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O-Zone: Solid up front

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Brian from Gainesville, FL

Big O, while I was not a part of the clown posse that mounted up against Trent Baalke in the offseason, I must confess I was critical and I often wondered why he hated the Jags so much. You know what, though? When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong. Baalke is a damn fine general manager. Another thing: Baalke never comes down to my job and tells me how to do it. I think from here on out I'll just stay in my lane and enjoy this run he has helped to put this team on.

Jaguars General Manager Trent Baalke was widely and prematurely criticized early in his Jaguars tenure, criticism that largely was a case of guilt by association. He had worked for part of a year with former Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell and for part of another year with former Head Coach Urban Meyer. Because those regimes failed, and because it was a mess at times around here during those eras, many assumed that Baalke's association with those regimes meant he would fail. Jaguars Owner Shad Khan early in 2022 when Head Coach Doug Pederson was hired believed Baalke deserved a chance – and you're correct that he has proven capable. Every decision he has made as general manager has not been perfect. No general manager makes perfect decisions every time. His is a job of moving parts and projection, and it's impossible to be right all the time in such a field. But the Jaguars' talent level – and on-field success – has increased dramatically during his tenue. I never know how to assign credit in terms of percentages in areas like this. I know the team is a lot better now than a couple of years ago. I also know fans would blame Baalke if the team stunk, so it's only fair to credit him when it's good.

Doug from Jacksonville, FL

Sunday's game can be a big turning point for the season. Yes, it's game 9 against an NFC opponent but this next stretch is daunting.

The Jaguars play the San Francisco 49ers (5-3) at EverBank Stadium Sunday. They play host to the Tennessee Titans (3-5) a week after that, followed by a game at an improving Houston Texans (4-4) team followed by a home game against the Cincinnati Bengals (5-3). They play at the Cleveland Browns (5-3) after that and play host to the Baltimore Ravens (7-2) after that. It's indeed a daunting stretch. But the Jaguars already this season have beaten three teams with winning records (Buffalo, Pittsburgh and New Orleans). The two other teams they've beaten – the Atlanta Falcons and Indianapolis Colts – would be above .500 had they beaten the Jaguars. There are a lot of good teams in the NFL. Most games are hard. I'm not sure that Sunday's game will be a turning point. The two upcoming AFC South games – Titans and Texans – will be critical whether or not the Jaguars beat the 49ers. But the Jaguars will have a very good idea in a month and a half how they compare to some really good teams. Good. This is the fun part.

Geoffrey from Virginia Beach, VA (via Kuwait)

Why are we talking about or worrying about Tank Bigsby and his "fumbling" issue? He had one fumble in the first game, and one in the most recent one. The first one was just a fluky, weird play that he thought was an incomplete pass. The second one was a really great play by the linebacker ripping it away and you could argue that he was down by contact before the ground finally dislodged it. Keep giving Tank reps, heck, a series here and there so he can get into a rhythm would be nice. One fer Tank? Absolutely!

One fer Bigsby.

Johnn Section 408, Westside (bestside)

Can players request film to watch during a break? Could linebacker Foye Oluokun request the Frisco tape to watch on the break? Could quarterback Trevor Lawrence? Oh! Yeah, could they request like cut-ups and all or do they get the raw All-22? Could a "common player" do it, does one's position on the depth chart matter? Love the show. Jags Wired is excellent.

Any player can request essentially any video they want at pretty much any time during the season or offseason. What's "Jags Wired?"

Steve from Nashville, TN

I know you are a big fan of 1 p.m. kickoffs but we do have two home primetime games coming up in December against winning opponents that will put the spotlight on our city and team for those two nights.

Jami from Claxton, GA

Zay Jones' injury has proven to be more than day-to-day. I wonder how much his absence has contributed to the inconsistencies on offense?

Jaguars wide receiver Zay Jones has missed six of the first eight games with a knee injury. Head Coach Doug Pederson on Monday said Jones is day to day this week. His absence absolutely hurts the offense in the red zone and on third down. His timing and chemistry with Lawrence helps the offense greatly in those situations, and his presence draws defenders from wide receivers Calvin Ridley and Christian Kirk and tight end Evan Engram.

Nick from Palm Coast, FL

Again, what is wrong with Zay Jones' knee? Do you know? Should he be on injured reserve?

Jones has a knee injury, the specifics of which have not been disclosed. If he should be on injured reserve, the Jaguars would put him on injured reserve.

Colin from Orlando, FL

Hey John, can you do me a favor? When the Jags win the Super Bowl and someone comments on some misplay or some area of the game that they didn't do well, please publish it and ridicule them mercilessly.


Gabe from Washington, DC

Monday will mark 407 days since the Dolphins beat a team with a winning record. A bit fraudulent?

The Miami Dolphins are 6-3 and lead the AFC East. You don't beat six NFL teams in nine games if you're bad. They haven't beaten a team with a winning record, but their losses are to the Buffalo Bills (5-4), Kansas City Chiefs (7-2) and Philadelphia Eagles (8-1). Those losses don't make you fraudulent.

Rick from Alexandria VA

Zone, When a player is flagged for a personal foul, including for roughing the passer, but subsequently is not fined by the league is that an implicit admission by the league that it was a bad call? And in reverse, when a player is fined for a personal foul that wasn't flagged as a penalty during the game - same thing?

Not every personal foul, including roughing-the-passer, is a finable offense. When player is fined for a hit or action that wasn't penalized … yes, that's more of an admission that the call was missed.

Bradley from Sparks, NV

Is it my imagination or is the AFC, like, noticeably superior to the NFC?

It feels that way right now because the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Jaguars are all playing at a high level – and because the 49ers' three-game losing streak has left the Philadelphia Eagles looking like the clear favorites in that conference. But the 49ers are really good when healthy, and the Dallas Cowboys pushed the Eagles Sunday. The sense here is there's not a major difference in the conferences.

Nick from Palatka, FL

Zone, I'm not really into fantasy football so I don't know the deets on every "skill player " in the NFL. But you, being the final arbiter of all trivial funk, may be able to help me out. Is there or have there been two players who played together in college and the NFL who are so important to their team's success, e.g. TE1 and TL16?

Quarterback Joe Burrow and wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase matter quite a bit to the Bengals.

Cliff from Orange Park, FL

Can we stop with the Is Trevor Elite questions? There is not a quarterback in the league clearly better. Did you see Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs against the Denver Broncos recently or Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills against this defense? There is no one I would take over Trevor.


Michael from Scottsdale

Zone, I love the Ezra Cleveland trade. I'm not certain what having too many starting caliber offensive linemen means in the NFL. We're only halfway through a 17-game season, not including post, and injuries will occur. Sure, fans fan. But trust the staff. This is a luxurious problem to have.

The Jaguars finished the 2022 season with two backup linemen – guard Tyler Shatley and tackle Walker Little – starting and playing well. The team showed last season you often need seven or eight quality offensive lineman to have a strong season and make the postseason. Acquiring Cleveland last week in a trade with the Minnesota Vikings was a move in that direction.