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O-Zone: What a kook

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Braddock from Jacksonville

I think it all comes down to one thing with most people. Would we all show up to a young man's game to practice if it paid us a few hundred thousand dollars? Yep. I wonder what the majority would do without the NFL?

It's awesome – and easy – for people to think/believe they would "all show up to a young man's game to practice if it paid a few hundred thousand dollars." While many people think they know what they would do if placed in a given situation, the reality is people have absolutely no idea how they would behave in another person's circumstance. Also: While people equate missing organized team activities with "taking practice off," most players who miss OTAs are working and training when they are away; it's not as if most of these guys are at the beach, Vegas or seeing Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway. As far your final question … what would most players do without the NFL? Some would succeed in life, some would fail – just like the rest of us unfortunate souls not blessed with NFL talent. You can't compare the actions of professional athletes with the actions of people in a "normal profession." You just can't. That's probably not fair. You know what else isn't fair? Life.

Preston from Jacksonville

With every offensive tackle we pick up I start to wonder if Foles will ever be standing after a pass play this coming season. Our line is really bad, our offensive weapons are trash, defense never adjusts with Wash in charge no matter what (in game or after). Really, really, really bad season looming. Yet again.

Wow. So, you apparently have deduced that the Jaguars' offensive line is bad because of an early-June waiver-wire acquisition that is part of the normal offseason roster churn, casually missed their offensive weapons and decided that Jaguars defensive coordinator Todd Wash – who has coordinated Top 6 defenses three consecutive seasons – is stubborn. And all of that adds up a really bad season. Good analysis. Way to bring it. Go Jaguars.

Brian from Greenwood

If Foles goes down, is the season doomed?

If Foles goes down for an extended time … yes, the Jaguars' season probably is doomed. That puts the Jaguars in a group that includes the vast majority of NFL teams. There are situations such as when Foles was he backup in Philadelphia the past two seasons that a team's backup is capable of starting in the NFL. Those situations are rare.

Richard from Starke, FL

I still think sad is funny.

Not sadness to this extreme.

Aaron from Aldie

O-Zone, I get the next-level guys on many teams sit out the OTAs. I guess my concern is not that someone would be out of shape but more lack of communication and awareness. We often saw great abilities last year but some blown communication/assignments. Not really sure if participation at OTAs would help?

This is a topic on which people will never agree. Some people have this belief that OTAS are a critical, can't-miss period and vital to the success of failure of a franchise – and that a player not participating in them either means he's not dedicated or doesn't care if the team wins. I'm sorry, but I just can't bring myself to believe that missing OTA practice in May and June causes player to miss assignment in the regular season if that player otherwise is diligent and prepared. If that player isn't diligent and prepared, being at OTAs probably isn't going to help him execute assignments all that much.

Aqueel from Toronto, Canada

There is an article on that lists every team's best and worst quarterback. It also lists the longest drought each team had trying to find one. Very interesting stuff. Some Jag fans might want to read it to help put things in perspective of how long it can take and some of the huge mistakes other teams have made at the position. Like how the Baltimore Colts drafted Elway, then traded him away and didn't bother to draft another quarterback in a class that included Dan Marino, Jim Kelly etc.

Finding a franchise quarterback is hard. Really hard. Many franchises have gone long periods of times without elite players at the position – and most teams spend years searching for franchise quarterbacks. Most teams also fail multiple times in that search.

Ray from Jacksonville

John: Maybe you could be funny if you had better coaching because, after all, in the NFL, it is always...

Well said.

Keith from Palatka, FL

Tony Boselli was the best left tackle to ever play the game. He dominated every opponent he ever faced. He weekly won his matchup with whoever was lined up across from him. I challenge anyone to go back and watch his game film and say that isn't true. That is rare and special. In an era known for tackles, Tony Boselli was the best. The fact that he not in the NFL Hall of Fame is a sin and a disgrace.

It's not a sin and disgrace that former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli's not in the Hall of Fame. While he was the best left tackle in the NFL's golden age of left tackles, it's not absurd that his career longevity has delayed his induction. While I absolutely believe Boselli will be elected for induction – and deservedly so – in the next several years, that's a real enough issue that it's fair for it to be a topic among voters.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, when my new retro-Boselli jersey arrives I'm going to wear it proudly no matter how long it takes for him to get into the HOF.

Send one to Keith.

Steve from Hudson, FL

What's your travel plans when Boselli gets into the HOF? I could swing through Jacksonville, pick you up, we hit every Sbarro's on our way to Canton, (stop at Sbarro's HQ in Columbus for a swag raid), catch the induction in Canton, and then check into a pizza rehabilitation center. Leave your wallet at home, I got you covered.


John from Playa Del Carmen

The thing that concerns me most about these "minor" injuries is we are constantly told it's not a big deal and players will be able to play through them. Until the end of the season when suddenly the tone changes to "he was dealing with a (whatever) injury all season that stopped him from playing at 100 percent." The longer these minor injuries last for, the more likely it is that they aren't so minor. You're not paranoid if they really are out to get you ...

Misinformation and partial information is part of the deal when it comes to NFL injuries. Teams are and likely always will be as tight-lipped as possible when it comes to discussing them. But this been a decent OTA/offseason for the Jaguars on this front. While rookie defensive end Josh Allen and rookie running back Ryquell Armstead are dealing with a knee bruise and hamstring issue, respectively, neither injury sounds as if it will linger into training camp. It's June 8. The regular season is three months away. Relax.

Steve from Nashville, TN

I currently like the schedule formula for a 16-game season. If you win your division, you are guaranteed three games next season against your conference's other division title winners. For the fans we always seem to get a Steelers-Patriots game most years and in 2019's case it is because of the three-year AFC rotation. Can you predict what the schedule rotation structure would be for an 18-game season?

First, I think the NFL going to an 18-game schedule is a lot less likely than many other believe. But if the league were to expand to 18 games, my guess is the format would be similar to what it is now with teams playing their own division, rotating with a division from their conference and a division from the opposing conference. The two additional games likely would be on some sort of rotation with the idea of trying to create a few more big-time matchups.

Robert from Fernandina Beach, FL

The narrative is that Jaguars rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew lacks an NFL arm. What are your thoughts as to how the strength of his arm might compare with that of Chad Pennington's back when he was a starter?

They're probably pretty similar. Remember, though: Pennington, considering his arm strength, was a bit of an outlier to succeed as quarterback of the New York Jets back in the early part of the 2000s. Having a similar arm to Pennington in no way ensures Minshew NFL success. It's fine to remember outliers fondly, but it's risky to use an outlier as a reason someone might succeed. They're usually outliers for a reason.

Kelly from Cocoa Beach, FL

Gene Frenette is a kook. Dude can't even surf.

Don't assume what you don't know.

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