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O-Zone: Take your pick

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Tony from Jacksonville

No question. Just want to comment. I don't hear complaints about Minshew's arm lately. Go Jags!

Your comment has merit. Jaguars rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew II lasted until Round 6 of the 2019 NFL Draft because of a few perceived weaknesses – mainly arm strength and height. His arm strength appeared to indeed be an issue during the offseason and preseason, and Minshew for various reasons wasn't a lock to even be the backup as the preseason ended. But while Minshew doesn't have a prototypical arm, it's stronger than many analysts believed – certainly strong enough to succeed in the NFL. His accuracy and ability to make the right reads are good enough that it makes his arm seem stronger. Sometimes, the draft process misses on players. It appears to have missed on Minshew very much to the Jaguars' benefit.

Chris from San Diego, CA

We need to build this team around Minshew. Let's protect this kid before he gets hurt by this porous O-line. Can we trade for a Pro Bowl guard or tackle?

Trade machine!!!!

David from Orlando, FL

Zone - I did some research and found that 105 NFL players have mustaches. So, what makes Gardner Minshew's so special?

If you need it explained to you, you'll never get it.

Bradley from Kansas City, MO

It's pretty clear the Jags are a better team with Ramsey on the field. Can a rookie phenom like Minshew influence Ramsey?

I like Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey quite a bit, and I hope he remains with the team. It's my belief he's a better guy than many give him credit for being, and that his off-field "stuff" isn't nearly as detrimental as many believe. But your question is asking me to get inside Ramsey's head and understand what influences and motivates him. I'm not going to lie and pretend I can do that.

Jessie from Jacksonville

Do the Jaguars have the cap space to offer Jalen an extension even if they wanted to at this point?

They could make it work.

Big on Blake from Philly

John, wow. I am going to shoot straight with you: If the Jags were down by one with a minute and a half to go after watching the opponent march down and take the lead, in years past I don't think I could've imagined what happened Sunday. In fact, my soul filled with dread in the moment assuming either a pick was coming, a costly penalty, or some other form of doom. Instead, a victory clawed out of the literal thin air in Denver and giving rise to an even stronger faith in this team. Go Jags, sir. This isn't a usual feeling, but it sure is welcome.

It's hard to be a postseason team in the NFL if you can't come from behind late in the fourth quarter a time or two during the course of a season. You're right that that was a difficult – and often impossible – task in recent seasons with then-quarterback Blake Bortles, who didn't have a knack for the situation. Minshew has that knack.

Josh from Jacksonville

O-Zone, Later in the year when you have a healthy, expensive Nick Foles ready to come back and a Minshew playing the way that he is and on top of that a popular player in the media what do you do if you're the head coach?

The Jaguars are 2-1 with Minshew as the starter. If his record is 5-3 or better when Foles is healthy, I would keep Minshew in the lineup. I honestly don't know how you wouldn't do that.

Shane from Oneida, NY

Gotta start thinking of moving on from Todd Wash at this point. I realize what he had in 2017 was special, but with all this talent on D we have got to be top-notch. It doesn't look to me like Todd is getting the most out of the talent he has. Like that almost game-winning drive the Broncos had. All that soft zone let their wide receivers run wide open for huge gains. Ridiculous.

It's shocking that defensive coordinator Todd Wash forgot how to coach in the 10 days between the Jaguars registering nine sacks against the Titans and allowing a lot of passing yards to the Broncos without Ramsey. It's truly remarkable.

Kyle from Green Cove Springs, FL

I want to give Leonard Fournette props, but not just on his big game. He was chewing Cam Robinson out shortly after Josh Lambo nailed the game winner. Cam was very close to making that field goal 15 yards longer. In my opinion Fournette showed great leadership by doing that. I want my team leaders to be vocal and passionate, just like that.

Fournette was criticized a lot in his first two seasons, and with reason. His issues off the field were well-documented. But if it was fair to criticize him previously, it's only right that he be praised now.

Bryan from Jacksonville

Quick question about Calais C. Do you think that he plans to retire an Arizona Cardinal, or has he been with Jax long enough see himself as a Jag?

I don't think Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell is all that close to retiring. But if he were to retire after the season, I could see a scenario in which he retired from the Jaguars and had a ceremony in Arizona as well. He has meant that much to both franchises.

Jeremy from Jacksonville

Dear Mr. O, 904-Nette still has it. Would Freddy T have gotten caught on the 80+ yard jail break run? Maybe not. But if being a bust means not being as good as (future Hall of Famer) Fred Taylor, then so be it. Feed the man. He was a few yards shy from setting a new franchise rushing record

Fournette isn't Taylor, but few backs in NFL history have been as good as Taylor. But let's not go overboard worrying about speed on Fournette's run. He had to cut back and forth multiple times during the 81-yard run Sunday, which kept him from reaching top speed. Look, the man has three career runs of more than 70 yards and he has two runs of 69 or more yards in the last two weeks. Let's not criticize his speed too much.

David from Severna Park, FL

Still the Cardiac Cats. When Joe Flacco marched down the field with big chunks of passing yardage to throw the tying touchdown inside the two-minute warning, I thought for sure the game was lost. Where was the defense that racked up nine sacks last week? Porous doesn't begin to describe them. Then our phenomenon sixth-round rookie quarterback carried the team down for the winning field goal as time expired. How can anyone not love this kid? One for the Fu Minshew!

One indeed for Minshew, but before we write off the defense as awful Sunday consider: This is the NFL, and the Jaguars were playing a desperate team. You don't turn in defensive performances as dominant as the Jaguars were in Weeks 2 and 3 every week – particularly when your elite starting cornerback misses the game. The defense had an awful first half Sunday but held the Broncos to 115 second-half yards and was dominant in the third quarter when the Jaguars were rallying for the lead. And remember: It's OK in the NFL to win because your offense bails you out. They still count those in the "W" column.

Tudor from St. Augustine, FL

The one thing I find rather hypocritical on Ramsey's part is his actions on the field with Head Coach Doug Marrone were completely disrespectful to the team. Only after, and as a result of those actions, did Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin disrespect him ... so, hey buddy, maybe don't act like a tool on the field, and maybe TC won't chew you out. Ultimately though, TC's verbal shredding only occurred because you incurred that wrath with your own selfish and excessively demonstrative actions. Hmmmmmm?


Aqeel from Toronto, Canada

Mr. O: Based on how players have been acting recently along with many of their comments, it is easy to feel that we are headed for a nasty CBA negotiation (not like there is a pleasant one) and an inevitable strike. The strike could also be a long and difficult one. With that said could that be playing into the Jags minds with the Jalen situation? Could they keep him with the team as close to the CBA deadline and then trade him knowing he could be sitting for a while anyway? Or do you think Mr. Khan will make some changes in structure and make Jalen the highest paid CB this offseason?

My early feeling on the Collective Bargaining Agreement discussions is that both sides are focused on there not being a work stoppage, and I don't think we'll get as close to one as we got in 2011. There are so many moving parts and it's far enough out that I don't think we yet have any idea how those potential issues could influence how the Jaguars handle Ramsey's contract.

Jarret from Crosby, ND

Where does the Minshew Magic play rank in your hallowed list of amazing plays?

Which one?

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