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Orton, Broncos off to fast start


The NFL is a strange place in 2009 as the Broncos are 5-0 and the Titans are 0-5. But, one has to wonder at what point does Kyle Orton come back to Earth and when do the Titans finally make the switch away from Kerry Collins? I mean really, what is Vince Young going to do that Collins hasn't… lose? And who is this Miles Austin the Cowboys speak of?


##### Losers

David Garrard:Who would have thought being without Mike Sims-Walker would have been such a big loss to the Jaguars offense? Nobody expected Garrard to throw for just 188 yards and no scores, but that is what happened and I expect a rebound week from him coming.

Joe Flacco: Those of you that are wacko for Flacco might just be wacko after this weekend. Going for 186 yards, 2 INTs and 1 TD is more along the lines of what I expected from Flacco heading into this season.

Chris Johnson:I just traded for Johnson in my Jaguars league, and he managed to bust out for a whopping 34 rushing yards and 9 receiving yards this weekend. The Titans are 0-5 and things will soon turn to Johnson and the running game, so keep the faith.

Willis McGahee:Now why in the world Yahoo would rank McGahee #27 for week 5 projections is beyond me. But, as fast as his rise was, the fall has been even faster as he ran for -2 yards, but put up 4 receiving yards to bring his total yards on the day to 2.

DeSean Jackson:Jackson recorded just one catch in week 5 and that led to 1 receiving yard. I'm sure zero points isn't what owners had in mind when they set their lineups on Sunday morning. He'll bounce back and you can rack this up to just an off game.

Randy Moss: I don't know if it is time to just get out of Moss since his value is so low, but I don't think 36 yards receiving is going to be worth starting any longer. I'd put him on your bench until he finally has a good game. Sure, you'll miss out on the points, but it is better than wasting a starting spot on him until it happens.

Chris Cooley: I'm not a huge fan of Cooley personally, it is because I don't like Jason Campbell. He has been forced into a blocking role this year and he managed to go 0-fer the game in every stat fantasy owners look for.

Miami Dolphins defense:The Dolphins may have won the game, but they allowed 27 points and managed to log just one sack and no other defense stats.

Another week in the books and another week I got 13-16 in my picks. I missed on Brady, Benson, and the Cowboys defense; but, I will take a win on the rest. Hightower scored a touchdown, so he was worth playing; Massaquoi was as worthless as I knew he would be and hopefully you didn't pick him up; Seneca Wallace and Roy Williams didn't even play, so hopefully you listened; the Titans defense isn't even worth owning anymore.

In the end, I don't think 81.25% accuracy is anything to sneeze at since that is far better than the pay sites this weekend. We all wish we could go 100%, but that isn't reality and 81.25% is better than the 40% the other guys had this weekend.

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