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O-Zone: Short-term memory

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Paul from Lake City, FL

I realize that there may be additional opportunities to improve the offensive line, but does a veteran center and a fourth-rounder really change our line that much? It seems like each of the last two seasons, the approach has been to replace one player with a starter and pretty much call it done. I see a line that is one or two injuries away from being ineffective again, with a starting left tackle that hasn't finished a full season in years.

First: While fans and observers may clamor each offseason to Overhaul the Offensive Line, to do so would mean acquiring perhaps four starters through free agency and/or the draft. That not only hasn't been necessary in recent offseasons, it would have been all but impossible given the draft/salary-cap equity available. The Jaguars this offseason signed center Mitch Morse from the Buffalo Bills as a free agent and re-signed right guard Ezra Cleveland. Remember, the Jaguars traded for Cleveland at the 2023 trade deadline. He moved into the starting lineup but dealt with injuries and therefore didn't really play 100 percent during his time with the team. The Jaguars believe he can stabilize left guard. They also believe Morse can stabilize center. If center is better and left guard is stabilized, the thought here is that will go far toward ensuring the entire line is more consistent. And yes … the line may be an injury or two away from being less effective. That's true of pretty much every NFL team. You need eight good offensive linemen in the NFL. Most teams – even good teams – struggled to find five.

Jon from Jax Beach

I've seen multiple reports that Jones is expected to be the nickel behind Darnell Savage and I assume Antonio Johnson. Is this accurate? I expected Savage to play a more traditional safety role with Johnson playing more nickel and Jones to be the third corner/nickel. If this is true, did we now not draft a single corner – and if so, how will you defend this draft class? He pretty much committed several cardinal sins. One, rarely do Round 1 wide receivers ever live up to a Round 1 selection. There were multiple options for pass rushers and corners available at said selection – even with the trading back. Two, we drafted a kicker. Successful franchises never do this. Ever. Three, the only pass rushers we selected had six sacks in six seasons. Wow. Nobody else is projected to make any impact and are all projects and probably won't make the roster. How could you defend this? This isn't Indy, some people actually know football here.

Wow. So many bold assertions that we had to assign them numbers. One thought is that probably the biggest things to remember about post-draft "reports" is that they're speculation – and that we won't know the draft selections' specific roles until they actually join the team. Either way, I think third-round selection Jarrian Jones has a very good chance to push for the nickel position. As for your numerology … One, I don't love wide receivers in Round 1 as a rule, but that rule is getting challenged more as the position continues to increase in importance. Two, good teams select kickers in the draft all the time; the San Francisco 49ers have been one of the top two or three franchises in the NFL over the last half decade and selected kicker Jake Moody in Round 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft. Three, the Jaguars indeed didn't focus on pass rushers in the draft; though there's little question they addressed defensive front heavily this offseason. As for your final question … "defending" or "attacking" a draft class a week after its selection is kind of silly. People who know football sort of know this no matter where they live.

Aaron from Starke, FL

Now that the draft is over do you see any holes in the Jaguars on offense or defense that need to be filled or areas that they need to add more depth to?

Not glaring.

Dave from Section 103 from Jacksonville

Hey, Zone. Chuckled when I saw Brian from Round Rock comment that we uncomfortably accepted that Travon was good. As a Jag fan, I'm trilled he's not a bust. But I ask both you and Brian, would you rather have after two years 13.5 sacks and 29 quarterback hits (Walker) or 21 sacks and 48 quarterback QB hits (Hutchinson)? Especially since Hutch didn't have someone the quality of Josh Allen on the opposite side of the line.

I don't watch Detroit Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson every game. I do watch Jaguars outside linebacker Travon Walker every game. I watch the latter enough to know he's much better than "not a bust" – and I also know if you're just evaluating him on sacks and pressures, you're misevaluating him. Is he a better selection than Hutchinson? Maybe. Maybe not. Do we know for sure enough to be chucking? Absolutely not.

John from Jacksonville

Hi, KOAGF - I'm disappointed that Zay Jones didn't get a "goodbye" released player post on the Jags' site. He made some great plays and was liked by many. Just zayin...

The Jaguars digital media team posted social media "goodbyes" to former Jaguars wide receiver Zay ones on various platforms this past week, as is relatively common when players who have contributed are released.

Benjamin from Jacksonville by way of Upstate SC

What is the benefit to the Jaguars in offering wide receiver Jarvis Landry a tryout rather than actually signing him to a low-risk contract? I just imagine if he performs well during the tryout he's almost certainly going to get better offers elsewhere.

I don't know that there's a "benefit" to bringing in Landry for a tryout. The reason you bring veterans in for tryouts to rookie minicamps is to see if they appear to merit a roster spot.

Hunter from Windermere, FL

No one is talking about Ventrell Miller, who was drafted last year as a pass rusher out of Florida after missing the season on injured reserve. What will the team be expecting from him this coming season?

Miller, a fourth-round selection in 2023 NFL Draft, was selected out of Florida as an inside linebacker – not as a pass rusher. He missed his rookie season with an Achilles injury. It can take time to return from that injury. Stay tuned.

Tim from Fernandina Beach, FL

John: I agree that it's impossible to evaluate a draft class before two full seasons. Having said that, how would you grade the 2000 and 2021 Jags draft classes? Extra credit for a preliminary grade on 2022.

The 2020 Jaguars draft class was one of the least productive in Jaguars history. The 2021 class included quarterback Trevor Lawrence and running back Travis Etienne, not to mention cornerback Tyson Campbell, which means it was a lot better than the 2020 class.

Michael from Port Orange, FL

Why does Jaguars Owner Shad Khan say that he loves Jacksonville then gives away two games to London?

It was reported last week that the Jaguars are expected to play two games in London on back-to-back weeks – as they did last season. One is expected to be a home game at Wembley Stadium and the other is expected to be a road game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. How playing a road game in London is "giving away" a game … I'm not sure. Khan likes having the Jaguars play a home game in London once a year to enhance their international brand and enhance their local revenue – all of which strengthens the franchise overall and strengthens it in Jacksonville.

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

The Jaguars had a roughly 60/40 split between pass and rush attempts last year. With the drafting of wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. and the signing of wide receiver Gabe Davis combined with wide receiver Christian Kirk and league-leading tight end Evan Engram is that ratio destined to get even more out of "balance" in 2024?

The Jaguars had a 57.8-42.2 pass-run split in 2023. The league average is about a 56-44 split. I would expect the Jaguars right around there in 2024.

Anita from Springfield

I hadn't thought about it until ESPN asked, but what's the plan for edge rushers beyond 41 & 44? The new scheme and collection of inside dudes indicates the inside push being more important. But, do you see them pursuing free-agent depth behind Walker and Allen to backfill the edges?

I'd be surprised if this is a high-profile pursuit. I wouldn't be surprised if there was low-profile move made as training camp approaches.

Terry from Jacksonville

I have been a fan for over 20 years. Why do the Jags never draft offensive lineman high in the draft?

The Jaguars selected right tackle Anton Harrison No. 27 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. This was their first selection in that draft.