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O-Zone: Stick to the script

JACKSONVILLE – We'll go all-Tebow-all-the-time for today only.

So, once more (with feeling) …

Let's get to it …

Paul from Jacksonville

Well, the circus has officially come to town. Going to be interesting to see if he makes the team or not.

You're referencing the Jaguars signing Tim Tebow, which indeed officially happened early Thursday morning. Tebow signed as a tight end, is on the 90-man offseason roster and worked out with the team during a Phase 2 workout Thursday. He also will be with the team for the Phase 3 organized team activities that begin next week. And you're right that Tebow – one of the most polarizing athletes of our time – obviously is generating attention around the team. For better or worse. Remember, though: Whatever "circus" he generates will be mostly outside the team – i.e., with the discussion on national media outlets, social media, message boards, etc. While the media discusses this, and while fans see this as very much mattering—and while the noise at times around Tebow reaches a ridiculous din – it ultimately doesn't have that much to do with what's really happening inside the organization. Inside the organization, Tebow will work out and practice. He will try to learn the position and Head Coach Urban Meyer will see if his skillset – and make no mistake: Tebow does have a versatile, athletic skill set – might help the Jaguars. And if Tebow makes the team, it's conceivable his skillset could be used in ways not normally associated with tight end – i.e., short yardage, goal line, etc. But is that bad? Is that negative? Bottom line: If Tebow is productive, all will be good; if he's not and he is released, will anyone care for that long? Really? Or will this story fade like all stories fade with the next news cycle? But yes … it will be interesting to see if he makes the team. Time to start finding out.

Marcus from Jacksonville

The Jaguars' treatment of the Tebow signing is only adding fuel to the fire that this was just a publicity stunt. Tebow jerseys went on sale within hours. A lengthy press release is posted, far more than other signings. There is more fanfare for this signing than everyone not named Trevor Lawrence. It's already a curious move that has been criticized by many and now the organization is seemingly confirming that this is all about ticket sales and media attention. All that said, does Tebow need to succeed for this to not become a black eye for the franchise? Will they be able to live this down if he is in the first round of cuts after making this big a deal of it all?

Be careful believing all you read and hear in the national media – and all you consume on Twitter. The Jaguars did NOT make a big deal of this actually were strikingly low-key about the signing Thursday. There was no press conference or media availability. Meyer did not speak to the media about the signing, nor did Tebow. The team routinely issue press releases when players sign, and there was little – if any – difference in the length of the Tebow press release. The Tebow release did include a quote, which made sense considering the intense interest in the signing. Also: the team does not control what jersey sales go on sale at the team store; that's decided by Fanatics – and not individual teams. As far as the idea of this being a black eye and living this down … while I've received more than a few emails along these lines, it just strikes me that people concerned about this are overdramatizing this a bit. If Tebow makes the team and is productive, then it will be a nice story and will help the team. If not, he won't make the team and the sun presumably will come up the following morning. A player will take his spot on the roster and games will be played. And what ultimately will define the organization will be how it fares on the field.

Sean from Jacksonville

It's no coincidence that my now 83-year-old mother lives near Tebow, Coach Meyer, and General Manager Trent Baalke. Can she finally get her shot at the team as an UOP (Undrafted Old Person)?

Is she phenomenally athletic with a background of athletic achievement? Is it remotely possible that she could help the team in some capacity? If so, then perhaps …

Jake from Cary, NC

Several years ago, you were vehemently opposed to signing Tebow, even as a tight end. What changed?

I definitely recall not being in favor of signing Tebow as a quarterback – and if Tebow had signed with the Jaguars a quarterback, I admit I wouldn't get it. But he signed as a tight end – and I honestly don't recall having much vehemence regarding signing him as a tight end because that subject never had much momentum. Either way, I'm not currently all that opposed or unopposed to the idea. As I have said and written on multiple occasions, I just don't know that it's a major story from a football standpoint. Tebow was signed to the 90-man offseason roster. This gives him a chance to make the team and possibly have a role. This doesn't make him the quarterback. Or the focal point of the team. It doesn't even make him a starting tight end yet. It gives him a chance. I simply don't see the harm in it or any downside.

Nolan from St. Augustine, FL

I wish I could understand what makes people so angry about Tim Tebow. I hope he makes the team.

Hey, one fer Tebow!

Keith from Palatka, FL

My main reason for wanting Tim Tebow to make the 53-man roster is my wife. She loves the Gators, and she especially loves Tebow. She watches the Jaguars games with me now with apathy and general indifference. With Tebow on the team, she would be all in. Come on Timmy, make the team!

Hey, another fer Tebow!

The Other Michael from Middleburg, FL

Football teams are supposed to make football decisions for football reasons. Signing Tebow has nothing to do with football. Stupidest signing in the history of the franchise ... not because there have not been bigger busts ... but because at least THOSE decisions were made with football in mind.

If you believe Meyer would sign Tebow for a reason other than thinking he might at some point be able to help the Jaguars win then you don't know much about Meyer. Meyer is one of the most successful college coaches in history – and you don't reach that level without over-the-top commitment to winning. This is not to say that Meyer's decision regarding Tebow will be correct. It's not to say that Tebow will work out as Meyer and the Jaguars hope. But to think it's not made with football –and specifically, winning – in mind couldn't be more incorrect.

James from Salt Lake City via Jagsonville

Maybe, they signed Tebow to take some of the media pressure off Mr. Lawrence! I notice there hardly mentioning him lately.

Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence can handle media pressure – and as the No. 1 selection in the 2021 NFL Draft, if you're worried about him handling that sort of thing, you don't take him. Now, back to Tebow.

Justin from Southside

It's Tebow Time!


David from Maplewood, NJ

So, if I were really smart, I would create a GIF of Meyer as Fonzie jumping a shark. You are just wrong: This is going to be a big deal for this franchise and for any chance Meyer had of being a successful NFL coach. The NFL isn't college, seems he hasn't quite figured that out. The epic podium speech from Tebow in college? Pro players would laugh at a teammate who tried to pull that in an NFL locker room. The experiment is over.

Many factors will determine whether Meyer is a successful NFL head coach. Whether Lawrence indeed is a generational quarterback? That's up there. Whether Meyer and General Manager Trent Baalke did well with the rest of the 2021 NFL Draft? That's up there, too. Whether the duo is right about the offensive line? Heck, even that's up there. Signing Tebow to the offseason roster on May 20? Is that up there? Really? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Nick from Annapolis, MD

What a time to be a Jaguars fan. We will be loaded with storylines as we enter training camp. There's always recency bias, but how does this season compare to others across your career in that regard? One player and storyline I will be keeping an eye on is Laviska Shenault Jr. He showed some excellent qualities as a rookie, and he could be a really fun player to watch if he takes another step. That being said, basically the entire wide receiver room is intriguing.

Did you have a question about Tim or nah?