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O-Zone: Way, way ahead

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Thomas from Jacksonville

Not to rush Josh Pederson's playing career at tight end, but is there also a possibility he may want to go into coaching in the future and the Jaguars are giving him an opportunity to see how his father works?

I have no idea if Jaguars tight end Josh Pederson, the son of Head Coach Doug Pederson, wants to go into coaching. It wouldn't be surprising considering his background and his father's profession. He also seems like a smart kid who eventually could go that route. Pederson's presence at Jaguars 2023 Training Camp is about seeing if he can make the team. It's not about coaching.

Don from Marshall, NC

Are you not concerned at all about letting Brenton Strange play with the smaller players? He could get running across the field and run into one of them. There is going to be someone who makes that mistake. Feel sorry for them but they have been warned. It will be a Strange night for them in the middle of the day. Go Jaguars!

When it comes to Jaguars rookie tight end Brenton Strange, who is looking better and better each day in camp, Don is "all in."

Rob from Jacksonville

How is the gambling policy complicated? Don't gamble. Pretty simple and similar to if you don't want a DUI, Don't drink.

It's actually not simple. It is simple in that you can't bet on NFL games. But in an era of online apps and increased advertising making gambling seem very commonplace, gambling has seeped into our daily consciousness to the point that it's conceivable that placing a bet could seem as innocent as playing a game on your phone. That's not to say it's not an avoidable mistake. But remember when you were in your early 20s. You didn't aways make great decisions. It's easy to see how a young person in their 20s could make a mistake in this area in the current environment.


No question. Just wanted to comment on the Black Flag reference on Friday's column. Love that band. One of the best punk bands ever.

Yes, they were.

David from Orlando, FL

Zone - The Jags signed tight end Sammis Reyes, who was said to be the best tight end prospect ever based on his measurable. I really haven't read anything about him since he signed. Is he too raw a talent? Is he getting buried in a deep tight end group? His athleticism is off the charts. It sure would be nice to tap into that potential. What are the chances he makes the team?

Reyes is indeed impressive physically. He's also very raw in terms of the tight end position. I can't see him making the 53-man roster. I don't have a feel for whether the Jaguars yet see his potential as great enough to invest a practice-squad spot. I would lean toward "No," but that's a guess.


O-Zone, Tank Bigsby is listed at 6-feet-0, 213 pounds; Travis Etienne Jr. at 5-10, 215. So they're almost the same size, why is Bigsby considered the more physical runner? Is it style, attitude or something else?

Style and body thickness. Etienne runs hard – really hard – inside. But Bigsby just looks like he packs a bigger punch.

Sprinkle from Duval

Yo, Zone. I'm really excited about cornerback Tyson Campbell. I think he will be a true weapon. Did he really suffer a concussion and how does this affect timing with regards to the start of the season? Don't get me wrong, I do like Tre Herndon and Darious Williams, and from what I've read it seems Montaric Brown has potential. But I'm worried about our cornerback room if Tyson gets injured during the season. Is this concern warranted? What did you think of the Barbie movie??

Campbell sustained a concussion Saturday and is now in the concussion protocol. I don't sense this will linger close to the season. Because more than a month remains before the season, and because Campbell has proved he can play at a high level, I expect the Jaguars to be cautious and patient with his return. If I were given to worrying about such things, I would worry about the Jaguars' cornerback room without Campbell. I didn't see the Barbie movie. I saw Oppenheimer and Asteroid City and left the theatre each time wishing more movies were made like those these days. I can't do the superhero thing anymore. No offense to those who do. The world gets saved at the end. I get it.

Scott from Palm Coast, FL

Is there a reason why Tyson Campbell was not wearing a guardian cap in Saturday's practice?

Running backs, fullbacks, linemen and linebackers are required to wear the Guardian Caps at every preseason practice, as well as at every postseason and regular-season practice with contact. Kickers, punters, wide receivers and defensive backs do not have to wear the caps.


If Pederson wants his son around, make him a waterboy. Pederson is a great schemer and play caller. I'm not sure he's such a great leader. He seems very comfortable placing personal relationships above the team when it comes to the business of football.

Pederson coached the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl title following the 2017 season. His Eagles teams made late-season playoff runs in adverse situations the following two seasons. The Jaguars last season made the postseason after a 2-6 start. My limited experience around this makes me believe teams don't accomplish those things if their head coaches are bad leaders and mishandle the business of football.

Bill from Bostwick, FL

I know the Jaguars are high on their tight end room and have the coach's son competing at that position. I may be the only one, but I sure would have liked to have seen Marcedes Lewis replace Chris Manhertz in the lineup for this season, then retire as a Jaguar. Instead, he's signed with the Bears. Even if Marcedes never again puts on a Jacksonville uniform, any chance the Jags sign him so he retires as a Jaguar? He was one of the greats of the franchise.

Lewis, who played for the team from 2006-2017 before playing 2018-2022 for the Green Bay Packers, signed recently with the Chicago Bears. You're not alone in your feelings. Many Jaguars fans this offseason would have liked to have seen the Jaguars re-sign Lewis. Lewis earned that fan feeling by being professional, hard-working and classy with media and fans. Remember, though: Few coaches remain on the staff with connection to Lewis, and few people in scouting or football administration remain from his time here. That's often the sort of connection needed for an older player to return to a former team in this situation. It's not that the current people had anything against Lewis; the relationship just wasn't there. Could the Jaguars re-sign him to a one-day contract so he could retire? A lot has changed since his time here, but I wouldn't rule that out.

Jeremy from Gilbert, AZ

Seeing all these "highlights" posted with our receivers making acrobatic catches. The real highlights are when your quarterback hits the receiver in stride (no crazy jumping or twisting necessary) for a big gain or touchdown.

I guess we're in a good place when the wrong sort of highlights rises to the level of an O-Zone complaint topic. Twisting, jumping catches are cool. Fan (most of them anyway) like them. So do the young whippersnappers who put together training camp highlights and post them on the interweb. The perfect passes and receivers catching them in stride are there. The highlights just aren't as eye-catching.

Zac from Austin, Tejas

My No. 1 concern this year is running back Travis Etienne Jr. and Lawrence fumbling.

This was an issue at times last season. Fumbles happen. Lawrence had 12 fumbles, fourth most in the NFL. Etienne had five, the second most among running backs. It's an area both must improve in 2023.

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

With 13 wide receivers on the roster, some of them won't make the 53-man roster and will not make it through waivers in order to be signed to the Jaguars' practice squad. Do you expect this to be a year in which more released Jaguar players get claimed by other teams than in previous years on August 30th?

I don't know the exact counts of waived Jaguars players claimed by other teams in past seasons. I expect multiple waived Jaguars players to be claimed this season, with at least one on the offensive line and perhaps one at receiver.

Brandon from Louisville, KY

It looks like the coaches took a chance that didn't pay off. Even Jeff Lageman was concerned about pass rush. We should have signed some other free agents and there were some available.

The Jaguars' first 2023 preseason game is Saturday at Dallas.