint Johns

I know you love coaches more than anything in football. They blew that game. Left so many posts on the field. They blew it and play calling is a problem, no matter how you spin it for them.

I have no affinity for coaches one way or the other. Some are wonderful people. Some are on par with senior writers and therefore not as wonderful. But if they're leaving posts on the field, that's a problem. Someone could stub a toe or have a nasty fall. No one wants that.

Matt from Section 133

Jags Nation has been clamoring for prime-time games, but the team that played the Chiefs is one that's going to get flexed out of them.

Breathe, Matt. Breathe.

Rocco from Southside

O-Zone - this week and last week, our offensive line has struggled to protect against the interior pass rush. How do the Jaguars improve the pass protection and give QB1 Trevor Lawrence time to get the ball out to his playmakers?

They work hard this week and play better next week against the Houston Texans. The starters are better than the backups in the NFL. It's not a league of mid-week change, benchings and easy answers.

Adam from Allentown, PA

I am really bummed about that game, man.

You are not alone, young man.

Gibran from Aledo, TX

Would you agree the better team beat themselves in this game?

The Jaguars looked to be on more even footing with the Chiefs than was the case last season. The better team in the NFL is the one that makes more big plays in big moments. The Chiefs were that team Sunday.

Eric from Columbus, IN

I get that Press Taylor supposedly called second halves last year… I only say it that way because it certainly doesn't look the same. Thoughts?

Taylor called plays in the second halves last season. I think it's always coaching in the NFL. Don't forget: This Jaguars offense didn't score 50 points in every game last season. It scored 13 in the regular-season finale. There were ups and downs. There will be ups and downs this season. The offense is good. It will get better. It's not yet on a par with all-time great offenses. There's time.

James from Palm Coast, FL

Kudos to the defense! Now if I'm allowed to be an armchair quarterback/coach … not a big fan with play-calling, going on fourth down. First and goal from the one and we run the quarterback? Seemed the offense line was suspect and TL looked a little frazzled. With that said we were always in the game and the Jags have a bright future.

I didn't love the fourth-and-5, either. But I'm old school and this is not an old-school league anymore.

Bryan from Tampa, FL

Even my non-football watching wife asked, "why are they throwing it everytime?" Is this who Press Taylor is as a play caller? Someone who doesn't feel the need to establish the run?

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence discussed this after the game, noting that multiple Jaguars passes Sunday were quick passes to wide receivers that essentially were running plays. These plays were often called runs in the huddle and checks to wide receivers to take advantage of defensive alignments. It's unconventional in old-school terms, but pretty common now.

Hassan from Celina

This is not an elite offense.

Not on Sunday, it wasn't.

Mark from High Springs

Some of the play calls in this game were a little questionable. I just don't think we can put all the blame on execution, and it's unfair to the players to do so. Do you believe there should be any criticism of Press? If so, do you get a feeling from the top brass that they see it as something else to fix?

I don't know what top brass means. I know Head Coach Doug Pederson wants Taylor calling plays and that he believes he's doing well calling plays. I also know it's Pederson's decision.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

Great job on defense, but we really pooped the bed on offense. Too damn talented on that side of the ball to look this inept. Chiefs have a good, not great defense. Luckily this is only Week 2, but we missed a great chance. Very disappointing.


Anita from Springfield

What was the difference between this week and last week in terms of Redzone production? How do we fix it moving forward?

The plays were successful in Week 1 and not as successful in Week 2. Execute the plays better.

Josh from New Milford, CT

Can the offense be fixed? I know they put up 31 last week, but let's be honest, they were inept for most of the game and were handed back-to-back TDs to win. This week the offense was painful to watch. What do they build on?

No one "hands" anyone back-to-back touchdowns in the NFL. The offense struggled Sunday. It was OK in Week 1. If the offensive line improves and the offense executes better in big moments, it can be fixed. There is plenty of talent there. It's easier to "fix" that than if there's no talent.

Jerell from Columbia, SC

Trevor looks below average. We sure he's the guy? Patrick Mahomes seems to own him head-to-head.

Jerrel's back. Woo-hoo.