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O-Zone: Within reason

JACKSONVILLE – Look-ahead Wednesday already? Darned right.

Let's get to it …

Jeremy from Gilbert, AZ

This team is absolutely terrible and I wish it wasn't true, but Lawrence is Blaine Gabbert 2.0. Who are we drafting in '23?

I never saw the Jaguars as a postseason team in 2022 and still don't, but I've covered some "absolutely terrible" NFL teams – and this Jaguars team doesn't feel like that. It certainly didn't play like a terrible team in a 28-22 loss to the Washington Commanders in the '22 regular-season opener this past Sunday. The Jaguars in fact played like what they are – an improved, if still flawed, team adjusting to a new offense and still coming together. They squandered a bunch of opportunities Sunday and didn't close the game, happenings that were frustrating and costly but that don't have to be a season-long trend. As for Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence … I don't know yet know his NFL end game. No one does. I don't know if he's a future All-Pro quarterback but I would be surprised if he's not at minimum – minimum – a good long-term starter. (Did I say minimum?) As far as him being Blaine Gabbert 2.0 … I covered Gabbert's career in Jacksonville from 2011-2013. This doesn't feel like that.

Chris from Roseville, CA

Only a half game out of the division lead after one week is better than most people imagined.

I don't know if a half-game out of first place in the AFC South after Week 1 is better than most Jaguars observers/fans imagined. My impression from many fans' emails is many expected to win Sunday, which was certainly a reasonable expectation. Now: Did anyone expect the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans to tie in the opener? Or for the Tennessee Titans to lose a lead – and the game – to the New York Giants? Probably not. But your point is accurate: There appears no reason the Jaguars can't stay the AFC South chase for a while. They play the Colts at home Sunday. That could be a big one.

Thrill from The 'Ville

Much improvement was made across the board. Much improvement remains to be made across the board. I am encouraged.

Being encouraged makes sense. It's up to the Jaguars to not make you feel silly for feeling that.

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

Coach Pederson seemed to indicate all the mistakes that happened on Sunday can be corrected by his coaching staff. If true, I would expect nothing less than a dominant victory over the Colts this weekend.

Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson indeed discussed correctable mistakes extensively following Sunday's loss. This is what coaches do, and a lot of the mistakes Sunday were correctable. Coaches will focus on those mistakes and players will go play Sunday. And it's always coaching in the NFL.

Disappointed from Jacksonville

How long will this franchise give Lawrence before they realize they've made a mistake?

A looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot longer.

Dan from Ormond Beach, FL

When I watch Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr. with the ball, it's easy to see how elusive and explosive he can be. When I watch Etienne get hit/tackled, I find myself holding my breath and hoping that he didn't just get killed. There has been talk that he could be the primary ball carrier for us, but I just don't see it. I think if he got more than a 10-to-12 carries a game that he would be hurt by game six. I think James Robinson is the bell cow and Travis is a beautiful gadgety luxury and I think the coaches know it. I have nothing against him. I hope he is very successful with us, I just believe his role is somewhat limited. Do you see this too or am I seeing it wrong?

I think coaches see Etienne more than a "gadgety luxury," and I think Pederson and this staff like Etienne very much as part of the backfield-by-committee concept Pederson likes to run. I expect Etienne's normal workload to be a bit more than his six touches from Sunday – perhaps right in your 10-to-12-touch area. Overall, I don't expect Pederson and Co. to change approach too dramatically. The Jaguars rushed for 123 yards and passed for 260, and they were a couple of makeable red-zone opportunities from a 30-point game. I doubt Pederson and the offensive coaches would call that perfect. I expect they would call it a decent start.

Jonathan from Jax

OK, so it's surprising to you that people have spent hard-earned money to support this longtime abysmal franchise with no hope in sight and are absolutely pissed off and tired of garbage? Interesting take. Good thing you aren't a business owner.

I wrote Monday morning that I was a bit surprised at the anger and unrest in the inbox immediately after Sunday's loss. It was Week 1. I'll make an adjustment.

David from Eau Claire, WI

Should we trade Lawrence and some picks for Gardner Minshew II?

Heavens no.

Fred from Naples, FL

So, as we move ahead to "Look-ahead Wednesday," let's start on Sunday with starting fast, cut the penalties in half and score touchdowns in the red zone and we will win.

Pederson on Monday expressed surprise at the number of penalties (13) in Week 1, and I would expect that number to drop moving forward. The other two areas are sort of one area, with the Jaguars moving into the red zone on their first drive Sunday against Washington and stalling there. Had Lawrence completed a very completable pass to finish that series for a touchdown to Etienne, that would have meant a 7-0 lead – and that would have felt like a really fast start to the game and the season. Bottom line: There is a lot of angst over a lot of Jaguars things this week. Offensive line. Quarterback. Play-calling. Pass rush. I'm forgetting some things, I'm sure. Had the Jaguars scored a couple of red-zone touchdowns on plays that were there in the first half Sunday, the result might have been a victory and there darned sure would be less angst. It's a fine line between angst and euphoria in the NFL, and red-zone scoring is one area where the line is particularly fine.

Vince from St. Augustine, FL

KOAF, tell the truth: don't you get tired of having to look for the silver lining? It must be frustrating to have to keep writing variations on "The Jags lost again, but …"

I cover games, talk to players/coaches and write/analyze based on what I see/hear. Frustration doesn't come into play. I would like the Jaguars to win because this loyal fanbase would enjoy it so much and because a lot of people I respect a great deal work hard to make it happen. That would be cool. Personally, I'll do the job. I'll answer fans' questions then hope the sun comes up the next day and that my security code works. If those last two things happen, I'll do it again. On Fridays, I'll go to Strings and have a Bullet Bob. I like IPAs. And Bullet Bob.

Ronnie from St. Petersburg, FL

Sooooo there's really no hope for this season, right?


Dmiz from Jagsonville

Young team. Young team mistakes. Gonna be a long season. Will be happy with six-to-seven wins this year. Anything more would be nice.

It's a young team in a young – and new – offense with a young quarterback and yes … those sorts of teams make mistakes. There's also the reality that the Jaguars have very few core veterans who have been with the franchise five-to-six seasons. That's not criticizing the players on the roster, it's just a reality that goes with having struggled in recent seasons and starting to rebuild the roster in recent offseasons. It's not yet a mature roster. It takes time to build a mature roster. There are often frustrations during the process. Will it be a long season? I don't know that yet. I expect this to be a six-to-seven victory team and I expect to improve along the way. How that's perceived depends on perspective, but I expect optimism by season's end. Stay tuned.

Ethan from Wampum, PA

It's clear that Doug has brought a culture of calm and confidence. It's a long season and just one very early loss to a non-conference opponent. How often do Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin or New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick hit the panic button after a Week One loss? Should the Cincinnati Bengals or Los Angeles Rams lose their minds after their losses? I'm pretty sure "No." This was the best loss I've seen from the Jags in ten years. Because it doesn't feel like the end of the world; I'm sold, Doug's sold, the players are sold. There's something a-brewing. But that's just me.

Ethan remains "all in."

Tony from Metro Atlanta

O, fans being fans, we tend to include exhibition games. Thus, Pederson is 0-5.

Fans indeed fan, but even most fanning fans don't include preseason games. (At least not the reasonable ones.) ((Never mind.))