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O-Zone: Wonderful world

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Chuck from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

In terms of general manager interviews, do we have anyone in the organization now that has insight on how to run a successful football operation? Also, interviewing candidates previously fired, how do the Jags distinguish between them being an ideal candidate versus reclamation project?

The Khans enter this general manager search essentially with 10 years NFL experience, and they without question have learned from that experience. They also have spent a lot of time in the past decade speaking extensively with respected football people, studying other teams/owners/executives and learning the league in a way they couldn't have known it early in their tenure as owners. That's how most NFL owners gain experience in the league and improve as owners. Few owners enter the league with football experience. As far as judging general-manager candidates who previously have been in the NFL … the Khans must sort through the candidates' pasts and their potential as pretty much any prospective employer would do with any candidate. Just because a former general manager has parted ways with a previous team does not mean he's an unworthy candidate. There's no right or wrong "type" when hiring a candidate and all the candidates mentioned for the position thus far are more than capable. Whatever candidate gets the job also appears very likely to have the advantage of having a franchise quarterback around whom to build. That's a good place to start.

Steve from Nashville, TN

So now we can go to Indy and knock them out of the playoffs. Can a player in a single game make a case for a roster spot on this team in 2021?

A player undoubtedly can make a case to be on a team the following season with one late-season game, but a borderline player is more likely to make a case for being on an offseason roster with a chance to earn a position in training camp. In the case of the Jaguars' season finale Sunday, the reality is all but 15-20 players are playing to impress the next general manager – or a general manager somewhere else in the league. Offseason turnover will be high.

Steve from Nashville, TN

How many BCS Champion Clemson Quarterbacks from Georgia will the AFC South have next year?

Best guess: Two.

John Evans from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Every week you list the ten things the Jaguars must do to win on Sunday. But it is apparent Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone does not follow your advice. Is he receiving your column? Maybe you should tape it to his office door or put it under his car windshield wiper blade. I am certain he would appreciate your advice.

I doubt he would appreciate the advice – and I don't believe he needs it. I also don't doubt that he is coaching the Jaguars to do many of the things I list each week. I do doubt that the Jaguars right now are good enough to do those things. Evidence is strong that they are not.

Royce from Jacksonville

Mr. O. I have believed that the folks with many years working with NFL teams could recognize how well a team could perform during a season, but it now seems the folks closest to the team know the least, and only have hope like the rest of us.

Beware drawing overarching conclusions from specific situations. Few people covering the Jaguars locally believed this was a playoff team this season. I thought the high end was seven or eight victories – and that was if everything went right, and if quarterback Gardner Minshew II took a step up. But there was never a feeling locally that this team would be great this season. Those predicting six or seven victories were doing so assuming – and yeah, hoping – that everything went right. Everything did not go right.

Glenn from Parkton, NC

John, so much talk about tanking blah, blah, blah ... I get it. They're professionals, and we all know – at least, when we take our tinfoil hats off – that there's no great conspiracy to lose. Still, they're human beings, and it has to be hard to go out there and put in the physical and mental effort required to play in the NFL. Hats off to linebackers Myles Jack and Joe Schobert and the offensive line. They've played at a very high level in spite of it all.


Dan from Somewhere in the Back

Auld Lang Zone, As the season winds down, teams who have clinched a spot in the playoffs are now deciding if they should rest their starters or play them. Resting them is perfectly acceptable but doesn't seem to jive with the notion that coaches are mandated to put the best team on the field every single week regardless of the potential consequences. If it's acceptable to sit your best players to make sure they are rested and healthy for a playoff run, why is it inconceivable to do the same thing to secure a draft pick? Both situations represent franchise altering opportunities. I know versions of this question have been asked before, but I think it's worth exploring further. What say you?

The difference is that resting starters for a postseason run represents trying to win immediately, and the there is no implication that the coaches wouldn't try to win with the players they have available. Resting starters with the idea of playing for draft positioning implies that the team is trying to lose. It's a nuanced difference, at best.

Rob from Orange Park, FL

It was a weird season. Had season tickets, but didn't mind missing all the games. Rooted for my team to lose the last several games and now looking forward to watching them play at 1-14 because I can finally hope they win! My "non-personal" New Year's wishes are to draft Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence along with a bunch of other good players and make being a Jaguars fan fun again! I also hope Lot J gets moving to bring some excitement, jobs, etc. to the area. Too much to wish for?


Keith from Christiana

Is there any Jaguars fan that ever want to see Mike Glennon play quarterback again?? Really?? He has been terrible for 10 years! Why not let Gardner Minshew II play? At least he is entertaining! Marrone needs to go...

Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone perhaps said it best Wednesday when he said no quarterback on the Jaguars really moves the needle. Is Minshew a bit more entertaining? I suppose. Is that enough to matter? Meh.

Ed from Ponte Vedra, Fl

Why do people seem to enjoy telling someone they are wrong if they are wrong?

It's fun.

Justin from New York City

Can the Jaguars begin negotiations with Trevor now, or would they technically have to wait until the end of the regular season?

They must wait until the end of the regular season and until Lawrence officially declares for the 2021 NFL Draft.

Bob from Sumter, SC

Another plus heading into 2021 ... it doesn't seem like the new GM will have to deal with getting rid of malcontents or a bad locker room culture. The best players on the team are not publicly asking to be traded.

Yes, that is a positive.

Mark from Preston, UK

Do players leaving college have to go through the draft process in order to be eligible to play? If there is a player who is regarded as 'generational talent' could they instead just leave college and negotiate a contract in free agency after the draft is finished.

Yes, players leaving college must go through the draft process to play in the NFL. No, they may not just leave college and negotiate a contract.

Doug from Jax Beach

You said recently that you couldn't see a scenario where the Jags traded out of the first pick in the draft. What if Trevor Lawrence decided to stay in school or if he said he refused to play for the Jags? I don't think either will happen, but if one did, I could see us trading down a spot or two. You?

I don't see Lawrence staying in school or saying he won't play for the Jaguars. I've heard nothing of any substance to make me think either would happen, and there no logical reason for him to do so. That's why I don't see the scenario. Could the Jaguars trade if it did happen? Sure. I suppose. But it won't.

Chasman from Section 217 and Jacksonville

My position before last Sunday's game was that we should root for the Jags to win out, and for the New York Jets to do the same. The Jets came through with their win, which puts us in a very enviable position. We can root for our Jags to beat the Dolts, knock them out of the playoffs and still have Trevor. Is this a great world, or what?

It's a-ight.