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Quarterback Gardner Minshew: Sunday, September 18, 2020

Q. Gardner, can you walk us through just the final drive and what your vantage point was on the pass deflection?

GARDNER MINSHEW: Yeah, we felt really good going into that last drive. Got a few completions, that's always good to get it started the right way. You know, that last one, it sucks. I feel like I had a – coming underneath, and ball got tipped up in the air, just a bad way to lose. But you know, there's a lot of good and we're going to learn from it and move forward.

Q. What did you learn about your teammates today?

GARDNER MINSHEW: Yeah, I mean, you see their resilience when we're in there. But we also learned that we've got to start faster. We don't need to be getting down 13 in the first place. I think if we jump out and play every quarter like we played that fourth, we're going to be a really, really good football team.

Q. You guys have said resilience and that there's no quit in the locker room a lot of times, and today you guys kind of put that on the field. Obviously it didn't end the way you wanted it to, but did you guys talk at all about that? When you got down a couple of scores did you tell the guys on the offense anything?

GARDNER MINSHEW: No, I mean, it's one of those things that we know that's something we've built for a while. I think any time we get in those situations we don't hit panic mode, we don't start pointing fingers. We're just going to try to step up, do our job and support the team as best we can. I feel like we did a lot of that on both sides of the ball today, and it should only get better.

Q. I know you want to get off to a faster start on Thursday; when do you start looking ahead to that Thursday game?

GARDNER MINSHEW: Probably watch this game on the plane ride home and then we'll be on after that.

Q. I know it's kind of a loaded question, but it's exactly one year after that last-minute Texans loss week 2 last year. What did you learn -- what was your approach in the days following that, the weeks, the months that maybe you learned something last year that you're going to try to do differently this time?

GARDNER MINSHEW: Yeah, I mean, I think the biggest thing, any time you go through something like this is you remember that feeling, how bad it feels, how close you were, and you kind of channel that and use that when you're out at practice, when you don't really feel like practicing and you channel that when you're in games. You know you can come back and you know you can win and how good that winning feeling is.

Q. I'm curious, for you and Jay, when you sat down and you watched last week, what was there on offense that you said we need to do differently this week so that we can have 300 plus passing yards like you did today?

GARDNER MINSHEW: Yeah, last week I think on some of the plays it didn't work, got out of the pocket a little early, was pretty accurate with the ball but they didn't really give us many opportunities to take shots. We were able to get a few more off today, so that was good. It's a week-by-week. We're going to take what they give us. As long as we don't shoot ourselves in the foot, we could be a really, really good offense.

Q. Kind of piggy-backing off that, was today a really good example of what Jay Gruden can do calling a game?

GARDNER MINSHEW: Yeah, he's great. He's going to put us in a situation to win. We had a lot of guys around the offense get the ball, step up, make plays with the ball in their hands. We're very excited to have Coach Gruden and just to build on the things we've done well so far.

Q. In particular the touchdown pass to Chris Thompson, how far down your progression was he? I think you started with Laviska and Robinson in the backfield with you?

GARDNER MINSHEW: Yeah, it was kind of an alert right there. I knew they were hitting me up, had a good matchup with him on a linebacker, and that's a matchup we expect to win any time we get Chris (Thompson) on a linebacker.

Q. Just kind of walk us through that first interception where Collin and I think James was kind of right in the area. What did you see there and sort of what happened?

GARDNER MINSHEW: Yeah, I was throwing James on that corner kind of flattening him off, and I don't blame Collin at all. He went up, he was trying to make a play. Just super unlucky, man. Felt good with the ball, felt good with the decision. It's one of those deals sometimes the balls don't bounce your way.