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O-Zone: Wash, rinse, repeat

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

David from Ada, OK

If there is a bright spot in any of this it's that Trevor Lawrence no longer has to worry about the fan base all thinking he's a bust, because that's happened. Now he can go out and truly not worry about what people think because he's got no rep other than what he can show us on the field. The worst is over. It's up to him to change our minds.

Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow. I learned long ago that what's written here rarely changes perception. People – and fans, too – think what they choose to think without regard to logic or reason. But if the Jaguars' fans truly think quarterback Trevor Lawrence is a bust, then that thinking is reaching ridiculous heights rarely approached. Lawrence has played five games in his current offensive system after playing in what essentially was a broken situation last season. He has had an OK game (Week 1) this season, two really good games (Weeks 2-3), a rough game in rough conditions (Week 4) and another rough game in Week 5. He has thrown eight touchdowns and four interceptions this season after throwing 12 and 17 last season. He is two games removed from being the AFC's Offensive Player of the Week. He has thrown two touchdowns and two interceptions in this most recent two-game stretch that as everybody so panicky. We don't know if Lawrence will be great yet. But to say he's a bust? To already think the book is written on his career? Fans fan. It's what they do. That has been long since established. But … wow.

Audie from Alamogordo, NM

I think that TL (Trevor Lawrence) does not study his films from previous games too much to see where his mechanics is going wrong. He either through too high or doesn't scan the field enough to find out the defensive schemes. Also, as a player (quarterback) in this league, he should be able to know where his receivers are along with where the defensive backs are. It really doesn't matter if he's young or last year was a disaster, he should be improved in those departments by now. Look at others his age and that were drafted at the same time. I'm not a perfect person by all means but I don't play as a No. 1 drafted quarterback, either.


Kevin from Jacksonville

Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr. is averaging five yards per carry and yet has only seen the rock 44 times through five games. He's averaging 11.3 yards per reception and yet has only seen 16 targets. Smdh. What are you doing, Doug? What are you doing to us? Get the damn ball to Travis Etienne. It's simple. This is not rocket science. Get the ball to your most effective offensive weapon. It's simple.

The Jaguars are 13th in the NFL in total offense. Take away the one outlier game – a 219-yard day in the cold rain in Philadelphia – and they're sixth in the NFL. It's always coaching in the NFL.

CC from Duval

Do you think we look into trading for wide receiver Chase Claypool with the Pittsburgh Steelers before the trade deadline? Claypool has had his run-ins with Head Coach Mike Tomlin last year and is seemingly being phased out by the Steelers drafting George Pickens in the second round and Calvin Austin in the fourth round in last year's draft. I think Claypool could benefit from a change of scenery/fresh start. He's 6-feet-4 and runs a 4.42. I think he can unlock the offense for all the other weapons we have and he's still on a rookie contract, the Steelers could get some value for him rather than lose Claypool for nothing to free agency next year.

Perhaps. Who knows. Stay tuned. Trade Machine!!

KC from South Florida

I know fans are gonna fan, but realistically, when should fans be concerned about Lawrence's development? I don't think it should be now, but what about after Week 10 if he is still showing inconsistency? If not Week 10, after the season then? I do believe he will be The Guy for us and fans are just down on him for these past two awful games, but he does need to start showing why he was the No. 1 overall pick and a "generational" prospect soon rather than later, correct?

There's no hard, fast deadline for when a quarterback must "develop" just as there isn't a checklist or irrefutable grading system to determine if/when it has happened. It's also important to remember that the best quarterbacks have a rough game or two, so "inconsistency" is a tough thing to completely erase. Remember, too: Lawrence in Weeks 2 and 3 absolutely was looking like a quarterback on the rise and he was starting to show why the Jaguars selected him No. 1 overall. This was less than a month ago. He has followed that with a couple of sub-par games. The good-feeling games need to start outnumbering the bad sub-par ones by the end of the season for fans to feel better. But either way, Lawrence will be the Jaguars' quarterback in 2023. Head Coach Doug Pederson has made clear Lawrence needs time and he has made it clear the Jaguars will give him that time. As they must. And as they should.

Red from O-Zone Comments Section

I'd like to share a cold brew with Gary from St. Augustine, FL. Wanna join us?

Gary from St. Augustine, FL, knows where to find me.

Joe from Jacksonville

How do you foresee the Colts approaching this rematch to avoid another shutout? Thanks.

The Colts re-tooled a struggling offensive line before a Week 5 victory over the Denver Broncos, but whatever changes we see from them Sunday compared to Week 2's 24-0 loss to the Jaguars may have more to do with personnel. The Colts in Week 2 were without their two starting wide receivers – Alec Pierce and Michael Pittman. Both are expected to play Sunday. Without them, the Colts were one-dimensional – and once the Jaguars stuffed running back Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis' offense seemed without answers. We don't know yet if Taylor will play after missing Week 5 with an ankle injury. With or without Taylor, the return of Pierce and Pittman will make this a tougher assignment for the Jaguars' defense.

Chris from Niagara Falls, Canada

Hey, Zone. I've witnessed the Mark Brunell, Byron Leftwich, David Garrard, Blaine Gabbert and Blake Bortles eras. Memories fade over time, but I can't recall any of them showing a higher ceiling than Lawrence. I'm not sure he's the long-term answer, but I think people need to stop casting him into Mount Doom.

Good eye.

Wade from the Westside

As battered and demoralized fans of this organization, this season is starting to feel like a sinking ship. We had a whisper of hope, then the Texans owned the Jags once again. I still think it too early to give up on Trevor, but how the rest of this season plays out will have much to say how this fan base feels and if they can believe in him. I am rooting for him, but i have been a Jags fan for too long to believe he will succeed.

The NFL is a week-to-week league. As true as that is on the field, it's perhaps truer off the field. While NFL reality is that any team can beat any other team on a given week, fans and media always have – and seemingly always will – treat every game as an end-all statement on the State of the Franchise. The consensus among Jaguars fans/observers is that the Jaguars' loss to the Texans is everything. As such, many fans suddenly are thinking of them as a winless team that never as done anything right and therefore is incapable of doing so. The reality is the Jaguars were two red-zone interceptions in the last two games from perhaps winning both games – or, from at least being 3-2. Considering what Jaguars fans historically have been through in recent seasons, it's perfectly understandable that they feel the ship is sinking. There's also plenty of reasons in the present to think that's not the case.

Paul from Saint Johns, FL

Have defenses figured out how to rattle Lawrence the last few games? I mean, if we look like we did Sunday against Cover 2 going forward, then I'm guessing Cover 2 defenses are what we will see each game moving forward. I hope it isn't like when defenses figured out Gardner Minshew could not throw across the middle of the field.

Opposing defenses test every NFL quarterback with different looks, schemes and game plans. When something works against a quarterback, he and his offensive coaches must learn to beat that approach. When the next approach works against a quarterback, the cycles repeats. Teams absolutely will play Cover 2 or 3 zone against Lawrence moving forward. His task now is to learn to beat it by making the correct decisions at the proper times. Stay tuned.