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O-Zone: Way too old

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Mike from Cartersville (AKA Trevortown), GA

I liked the color rush uniforms. It looks cool especially on a 4K TV. That first season of it I remember the Buffalo Bills played the New York Jets. I walked into work the next day and asked if everyone saw it. My coworker turned to me and said, "Yeah, I'm red-green colorblind." It took a second for it to sink in. So, I said to him, "So you didn't see the game then?" He said it was chaos, it just looked like 22 guys running around randomly. What was up with that? Did it just not occur to the people at the front office like me until I was told after the fact? Those were some chroma rich red and green colors.

We're in what I consider the "Deadish Zone." It's not as dead or as well-publicized as the zone just before training camp each year, but the weeks between the peak of training camp and the regular season often drift a bit aimlessly as fans realize preseason isn't quite as cool and topical – or important – as they hoped in July. Things pick up in the regular season and feels far more alive. This question fits right into the deadish zone, and I'll take the blame for the topic as I brought up liking the Jaguars' mustardish gold color rush jerseys from days gone by. Regarding that long-ago Bills-Jets rush game, I do seem to recall the color-blind issue you cite being a thing for more people than just your coworker. As for whether the league-office folks anticipated such an issue beforehand, it's quite likely they didn't. People running the league and teams aren't perfect and they're often as imperfect as you and I. Perfection or even getting close to it is not a prerequisite for working in professional sports. Sometimes, we're just happy for competence and a working security code.

Adam from Jax Beach

Can we PLEASE get Pete a better mic during Happy Hour??

I assume we're discussing my good friend and CBS Sports NFL analyst Pete Prisco's weekly Monday appearance on Jaguars Happy Hour. If there was an issue, I'm sure our technical team is on it. They're a diligent bunch. Come to think of it, are we sure Pete could reach the mic?

Zac from Austin, Tejas

I know there's no such thing as a "fun question" for the King. But - could the second-string squad of the losingest team in the NFL "pick the score" against the College Football Playoff winner?

Pretty much, yes. While this is yearly fodder for debate, particularly in years when the worst NFL team seems particularly low on talent – and while some young players sometimes even fall victim to silly, short-sighted thinking – the worst NFL team would essentially name the score against the best college team. Except in years when injuries simply waylaid all depth from professional team, the second team would win handily, too. The primary reason: NFL teams, even struggling teams, typically feature grown men in their late 20s across the offensive and defensive lines. The strength and stamina of those men versus multiple younger collegiate linemen who never make it in the NFL would eventually take a toll and turn the game into a mismatch. This is not even factoring in the fact that many players on the best college team don't make it in the NFL. Also: Even very good collegiate players need a year or two to excel in the NFL. There would be a star or two on the college team who would play well in the game. But overall, it would be a mismatch. College and professional football are so different as to be essentially different sports. That's one of the biggest truths that many observers on the wrong side of this discussion never realize or too often forget.

Gary from St. Augustine, FL

I see the Jaguars are practicing against the Detroit Lions in Michigan. I bet you'll suck there, too.

Don't forget the Motor City.

Barry from Conway, AR

Do you think the Jags can make it to the Super Bowl this year or in the next five years if we keep quarterback Trevor Lawrence and our guys stay relatively healthy?

Sure. The makeup of the roster will change and become more geared to youth as Lawrence's contract increasingly dominates the salary cap. But as long as he's healthy and the team is built correctly around him, that's a reasonable five-year goal.

Michael from Orange Park, FL

What makes you so sure the Jaguars will be good this season?

Lawrence finished last season developing rapidly and shows no signs this offseason of not continuing that development.

Chevin from Jacksonville

What are those big spongy looking coverings the players wear on their helmets during practice?

Those are Guardian Caps, relatively new protective devices that are increasingly becoming fixtures in NFL practices. The purpose is to provide protection against concussions. They are mandatory for offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers, running backs and tight ends during contact practices – and in all offseason work. I expect it's quite likely they will be mandatory for all players in all practices soon. I don't yet have a feel for whether they ever will be used in games. I wouldn't rule it out.

Daniel from Genève, Switzerland

O-man, it turns out, Jaguars AM is even better in the afternoon. Would you believe that listening to the show with a beer is better than listening with a coffee?

I would believe that, yes.          

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

If your two-point conversion success rate is greater than 50 percent, should you not just go for it every time?

This would make sense from a purely statistical, detached viewpoint. Game situations realistically must be considered when making any such decision. A head coach with the philosophy of always going for two would be foolish to do if leading by eight points with two minutes remaining. Kicking a one-point extra point typically would be the higher percentage play in that situation and would essentially secure victory.

Don from Marshall, NC

Explain to me why teams in the NFL keep drafting quarterbacks that are too small to play in the NFL? Every once and awhile you get a Drew Brees but mostly you get a big waste of time and resources. Better off getting a used big QB than gambling the team's future with someone who will be a long shot.

NFL teams keep drafting undersized quarterbacks because they are tantalized by collegiate production and athleticism – very often forgetting that prototype size, pocket presence and arm talent at the position more often than not remain critical to professional success. On another note: When it comes undersized quarterbacks in the NFL, Don very definitely – and not entirely incorrectly – remains not "all in."

Jonny from Jacksonville

Hey, Big O. I was thinking about the conditional draft pick we gave Atlanta for Calvin Ridley. I know that it can turn into a second if we re-sign him (which I am pretty sure will happen). So if it does happen does this mean we do not have a second in next year's draft? I also want to give a shout out for Travis ETN. He looked good on the few carries he got last week. He looked like a guy who could get 1600 yards. What do you think?

The Jaguars traded two conditional draft selections to the Atlanta Falcons in the teams' November 2022 transaction involving wide receiver Calvin Ridley. One of the selections became a fifth-round selection in the 2023 NFL Draft. The other either will be a 2024 second-, third- or fourth-round selection – and it will be a second-round selection of the Jaguars re-sign Ridley. The Jaguars in that scenario will not have a '24 second-round selection. As for Etienne, he looked impressive – and he has looked impressive throughout Jaguars 2023 Training Camp. He looks like could have a big season, and the Jaguars are confident that could happen. I would be surprised if Etienne has 1,600 yards rushing because I expect rookie Tank Bigsby to have a large enough role that it would be unlikely for Etienne to get enough carries to get to 1,600. I would expect Etienne to have a bigger impact and more touchdowns – and maybe more big plays – than last season. Even if that doesn't mean 1,600 yards.

Brad from The Avenues

Hey, Tink's back!

Long snapper Carson Tinker, who played for the Jaguars from 2013-2018, indeed re-signed with the team Monday. This happened two days after long snapper Ross Matiscik sustained a shoulder injury in Preseason Week 1 against Dallas Saturday. Heed Coach Doug Pederson said Monday Matiscik's injury is not thought serious and that Matiscik is "day to day." So yes … Tink is back. We don't know for how long.

Dan from Atmore, AL

Why is Trevor referred to as Steezy?

I'm too old to even remotely understand this question.