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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

P Funk from Murray Hill

Last year's draft class hopefully will turn into a solid core. Besides Trevor, would you agree that on our current roster the best performing players were acquired in ways other than the draft?

That's generally true, as I've said/written often – and it makes sense because Jaguars General Manager Trent Baalke had to spend far more in free agency than was ideal in the 2020 and 2021 offseasons because many draft choices from previous years weren't contributing for multiple reasons. The Jaguars' '21 draft class showed a lot of good signs last season. We'll see how the '22 class develops now that it's into its first full NFL offseason. It's a key storyline moving forward. The Jaguars must draft, develop and retain players better in future seasons than they have in the recent past. The team's decision-makers know this.

Kevin from McGavock High School

JO- Are the position coaches reviewing film of the top college kids at their positions? For example, would the wide receivers coach be "scouting" defensive backs they see during their film work covering this year's top wide receiver candidates?

Assistant coaches do have input into drafts. The extent and effectiveness of this input varies from team to team based on football structure and philosophy. The Jaguars' coaches do have quite a bit of input – but mainly into their own areas. Wide receivers coaches, for example, would primarily view and analyze video of the top collegiate wide receivers. They might mention a defensive back to personnel officials who stood out, but scouts and defensive back coaches would have more say over how the team feels about that player than the receivers coach.

Don from Marshall, NC

Maybe those other teams in the AFC need to worry about the Jaguars. That Trevor Lawrence dude is going want a Super Bowl, too. If you owe your soul to the company store what a store! Go Jaguars!

Don remains "all in."

Fred from Naples, FL

When Boxcutter Bill stated that perhaps Shad Khan needs to temper his enthusiasm I believe he was referring to Shad using the words "great" when referring to the quarterback, general manager and head coach; not a "quality" threesome as you referred to in your response to him. The term "great" means different things to different people. Perhaps in time Trevor will be great, as will Head Coach Doug Pederson. If Baalke nails a few more drafts, his clown ornament on his desk will find its way to the trash can.

I suppose we can (over)analyze Jaguars ower Shad Khan's comments at the recent 2023 NFL Annual Meeting until the end of days. He praised and expressed optimism about his quarterback, general manager and head coach after a thrilling season that has given a lot of Jaguars fans a lot of hope for the future. Khan essentially said he believes the future is bright. I'm not sure why this is bad or unusual.

Bradley from Sparks, NV

If the Jaguars were rock & roll, Tom Coughlin would be Chuck Berry.


Sean from Oakleaf, FL

When you hear allegations of difficult working conditions for coaching staff and team employees at other NFL franchises (Washington Commanders, Arizona Cardinals) what thoughts come to you about the current Jaguar work experience (besides the rats)?

The same thoughts as always come to mind about working for the Jaguars – that I respect the people with whom I work closely, and to whom I report, and they treat me well and with respect. That's how I judge an organization and the Jaguars on that front are first rate. I joke about many things. I don't joke about that. At least not often.

Paul from Los Angeles, CA

You can't have the biggest bust in Jaguars history without mentioning Luke Joeckel. He was hyped up to be the next Tony Boselli. I never saw a left tackle get blown up so bad by a blitzing linebacker that he outweighed by at least 80 pounds. He had the look and size, but unfortunately he never panned out not even as a guard.

I wouldn't put Joeckel (No. 2 overall, 2013) at the top of the list of the biggest draft disappointments Jaguars history because he started 50 games in four seasons whereas multiple Jaguars first-round selections over the years such as wide receivers Justin Blackmon (No. 5, 2012) and R. Jay Soward (No. 29, 2000) never played a full season. But am I nitpicking on this? Yeah, pretty much.

Doug from Jacksonville, FL

To add to Mike from Trevortown's assessment of former Jaguars defensive end Derrick Harvey being the biggest bust in franchise history, then-General Manager James Harris gave up two third-round picks and a fourth-round pick to move from 26th to eighth to get him. Calais Campbell, same position, was drafted in the second round same year.

Yeah …

Bradley from The great American Southwest

A variety of NFL insiders and experts are saying the Jags are top to bottom the fastest team in the league. Is this something Baalke takes pride in?

Baalke is from the Bill Parcells School, and the Bill Parcells School likes big, strong, fast players that fit certain measurables. Speed is a critical measurable, and the Jaguars absolutely have become faster in recent seasons. It's not always easy to get faster while also ensuring those faster players are good players. So, yes … Baalke takes pride in this. As well he should.

David from Chuluota, FL

Oehser – You've spent the last 12 years writing and talking non-stop about the Jacksonville Jaguars. You've been following football all your life and have a good understanding on the ways of Baalke and Pederson. I believe, for these reasons, no outsider is more qualified than you to predict which player the Jaguars will select with the 24th pick of the 2023 NFL draft? Here is your opportunity to go down as a legend, and more importantly, prove to Gary from St. Augustine that you're no clown!

I lean toward cornerback, tight end or offensive line for the Jaguars at No. 24 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. I suppose I'm specifically leaning toward University of Florida offensive lineman O'Cyrus Torrence because he could play guard immediately and potentially move to tackle. He therefore fits a short-term and long-term scenario that makes sense for the Jaguars. I in no way feel confident that he will be the selection, but he makes sense.

Lawrence from Blair, NE

KOAF, I think there was a big side effect of last year's season that may not have been realized yet. I live just outside of Omaha, Nebraska. I notice there are quite a few other Omaha posters these days as well. America loves underdogs, and I bet the team captured far more fans than people realize with last year's special season. Places like this that are 200 miles away from the closest professional team are ripe for falling in love with a new sensation. Have you noticed similar trends in your mailbox?

I've noticed more emailers from different destinations since late in the 2022 season. This makes sense. Not only were the Jaguars successful last season, they were exciting with a young quarterback who appears headed to being a megastar. It stands to reason the fan base would expand.

Ed from Jax by Lionel Playworld

During a draft when a highly regarded prospect falls past pick number 20, do general managers try to find out why he's falling before picking him? Asked another way, do draft boards/grades change during the draft?

If a highly regarded prospect falls past Selection No. 20, one would hope any general manager would have researched that player before the draft well enough to know the reason for the fall. A draft board/grade shouldn't change during the draft.

KC from Orlando, FL

KOAF, I keep reading that the Jags will probably go offensive lineman, tight end, or cornerback in the first round. However, given the three options, cornerback is the only one that makes sense to me. We need to help our pass rush convert hurries/pressures/hits into quarterback sacks. Supposedly, both cornerback and tight end are deep positions in this draft. The Jags can draft a tight end in the second round. Do you think this makes the most sense, or do you foresee a better scenario?

I expect the Jaguars will approach the early rounds of the draft with a general approach of trying to select cornerback, offensive line, tight end and pass rusher in the first two days and early on Day 3. That approach could change based on quality of players available at each selection.

Joe from Jacksonville

John, I was under the impression that you were "Gary from St. Augustine." Hear me out. You undoubtedly get tired of all the submissions of "All hail KOAF", "Oehser #1", "Ozone for Mayor", etc. So, "Gary" was born to bring you a little humility?

I am the king of all punk. I mean, funk. Whatever.