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O-Zone: Whoa, big fella

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Robert from Reno, NV

I was wondering if splitting the reps between the possible starters harms the starter by missing those reps?

There's perhaps a bit of that. In some cases. Anytime a player isn't working with the starting lineup it means someone else is doing so – which means he's missing something. At the same time, a head coach/coordinator must prepare the entire team – backups and starters – for the regular season. This question has arisen throughout Jaguars 2021 Training Camp because rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence mostly has split repetitions with veteran Gardner Minshew II. Head Coach Urban Meyer has yet to name a starter, with a major reason being the Jaguars want Lawrence – the presumptive starter – to earn the position. Observers and fans tend to roll their collective eyes at this because they correctly believe that Lawrence will start soon. Still, there's nothing wrong with the approach – and most coaches have a similar philosophy. As I have written and said before when discussing this topic: Lawrence has received plenty of repetitions in camp and we are – as of Thursday – just two days into the padded portion of practice. Lawrence thus far hasn't missed anything, and I get no sense he won't be adequately prepared if he indeed is the Week 1 starter.

Jonathan from Jacksonville (retired in Idaho)

Does Meyer let you anywhere near Trevor, or is he afraid that the KOAF might be a bad influence?

My interaction with Lawrence so far has been limited by COVID-19 restrictions. This is currently the case for all team media and local media with all players. Even without said restriction, I would advise Meyer not to allow me too near Lawrence. Or too near anyone else, for that matter. I'm what is sometimes known as "A full glass."

Don from Marshall, NC

Maybe with a little help from his friends Taven Bryan becomes a very good player? Go Jaguars!

Maybe. Yes, I'm certain that it happens all the time.

Richard from Jacksonville

O'man, Do you see a scenario where Walker Little continues to impress and wins the LT spot outright? If he does, is Cam expendable? Would there be any cap savings if he got cut? Or in this case, is Cam on the team no matter what, even if it is as a quality backup?

The Jaguars have worked in pads for two days, so whatever impressing Little has done – and he has done quite a bit – essentially just began. That means he has a way to go before he impresses enough to push for a starting job. That said … sure, it could happen. He's talented and capable. But while I understand the question, what I don't grasp is how many fans want left tackle Cam Robinson to be released. First, he won't be released this season; his salary became guaranteed when signed his one-year franchise tender this past offseason. Second, he's a good player. Even if Robinson would happen not to start, why do people insist on wanting the Jaguars to release good players?

Duane from Miami, FL

I believe the Jaguars are going to surprise everyone in the NFL this season … DUVVVVAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!

You go, girl.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, can you give us an example of what an "installation session" might involve?

It's a meeting in which coaches outline a section of the playbook and/or personnel package(s) for the players.

Gary from High Springs

Hey John. Any kind of "winner-loser" battles going on amongst you media guys?

The daily media battle is always "winner-loser." Longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette currently is unbeaten. He never loses in sports or life. Ever.

JP from Jacksonville

You recently said you would take a third-round pick for Gardner Minshew. I would, too. I also think it's unlikely anyone will ever offer that for him. That said, what do you think the Jaguars could have fetched had they traded him during the height of Minshew Mania?

Maybe a third-round selection. Or a fourth.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

Are the Jaguars going to carry six receivers this season? I'm trying to figure it out and I'm not sure how they will count Travis Etienne Jr. DJ Chark Jr., Laviska Shenault Jr. and Marvin Jones Jr. are undoubtedly the Top 3. The next three are the hard part. I would think Collin Johnson would be on the roster because he played well at times last year – and with the lack of a true receiving tight end they can use his 6-feet-6 frame in the red zone. My guess at the last two would be Phillip Dorsett II and – if they carry six – Laquon Treadwell. Or they could just count Etienne as the sixth even though he's not a wide receiver technically. What do you think the receiving corps will look like?

I think you're pretty close on the receiver corps, particularly the Top 3 and Dorsett. I'm not sure Johnson is an absolute lock, though his size differentiates him with the other receivers on the roster, and I really like how Treadwell has played this far. I also expect the Jaguars will list Etienne as a running back, and that he will "count" in that area. If that matters. Which I suppose it sort of does.

Michael from Sanford, FL

Trevor Lawrence puts the "laughter" back in "manslaughter."

Try again.

Ron from Tallahassee, FL

I understand training camp dustups are generally common, but could you imagine a pileup such as the one with the New York Giants happening under Coach Meyer? How do you think he'd handle it?

The Giants indeed reportedly had quite the melee in training-camp practice this week. And Giants head coach Joe Judge reportedly – and quite understandably – was displeased. I would be surprised if a training camp fight under Meyer reached quite that level. I doubt he would love it.

John from Jacksonville

Hi KOAGF - There is an equal concern, by training on a big ol' jet airliner, that it's here that they'll want to stay (and not even get on the plane).


Nathan from St Augustine, FL

John, Jaguars offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell touched on something in his press conference that I also heard Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson say earlier in their careers – basically that success started happening when they were comfortable enough at the NFL level to stop focusing on what the offense was supposed to do on a play call, and instead focus on the defensive reaction to it. Do you remember when this seemed to happen for Peyton Manning? Is it even realistic to hope this can happen for Trevor Lawrence in his rookie season?

I can't speak for Manning on this, but my impression is that it happened before I began covering him with the Indianapolis Colts in 2001. It seems it likely happened sometime late in his 1998 his rookie season. Manning then grew rapidly in his ability to manage the game at the line of scrimmage, reaching the point in 2009-2010 where he controlled games and lifted teams beyond their normal capabilities. I do believe Lawrence can know the offense well enough as a rookie to function and be productive. Can he reach the level that he's dictating defenses and managing the game at the line at a remotely high level? That would be unusual. Very unusual.

Johnny from East Palatka but now Westside Jacksonville

I disagree with trading Minshew for anything less than a first-round pick. It's just too hard to find a good backup with Gardner's skillset and salary.

If the Jaguars agree with you, they will not be trading Minshew.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

So, it looks like affirmation of what many of us, yourself included, thought. Walker Little is going to be a stud. Maybe a super stud.

He looks good. Really good. He has phenomenally good feet, NFL strength and balance and has looked absolutely comfortable – and dominant at times – in early one-on-one pass rush work. So far, so good. Really good.

Esko from South Karelia, Finland

Sorry to nitpick, but to my best knowledge, in '78 Mustangs the Ghia trim level was available only with a two door "notchback" body. So was your first car the aforementioned luxury version with a half-vinyl roof, or a less gaudy three door hatchback?

My memory is sketchy on this. The parents sold the Ghia without my knowledge when I was away for freshman year. This was 38 years ago. I believe it was a two-door with the half-vinyl roof, but that would make it the luxury version. Recalling that my father's ability to clutch a dollar matched – if not exceeded – my own, there's a good chance I recall incorrectly.

Unhipcat from Morro Bay, CA

Hi John. It's me, Mr. "I don't like the black and blue uniforms." Guess what? I don't like nicknames, either. Granted, only two days in pads so far, but has anything/anyone caused you to think, 'Whoa?"

Walker Little.