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O-Zone: Simple goal

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Gordon from Jacksonville

If Cody Kessler leads the Jaguars to three-to-five victories for the rest of the season with a 90-plus passer rating, what do you think are the odds of him being the starting quarterback next year are? He's still only 25 and had a decent season with the Cleveland Browns a couple years back. He could possibly have potential to unlock. What are your initial thoughts on his strengths and weaknesses as a quarterback?

If Kessler plays well over the last five games he certainly could be in the conversation at quarterback next season – though I think realistically the team will draft a quarterback early in the 2019 NFL Draft, quite possibly in the first round. Kessler in that scenario could start until the younger player is deemed ready. I haven't seen enough of Kessler in real-time regular-season action to know all that much about him. When he played in the preseason, he looked as if he was still getting comfortable in the offense. When he played in Week 7 against the Houston Texans, he looked as if he had a strong arm and was getting more comfortable. He looks like he can be accurate given time, and he looks relatively poised. That could serve him well given he will be playing with a beat-up offensive line and without running back Leonard Fournette on Sunday.

Eric from Columbus, IN

So, offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett goes from offensive guru after four weeks to team scapegoat after 12 weeks. I'm struggling with this ... help me understand.

Because it's always coaching in the NFL. Even when we're not quite sure why and even when it doesn't seem to all that much sense, it's always coaching in the NFL. Always.

Leon from TIAA Bank Field

Defensive lineman Taven Bryan, safety Ronnie Harrison, wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. and punter Logan Cooke are not the only drafted rookies on the active roster.

This refers to a Thursday O-Zone answer regarding drafted rookies getting more playing time in the final five games of the season. You're right, Leon. That's because linebacker Leon Jacobs, a seventh-round selection in the 2018 NFL Draft, also is on the active roster in addition to the four I mentioned: Bryan, Harrison, Chark and Cooke. Jacobs is playing strong-side linebacker, which means he plays in base defensive packages. I don't see him getting an increase in playing time unless the Jaguars use those packages more.

Kevin from Jacksonville

You're such a clown and I am sick of you. Blake Bortles was bad last year. Now clowns like you want to blame injuries for his meltdown. Bortles has been dead-last in average quarterback ratings his whole career. He leads the league in interceptions, turnovers, inaccurate passes, losses, etc., etc. for the last five years. When Jags gave him that idiotic contract extension, every expert in media mocked it and clowns like you – in turn – mocked the national media. It made no sense then. Seriously, your incompetence and idiocy encapsulates everything wrong with this organization. There are wayyyy too many incompetent people working for the Jags. You're an idiot. General Manager David Caldwell is an idiot. And Executive Vice President of Tom "glove-lacing" Coughing is an outdated old man who should retire. Anybody who didn't see this Blake Bortles train wreck coming should be fired. And that includes your dumb ass.

Kevin is mad at me online.

Nostradamus from Jax Beach

Cody gets hurt beginning of third quarter (but not too badly) … Blake comes in and has a 125-plus quarterback rating in the last five games and goes 5-0 after brining the Jags back from 10 down this Sunday.

Nostradamus is drinking online.

Richard from Jacksonville Beach

O'man, I challenge you to print this letter. I challenge every fan that wanted to #FreeCodeyKessler to write back on what to do next when he goes 15-of-29 with three picks. Fire everybody because injuries don't matter. Trade Blake for a first-round draft pick if the move to tight end doesn't work. Give our draft pick up because we don't hit on every draft pick we make. Tim Tebow should be our starter. #MilesJackWasntDown I know everything because I watch football on TV. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, Trade Ramsey.

Richard is challenging me while ranting and spelling the new quarterback's name – and Myles Jack's name – wrong online.

Kevin from Jacksonville

Even in college, Bortles was trash. Go and see his college stats. What the hell did Caldwell see in this clown to even draft him in the first round? How on earth did you morons get your jobs?

Kevin remains mad online.

Mateo from Fort Worth, TX

Remember when the Jags brought in a backup out of Green Bay - a guy by the name of Mark Brunell? There's a backup in Green Bay right now who could help our team. I'd be very interested to see what Green Bay would want for Mr. Kizer. What do you think it would take for Green Bay to trade away Kizer to our beloved Jags?

I'm not sure how to describe what Mateo is doing online, but I think he's hanging with Nostradamus.

Cliff from Las Vegas, NV

I'm kind of surprised to see how few tackles Yannick has. Do you think him having fewer than 70 career tackles through three years impacts his ability to get that $18-20 million contract at the end of the year? It seems he either sacks the quarterback or does nothing in the game. Calais is already at 51 tackles with the same amount of sacks. It seems silly how many Jags fans picture him gone when he makes such an impact.

Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue plays the weak-side edge rusher role, which means his role primarily is to pressure and sack the quarterback. If he does that well, he will get paid a lot of money. If he doesn't do it as well, he will get paid less money. His tackles total will have very little to do with how much money he gets paid. Calais Campbell plays the strong-side end role and therefore is expected to have more tackles than the weak-side end. I hope Campbell returns, but I tend to agree with the fans who believe he will be gone.

Neil from Gloucester, UK

Dear Mr O: Still new to the game but could you help me? Having watched the Texans-versus-Titans game, would it be too simplistic to say the difference is they have good quarterbacks and quality wide receivers, whereas we seem to be a team severely lacking in that department? Thank you.

It's not the whole difference, but it's a contributing factor.

J. Hooks from Orange Park, FL

This is the week ASJ is eligible to return, is it not? Is Wells able to return, as well? if only one player, who would you choose, or would you just say "screw it"?

Both tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins and left tackle Josh Wells will be eligible to return against the Washington Redskins in Week 15. But it's not "either-or." The Jaguars can bring back two players from injured reserve. So, the choice doesn't have to be made.

David from Maplewood, NJ

John: So, personal fouls and lack of discipline could be attributed or described as putting yourself above the team. How would you describe scoring a touchdown and going for two when already up multiple scores with less than a minute to play? Attitude reflects leadership, captain. I know there are lots of other reasons – injuries toward the top – but that was the last game this team won. Don't you think the team knew what he was doing? I think Doug Marrone is a good coach, but the team being the primary thing seemed to get lost there if only for a moment and the team saw that.


Tony from the Land of Confusion

In your opinion, was Hackett a greater supporter of Bortles remaining the starter than Marrone, especially after the Houston game?

I never got the idea either Hackett or Marrone was in a hurry to bench Bortles, and I never got the idea either thought Kessler was a better option until Bortles' recent struggles forced the decision.

Khan from Section 104

It's easy to complain about problems if you don't have a solution, so my question is: Should the Jags have a fire sale like Cleveland and Oakland, multiple free agent buys like the Rams, or a combination of the two scenarios?

A combination. The Jaguars need to get rid of some salary-cap heavy-players, particularly on defense, but there is enough talent on this roster that you don't necessarily need a complete reboot.

Steve from Jacksonville

John, new coordinator, patchwork offensive line and tight end groups, no Fournette … looks like a really tough week for a backup quarterback to get his first start. What, besides a lesson in futility, can Cody Kessler and this team realistically accomplish in these next few games?


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