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O-Zone: Smug as a bug in a rug

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Andy from Edmonton, Alberta

Hey, O: I know the ones have only played four drives, but are you concerned about the Jags' offense at all? They have 17 points through three games and are by far the lowest-scoring team in the league through three games. I know they're only showing snippets of the playbook, but even the twos and threes should be able to score against other teams' twos and threes, no? Your thoughts on this 17-point offense through camp and three meaningless games so far with a fourth to come?

I don't expect the Jaguars to have one of the NFL's highest-scoring offenses this season, but that's not a major concern. The Jaguars don't necessarily need to be elite offensively; they need to be consistent and better than last season. I expected the offense to be improved enough to complement what should be an elite defense; everything I've seen in training camp and preseason indicates that will be the case. The first-team offense has played just four preseason series with starter Nick Foles at quarterback. The group scored a touchdown on one of those series – and it looked better in its second two series than it did in its first two. As far as how the "twos and threes" fare in the preseason … that never has concerned me. The twos never play together as a unit during the season, and the threes usually aren't in the league. What NFL teams do in the preseason tends to be forgotten quickly.

Jim from Jagsonville

So, can we call Foles a bust yet? But that Allen is a beast! DUUUVALL!!

Defensive end Josh Allen indeed looks like a beast, but what in the world happened Thursday that would prompt anyone to think Foles is a bust?

Jerell from Columbia, SC

The starters on both side of the ball looked decent. But Jags have no depth on the offense outside of Gardner Minshew and a few defensive linemen. Better stay healthy.

If the Jaguars really have depth in backup quarterback Gardner Minshew II and along the defensive line – i.e., real depth that can contribute and play well – then they are deeper than most NFL franchises.

Steve from Nashville, TN

I don't think this team has room on its roster for Taven Bryan.

It does.

Chris from Nashville, TN

Encouraging scrimmage, but it was Miami. Think this defense may get a reality check Game 1, which brings me to my question. Over/under: Jags allow 30 points and 300 total yards against KC?

Well, of course the Jaguars will face a tougher test against Kansas City Week 1 than against Miami in Preseason Week 3. The Chiefs are one of the NFL's best offenses and the Dolphins could be one of the weakest. But remember: The Jaguars' defense allowed "just" 30 points to the Chiefs last season in a game in which they got comparatively little help from the offense. Over/unders: more than 300 yards, but less than 30 points. Maybe a lot less.

Limo Bob from Neptune Beach, FL

Is Florida the worst pro sports state in the country?

Based on a preseason game?

Jeremy from Omaha, NE

Sloppy and unimpressive. Coming up on two decades of crappy Jaguars football. It's getting old.

I'll assume you're referencing the Jaguars' preseason loss to Miami, which essentially means you're writing off the season based on one game in which the starters left with a 7-0 lead – and in which the Jaguars were as dominant defensively as they could possibly be, and in which the offense scored a touchdown on its third series with its new quarterback playing with the starters for the first time. Remind me: What are we complaining about again?

Robert from Chicago, IL

Here's an offensive line scenario: Andrew Norwell underperforms and/or is out with injury for significant time again, can you see the Jaguars cutting ties this season? If so, is left guard significantly different enough that A.J. Cann/Will Richardson would have no shot at filling the spot? Also, what would the cap effect be by cutting Norwell? Not trying to throw shade at Norwell. I still think/hope he'll be solid, but just thought it'd be an interesting thought exercise.

The Jaguars won't cut Norwell before the end of this season – if for no other reason than he would be a $25 million dead cap hit if he were released.

David from Orlando, FL

Zone – I like what I've seen of defensive lineman Datone Jones. He seems to be disruptive and around the ball. Does he make the 53-man roster?

He has a good chance. I don't know that he's a lock.

Jason from St. Augustine, FL

Minshew is good at everything but scoring.

He's a backup quarterback who has played three preseason games. He also has improved dramatically since his first appearance in the regular-season opener. I don't see Minshew getting enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and I don't even know that he'll ever be a full-time starter. But it's starting to look like he can be a very decent backup.

Jonathan from Jacksonville

I busted out laughing when you wrote about Taven Bryan's physical ability. What physical ability? This spin is making me dizzy. All I see is a bust written all over this guy, but since he is a first-round selection, let's make more excuses for this guy. Lol!

Laugh all you want. Bryan has plenty of physical ability. That doesn't mean he will be good and it doesn't mean he won't be a bust, but his physical ability is undeniable.

Johnny from Jacksonville

Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone during his postgame mentioned being concerned about depth. What are the options to help with that? Will the Jags be closely watching the waiver wire/cut-down day? Do you suppose they'll look to bring in new guys now?

Marrone indeed is concerned about depth. Considering how injuries wrecked the 2017 season, and considering that Marrone's nature is to worry, I expect those concerns to continue. But there's little to be done at this point about depth. The Jaguars will scan the waiver wire – as all teams do – and I imagine they will make roster moves after cut-down day, but significant upgrades in depth don't happen in late August.

Bradley from Oceanside, CA

What are your projected stats for Jaguars wide receiver Dede Westbrook for the year?

Seventy-five receptions, 1,032 yards, seven touchdowns.

Mat from Columbia, SC

First, I would like to see C.J. Board make the roster; he looks good. Secondly, the first-team offense looks good and our defense is lit. I just pray the offensive line can remain healthy this year, because I don't see much promise for the-line beyond the first team. Lastly, my gosh did you see Josh (Allen)?

Board has looked impressive in the preseason, but NFL history is littered with receivers who impress in the preseason and disappear; that may not be Board's fate, but it's best not to assume big production there until we see it in the regular season. Regarding the offensive line … I think there's more hope there than many people believe. It appears the Jaguars' starting five is pretty good, and either A.J. Cann or Will Richardson – whoever doesn't start at right guard – will be a very good backup. I also believe Tyler Shatley will make the team as a backup on the interior, so that gives you some depth inside.  Swing tackle is a concern, but trust me: The Jaguars aren't alone in praying their offensive line stays healthy. That's a league-wide thing, not a Jaguars thing.

GPP from Savannah, GA

What's with the cast on Allen's left wrist?

Allen has played with a protective, "soft" cast on his wrist throughout training camp and preseason. It's not considered a major issue. I don't know if he'll play with it in the regular season.

Chris from Space City, TX

O, the notion that Yann is now expendable because Josh Allen is here seems ridiculous to me. Pay Yann, and let these two cause havoc on opposing QBs for years to come.

The Jaguars would very much like to pay defensive end Yannick Ngakoue. We know this because they offered him a contract. Now, whether Ngakoue wants to sign the contract the Jaguars offered him obviously is a different story.

Otto from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

John, I am so glad we were able to draft Josh Allen. It seems that the young man has a great NFL career before him. From your experience around the Jaguars, who do you think we would have drafted if Josh were not available. Go Jags!!

Iowa tight end T.J. Hockenson.

Darren from Fort Worth, TX

I love your smugness. It's what keeps me coming back. I'm basically just skimming your responses to see if there's anything juicy before I read the questions. Keep it up!

Shut up.

Tyler from Jacksonville

You still DA MAN though, O-Bro!!!

You shut up, too.

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