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O-Zone: Time to win

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Sam from Nottingham, UK

I'm not for one minute suggesting Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer did what he did at the weekend on purpose – but actually, taking the attention away from a team that hasn't won in 19 games is surely a good thing! Thoughts on if this could work out as a positive for the Jags in the long run?

I can't be disingenuous enough to say what happened last weekend – or in the days since – is good. This franchise has struggled enough, and has had enough negative attention, that such an incident has no positives or "silver linings." If anything, the opposite is true; what happened last weekend – and in the days since – diverted attention from the fact that the team has improved through the first four games. I'm not big on the theory that off-field incidents such as these serve as a real "distraction" to the point that they make teams/players play worse and cost teams games. But I could be wrong about that; if I am, then that would be another negative. Now, could this galvanize the team and make players play hard for their coach? Could it be a rallying point? Again, I'm not big on such things. But if players choose to make it that way and the Jaguars play well Sunday, maybe that's a positive. But overall? No. This has not been a positive. If Meyer and the Jaguars put it behind them, start doing things right consistently and start winning … that would be a positive. Stay tuned.

Bradley from Sparks, NV

The national media is reporting that Coach Meyer has lost the team and is in serious jeopardy of losing his job. I'm guessing this is overblown but is this Sunday a must-win for Urban?

It may not be "must-win," but it feels like the Jaguars need to play well. A bad loss will give credence to the "lost-the-team" theory. That wouldn't necessarily make it true, but perception in these situations doesn't always match reality.

Andy from Alpharetta, GA

Agnew looks and feels like this team's version of Corey Grant - someone who won't be used too often but can provide amazing explosiveness. Great signing.

I expect Jaguars wide receiver/returner Jamal Agnew will make a more consistent contribution as a returner than Grant did as a running back/special teams/weapon, but overall … fair.

Liam from Glasgow, UK

Should we be concerned that we have not heard anything from Trent Baalke yet on the Urban situation – and with Urban losing Shad's trust and respect, does Trent's position/responsibilities in the organization change at all?

There's no reason to be concerned about this. Jaguars general manager Trent Baalke's policy is to talk only in the offseason and have the head coach be the voice of the organization during the season. This season is relatively common around the NFL – and even without such a policy, there really was nothing for Baalke to say on the matter. Meyer doesn't report to Baalke. He reports to Jaguars Owner Shad Khan, who issued a clear and pointed statement on the matter Tuesday. And no … Baalke's position won't change. I can't see a scenario in which his responsibilities change, either.

Dave from Duval

Hey O-Zone, I watched Urban's Wednesday media availability. Apology accepted Urban. Now, go win the damn game Sunday versus Tennessee.


Dan from Varna, Bulgaria

Do you think that Urban is still the right coach for this team? I think Shad realized quickly the mistake he made and is about to try to get it corrected.

Getting it "corrected" in your question seems to mean Khan dismissing Meyer. I get no sense that that's going to happen.

Brad from The Avenues

Yet another victim of social media.

I guess.

Rob from San Antonio, TX

I'm not usually too pessimistic but it's tough to see Urban Meyer recovering from this. Quite embarrassing for the players, the franchise as a whole, and I can only imagine how our owner must feel after putting so much trust (and money) into Meyer and his recommendations/demands. How bizarre is this to you as someone who has been around a lot of football?

I've never seen anything quite like it. But things have happened before around the Jaguars I hadn't seen before and things have happened around every team or beat I have covered that I hadn't seen before. I imagine that's true of most professional sports beats and a lot of college beats. Teams are made up of humans and humans do unexpected things. Life comes at you fast. I've learned after a while not to be too surprised by much.

Bryan from Tampa, FL

This "scandal" is blown way out of proportion by the talking heads. Some are even calling for Meyer's job?! Maybe it was not a great look, but he did nothing illegal or against league rules. Just let the dude be a human being.

My sense and my hope are we perhaps are close moving on from this topic – or at least moving it from the front to a side burner. But I can't get on board that it was blown out of proportion. A head coach sets a tone for an organization. His positives are seen, discussed and analyzed by all around the organization – and missteps and bad decisions are as important as the positives. That may not have been the case in previous decades, but it absolutely is the case now. Is there a different standard for the position than those in other positions? Well, yeah.

Nick from Virginia Beach, VA

Thanks, Urban, for making us the joke of the 2021 season. After all what's new for this franchise after the past decade?

My sense is that this topic won't resonate nationally to make the Jaguars the Joke of the 2021 Season. But there are people who are this way – which is why it's hard to make a case that it was blown that much out of proportion.

Richard from Jacksonville

Zone, Do you know how you ruin a #1 draft pick? This is how.

Nah. If this ruins Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence, he wasn't going to be great anyway. If anything that happens this season ruins him, he wasn't going to be great anyway.

Ron from Austin, TX

It's obvious the Jaguars are getting better, but it's also very obvious they need a pass rusher who can win a one on one in the most critical moments. Is there anything the DC can do to scheme up a rush … it's bad, JO, it's bad!!!

The Jaguars have gotten some pressure this season, particularly in the first two games. They didn't get enough pressure against Arizona in Week 3 – and they certainly didn't harass Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow enough in the second half against Cincinnati in Week 4. The Jaguars aren't getting enough pressure with a four-player rush. If they can't do that, I expect defensive coordinator Joe Cullen to blitz more. It's a blitz-centric scheme and that's the way to get pressure if you're not getting there with four.

Steve from Woodbine, GA

Thirteen games to go … curious, where do you see the five or six wins coming from?

Somewhere from those 13.

Rob from PV

What happened to Dorsett? Did he get scooped or can he come back? That feels like a huge fail. Meyer will now live his nightmare of having an offense with no speed.

The Jaguars released wide receiver Phillip Dorsett II from the practice squad, and he was subsequently signed to the Seattle Seahawks' practice squad. That doesn't mean the Jaguars can't sign him to their active roster, but it does make it comparatively unlikely.

Dave from Jacksonville

Zone, any chance you can get the word to Darrell Bevell to stop using Trevor as an option quarterback? He becomes a game-changer when he tosses that fourth down to a wide-open tight end or similar. A generational type should be throwing touchdowns. Can we please get on with it? Move him in the pocket. Let him run those defensive linemen to death in the early part of games. But that arm of Trevor's gets us home, not his option skills.

I'm with you – and I get the idea that offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and Meyer are pretty much with you, too. The Jaguars through the first month of the season clearly are seeking the best balance between allowing Lawrence to use his significant mobility and having him stay in the pocket. You don't want to take away the mobility because it's a weapon – but you want him to be able to win from the pocket and you sure don't want him hurt. The Jaguars seemed to find a mix they liked Thursday. I still didn't love how much Lawrence was exposed to contact. So far so good, I suppose.

Charles from Savannah, GA

Do you know what would take attention away from the Urban Meyer scandal? A win.

It sure wouldn't hurt.