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Part of the job


I understand my predecessor had a 24-hour rule. Good rule. It's Tuesday, so best as possible, we start looking ahead.

Let's get to it . . . Louis from Jacksonville:
The question is not, "is Gabbert ready?" it is, "is the O-line ready?" We have the rushing attackers, but so far I have not seen the ability to win on the front line. Don't put Gabbert out there and ruin a good quarterback like they did to David Carr.
John: Not sure we were watching the same game. The offensive line wasn't the problem Sunday.
Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL:
In your opinion, do you think if Gabbert would have played as a senior in college, would we still be holding him back?
John: The chances are certainly better he'd be playing.
Mike from St Augustine, FL:
Gabbert had no offseason and a brief training camp, so Del Rio's worried about starting him? Newton's thrown for over 800 yards in 2 games. Dalton's playing pretty well. I can't imagine the kid having a passer rating worse than 1.8. You drafted him. You clearly don't have a better option. Play him.
John: As bad as Sunday looked – and it looked very, very bad – there is a danger in making a quick-trigger decision at the quarterback position. History shows us that. This time last year, remember, a lot of Jaguars fans wanted the team to change quarterbacks and bench David Garrard for the same player they want benched now. The big picture is that Gabbert is the long-term quarterback of the future, but as hard as it may be to accept, the future may or may not be now.
Ryan from Syracuse, NY:
On the plus side, we have the No. 5 defense in yards allowed, and the No. 7 rushing offense. Had we not allowed Britt to score on that ridiculous 80-yarder, we'd be No. 1 in defensive yards allowed. I know, the 'what if' game is totally illogical, but it does help to show how good this team has been on defense through these two games. This team looks great sans the quarterback play. Just get some competence in the passing game, and we're a top team. The way Gene Smith & Co. have turned around this roster is phenomenal. I can't even be mad after that performance, because I know that if Gabbert is that guy and we can get some production from the receivers, we will have a Super Bowl contender very, very shortly. This makes me far more excited than McCown's quarterback play makes me sad. And this is coming from a fan who has been known to be livid after any loss.
John: This season absolutely shows the importance of the quarterback position. I've gotten some questions about why certain teams such as the Lions and Rams have turned things around and looked so good so quickly. The answer for the most part is they have young quarterbacks playing at a high level. On a lot of teams it can look like pieces aren't in place even when things are closer than they seem. Gabbert may not quite be ready yet, and if he's not you don't want to rush him, but when the quarterback position on a team gets solved a lot of other things do, too.
Kevin from Jacksonville:
I see Kampman is out again this week. That means as a Jaguar free agent he has played 11 games and missed eight so far. Does this not put him close to "Bust" territory? If not, do you have an opinion as to why? Wouldn't most free-agent signings of this magnitude already be a bust with his record of actual games played?
John: I tend to categorize busts as players who were healthy and didn't perform. Kampman performed well when healthy last season and has not been healthy since. Is he contributing on a level the Jaguars hoped? No, and if that's your definition of a bust, then fine. But players can't control injuries, and I've never liked terming injured guys as busts.
Marcel from Jacksonville:
Do you think it's appropriate for ANY athlete to Tweet or respond to upset fans after a beat down? A few players this weekend posted things like how rude fans are or can be...blah, blah, blah, blah... I know some fans can cross the line, but do you think front offices should allow their employees to complain?
John: Players are allowed their opinions. Sometimes they come across the right way and sometimes they rub people the wrong way, but there's no way to legislate them from expressing them – nor should there be.
Mark from Palm Coast, FL:
I guess Shack Harris was not the problem. Seems like the Lions are much better? Why do we see talent leave the Jags only to prosper somewhere else?
John: I get that losses are tough, but now we're really reaching.
Mark Froehlich from Jacksonville:
The Carolina game is looking a lot tougher than it did before the season. Having said that though, if Gabbert starts, what a compelling story line, two rookie quarterbacks dueling it out.
John: It would be a compelling story line, and this is why I always caution against judging a schedule before the season begins. Now, Carolina looks like a tough game. And you know what? If the Jaguars played Tennessee this week, everyone would be gnashing teeth because the Titans beat Baltimore Sunday – and this of a team the Jaguars beat in the opener. It's a week-to-week league. It's just very difficult to judge a schedule.
Greg from Jacksonville:
Maybe I have the teal glasses on, but it was Week No. 2 last year when San Diego got four picks off David. It took awhile but the season turned around. You can't save the whale if you jump ship before you reach open water.
John: Through the deafening din, you have been heard.
Adrian from Reading, UK:
No question, but on behalf of those fans who don't engage in kneejerk calls for everyone in the organization to be cut/sacked/eviscerated, I'd like to apologize for the state of your inbox today.
John: Accepted, but not necessary. It's part of the job.
Jack from Jacksonville:
Given the fact that our starter is our starter until he's not our starter. Why doesn't JDR go ahead and name the starter to avoid this 'circus-like' atmosphere?
John: It's a delicate, important decision and rushing into such a decision in kneejerk mode can lead to disaster.
Joey from Hays, KS:
You think GM Gene will pay Roth what he wants to keep him? I like him...
John: It's hard to say after two games if Roth will figure into long-term plans, but it's clear the Jaguars did a good job in free agency this off-season.
Kelvin from Atlanta, GA:
I bet Garrard wouldn't have played like that. Don't expect you to admit it, either. Counting down the days . . . you can fill in the blank.
John: I've not spent much time or space on Garrard, because there's little to be gained here from bashing a guy when he's down. But the Jaguars didn't cut the 2008 version of Garrard. They cut the 2011 version, and the reality was there just wasn't much indication the 2011 version was as good as the versions that preceded it.
Scott from Gilbert, AZ:
While the defense played well against the run and even got some pressure on Sanchez a couple times, Poz is a liability in the passing game against tight ends and backs. The guy obviously tries hard and is seemingly always close to making the play, yet never quite gets there.
John: He has that rap, but he hasn't been the detriment in pass defense many believe. He had good coverage on the touchdown allowed Sunday. Guys miss plays now and then. What you don't want to see is guys getting beat and not being able to compete, and with Posluszny you don't see that. He's a good player who's helping the defense, and he certainly didn't cost the Jaguars the game Sunday.
Bruce from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
What happened to Britton? I did not see his name on the injury report nor was he on the field?
John: He played as a tight end. He wasn't on the injury report because he practiced, but the thought was he was not quite in condition to play a full game at right tackle. It sounds as if that might change this week.
Andrew from Toledo, OH:
I'm going to answer yesterday's inbox questions right now. Gabbert is a year and a half younger than all the other quarterbacks drafted in this year's draft. So maybe he isn't quite ready to start. The Jets traded up ahead of the Jaguars to draft Revis, so it's not like the Jaguars passed on him. And finally the Jaguars haven't put much effort into the WR corps as it has two players drafted in the fourth round, one in the fifth round, a player claimed off waivers, and an undrafted rookie.
John: Good answers, Andrew. Thanks for playing.

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