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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Justin from NYC

What's going on with Cam? Has he signed his tender? Why the holdup?

Jaguars left tackle Cam Robinson, who received the Jaguars' franchise tag last month for a second consecutive offseason, indeed hasn't yet signed the tender offer that comes with the tag. That means he hasn't officially committed to play next season, which is well within his rights in this situation. Or he can sign the tag and play on a one-year contract for a second consecutive season. Or he and the team can agree to a long-term contract extension. My impression is the team wants to do the latter and that the team is discussing that possibility with Robinson. I have heard nothing to indicate that Robinson doesn't want to re-sign with the Jaguars. Remember: there is no hurry on this because training camp doesn't begin until late July. With Robinson being a left tackle, there is a limit to how much he will lose by not participating in the voluntary offseason program in the coming months. I don't know that Robinson not yet signing the tender is as much a "holdup" as a normal happening when a franchised player is negotiating with a franchise.

Bradley from Sparks, NV

Would you trade the Jags' last eight picks for No. 60?

The Jaguars currently hold the following selections in the 2022 NFL Draft: No. 1 overall (Round 1), No. 33 overall (Round 2), No. 65 overall (Round 3), No. 70 overall (Round 3), No. 106 overall (Round 4), No. 157 overall (Round 5), No. 180 overall (Round 6), No. 188 overall (Round 6), No. 197 overall (Round 6), No. 198 overall (Round 6), No. 222 overall (Round 7) and No. 235 overall (Round 7). You're asking if they should trade their eight selections in Rounds 4-7 to move up to the bottom of the second round. Because selections in Round 6 and 7 don't have significant value compared to selections in Round 1-3, it's a little tricky including them in a conversation about trading into Round 2. But the value of those eight selections probably adds up to something around an early third-round selection. So, would I trade the eight selections for a late second-round selection? If it were the right player … yeah, probably.

Gary from St. Augustine, FL

Just because some people say they don't hate you doesn't mean most people feel that way.

There's also a decent chance the people who say they don't hate me are lying. Or something like that, anyway.

Gordon from Rincon, GA

God, I really hope Keith from St. Augustine isn't doing all that pointless research for free.

To each his own, I suppose.

Fred from Highland Park, NJ

With Dylan Moses gone, the linebacker room is looking really thin. Not that we knew what he would do, but where do you see us going here?

The Jaguars indeed waived linebacker Dylan Moses Monday. Moses, who originally signed as a collegiate free agent following the 2021 Draft, spent last season on the reserve/non-football injury list because of a knee issue and practiced only sparingly late last season. I would expect the Jaguars to address linebacker in the middle rounds of the draft or to sign a veteran before or after the draft. That player could start – or compete to start – in the Jaguars' base defense. And considering the nature of linebacker, that would be a reasonable way to acquire the position. Stay tuned.

Steve from Guelph, ON

No question, just a quick comment. One thing that has been left out of the "bad officiating" dialogue is that the fan's ability to scrutinize has increased exponentially with technology. It's not that referee calls were any better before; we just couldn't see replay at super slow-motion, in hyper high-definition. I don't envy their task-making judgement calls at real life speed, from only one angle.

Good eye.

Bruce from Green Cove Springs, FL

If the Jaguars select a defensive line guy No. 1 – whether it be Aidan Hutchinson, Kayvon Thibodeaux, or Travon Walker – to go along with what they are bringing back from last year (plus the latest free agent defensive lineman), would that provide enough depth to keep rotating guys on the defensive line and have fresh, impact players throughout a game? It worked for the Bills last season …

I can't say the Jaguars would have "enough" depth on the defensive line because few teams I've been around ever have felt they had "enough" quality pass rushers. But adding a quality edge defender opposite Josh Allen would give the Jaguars a lot more pass rush than they had last season. The thought here is they could still use another good interior pass rusher in that scenario. But hell … a lot of franchises could still use another good interior pass rusher.

_Al from Fruit Cove, FL  _

Mr. Ozone, we seem to hear a lot about whether a receiver is a good "route runner" or if he needs improvement in that area. I guess I just don't understand what this means. If the play design tells the receiver to run 10 yards downfield and turn right, how hard is that? Do we need to install a GPS in each receiver's helmet to say, "In 30 feet, turn right?" This is simply about following instructions, isn't it?

While some NFL wide receivers certainly struggle with such basic assignments, there's more to route running than knowing the play and running the correct yardage. The routes must be run with precision, sharpness, quickness in and out of breaks, proper timing and – perhaps most importantly – in such a way not to tip defenders about the route. That can mean proper body position, ability to use hands and body correctly, and proper head position so that the routes are difficult to read. Great route runners typically are difficult to cover even without elite speed. The opposite isn't true as often.

Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire, UK

Oh Mighty "O"/King of All Funk, inspired by Keith from St Augustine, I started to do my own research. However, with not being able to spend as much time as him on it what with having a job, a wife, a daughter and two cats I decided I could quiet easily have a "reckon" on who we should draft. Not some ordinary "reckon," oh no. I signed up and qualified as a Professional Reckoner. It only cost me £695 from an online course from the University of Wakanda, you get to print your own certificate yourself! I even splashed out on high quality stock paper too. You can guarantee a "reckon" from me is a well-thought out one, not some mindless hopeful guess after flicking through Twitter for five minutes. I reckon we will Draft Aidan Hutchinson at No1. Or Kayvon Thibodeaux.

Shad Khan, hire this man!

Nick from Southside

I'm going to remember all the radio personalities begging to trade back when Aidan Hutchinson is a four-time All-Pro and five-time Pro Bowler.

Extensive, long-term effort for the same of meaningless vengeance is a worthwhile use of one's mental energy. Consider me a fan.

Ed from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

I have a "leaping cat" sweatshirt still in good condition.

So does my 83-year-old mother.

Russell from Jacksonville

Hi. I just love common sense answers to stupid questions. You do it well. What are the possibilities of an episode of the forgotten people still on the team? Rookies in waiting, developmental projects? It would be nice to learn about them before the influx of draftees.

NFL/Jaguars Media analyst Bucky Brooks and I have worked on a position-by-position written series breaking down the Jaguars' roster in recent weeks. It is ongoing on

Kyle from Duval

Say a team like the Eagles, who possess two first-rounders next year, wanted to trade into the Top 10 for whatever reason this draft. As the team trading back in the draft, could you write it into the language of the trade that you are guaranteed the rights to whichever first-rounder ends up the higher pick? Like a conditional pick in a player trade except this would read something like "Team X gets the Eagles' 2023 first, unless the Saints pick is higher than the eagles pick turns into the Saints' pick?" Not saying a team would ever agree to it, but is it allowed?

They teams could agree to such a trade in theory, but trades are made official with the league office based on specific selections. A team wanting to ensure it traded the higher of two draft selections would need to hold the selection until the end of the 2022 season, then make the trade official once the order for the 2023 NFL Draft was determined.

John from Bainbridge Island

Start your lawnmower? That's hilarious! You're a senior writer, John. A SENIOR WRITER! Surely, you must have a household staff who handle such mundane tasks as lawn mowing.

I am the staff. That's why so little gets done.