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O-Zone: Ring tone

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

David from Orlando, FL

O-Zone: The Jaguars have what has been referred to as a "run-first" offense. I think for this offense to take the next step we need to be an "unpredictable" offensive. If defenses stack the box, they have the advantage. If they have to play honest, it's more advantageous to the offense. That said, what do YOU think is the ideal run-to-pass ratio and what do you think offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett would consider ideal?

I think this offense's ideal mix is about 55-45 run-pass. That's not ideal for every NFL offense – and I'm more of a pass-first guy at heart – but considering how this team wants to play a 55-45 run-pass split makes sense. I think deep down Hackett would like to be around 60-to-40 run-to-pass because you control clock and dominate the line of scrimmage if you're in that range. As for Head Coach Doug Marrone, he's on record saying his ideal offense is to run the ball every play. That's an exaggeration, but it's worth remembering when considering the Jaguars' offense. As much as you and others might want "unpredictable," this team as it's constructed is going to be "run-first." The Jaguars were run-first last season and they certainly will lean that way after signing All-Pro guard Andrew Norwell as an unrestricted free agent this past offseason. That doesn't mean running every play, but this team is going to run in situations when other teams normally pass. The Jaguars want to be able to run when the opponents know they're going to run. That's not changing anytime soon.

Steven from Ponte Vedra, FL

The new site sucks. Just wanted to put that out there in case you had not heard that previously.

You're the first one to mention it.

John from Jacksonville

"Why in the world would Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone or any coach waste time – or risk injury – having players race?" If players "running" raises concerns of injury, they are more fragile than I thought. Perhaps they not run and play with their children. Perhaps they not run from their wives when being chased. Perhaps they not run ... at all.

Or perhaps you could realize NFL players do enough practicing, conditioning and playing at a high level that there's no need for unnecessary physical activities – be they 50-yard dashes to decide the Jaguars' fastest player, one-on-one/full-contact drills, pickup basketball, skiing or racing goats down the side of the Himalayas. It has nothing to do with being fragile and everything to do with knowing what matters within the framework of preparing for an NFL season.

Rob from Ponte Vedra, FL

In response to a recent question where a fan suggested a chant, I would like to again suggest what I believe would be the best Jags chant. Thank you for setting the stage by the way by bringing back #moodachay as it applies here. I suggested this a few years ago but I still believe we should transition from "move the chains" to more of a chant style "Moodachay." Moodachay, Moodachay, Moodachay! Opposing fans will not get it at all and it would be quite funny for all of us. Moodachay, Moodachay!


Paul from Jacksonville

When I find myself in times of trouble, and I don't know what to say, Mother Mary tells me, "Moodachay."


Jeffrey from Jacksonville

John, I am confused about the format of this forum. You write about things, and we fans respond with as much insight and/or intensity as possible?


Pookie from Panda City

"…fans write me about things; I answer with as much insight as possible." Ok.


Chris from Pickerington, OH

So with defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. being on the physically unable to perform list AND being suspended for the first game, my question is this: If his stint on the PUP extended into the regular season, would that push his suspension to his first game off the PUP? That sounds the most logical to me.

Players can be on PUP and serve a suspension at the same time. A player placed on PUP to start the regular season must miss the first six games of the season. If he happens to be suspended for the first game of the regular season, he serves that suspension in the regular-season opener. Fowler will serve his suspension in the regular season opener whether or not he is on the regular-season PUP list.

Paul from Jacksonville

Michael from Port Orange either doesn't believe ownership and management, or is deliberately ignoring everything that has been said regarding the Jaguars and London – thereby illustrating perfectly why one might continue to answer London questions. I truly feel badly for such people because they either can't grasp the truth or are determined not to see it. Oh well, moving on. What's the over/under on broadcasting clichés in Jaguars games in the preseason?

I don't know the over-under on clichés, but I do know there will be more than a few – and I also know there are always going to be fans who dislike the idea of a game in London. There also will be people who inherently distrust the Jaguars' reasons for playing a game there each season. Little can be done to change how these people feel – or how they grasp certain happenings. That's OK. Not everyone can grasp everything and not everyone wants to grasp everything. Jaguars Owner Shad Khan has shown a remarkable commitment to Jacksonville in nearly seven years owning the team. He also has expanded the team's presence internationally, and has used London to strengthen the team in Jacksonville. That's the team's reality. If the perception of some observers is different, the Jaguars can only do so much to change that.

Don from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a team work. On a team with 11 on each side I guess one person could be the winner. Still it is nice to know your team has above average players at every position and then some. Go Jaguars!


Don from Lake Mary, FL Section 35 and Day 2

Thank you for your response to Michael from Port Orange. The annual London "home" game is definitely a matter of perspective and shouldn't be so misunderstood. As you alluded to, the Jags have close to the lowest ticket prices in the NFL and a very small percentage of tickets are bought by local companies compared to the huge blocks of season tickets bought by corporations in other NFL markets. It's interesting now that more and more NFL teams are willing to give up a home game for the extra revenue produced by Wembley Stadium in London. If I had to pay the $760 for my club seats for the "home" game in London – and then spend the time and money to actually go to the game – then I'd feel cheated by the Jags. Instead I pay for nine games (including the two preseason games), then understand and accept that the London game keeps the Jags financially stable in Jacksonville. This isn't rocket science; it's the economic realities for an NFL small-market team, with Mr. Khan being innovative with his business approach. So why are so many Jags fans unable or unwilling to accept the facts in this matter .... is it as simple as "fans gonna fan?"

Pretty much, yes.

Mason from Palm Bay, FL

Mr. O, I believe September 16 will match the feel of the December Seahawks game and the playoff game versus Bills. I'm guessing I'll be able to buy a MJWD shirt on the way into the stadium. Can you give us your Top 5 most electric crowds you've been in attendance for?

I know I'm getting old because I'm sure I'll leave some out of this answer. It's also quite possible and even likely that I'll remember events from my youth overly fondly. A few memorable atmospheres: the 1993 Florida-Florida State game at Florida Field (a.k.a., the Warrick Dunn game), the 1997 Jaguars-Pittsburgh Steelers game at then-Alltel Stadium (a.k.a. the Chris Hudson-Bill Cowher game), the 1998 Jaguars-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game (Fred Taylor's late run won it for the Jaguars), the AFC Championship Game following the 2006 season (Indianapolis Colts-New England Patriots at the RCA Dome) … Those are all up there. The games at EverBank Field late last season started taking on that sort of atmosphere. Here's guessing you're right – that the Jaguars-Patriots game September 16 and a couple of others this season at TIAA Bank Field could join the list. Things are starting to get fun around here again.

Glenn from Jacksonville and Section 436

Johnny-O, for all those hating on the Duval chant, try screaming it leaving Heinz Field twice last year like I did. It's cool. I liked it. #DTWD


Omega from The End

There's the Super Bowl ring, there's the wedding ring, and there's the suffeRING.

You started repeating yourself at the end there.

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