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Texans Linebacker Zach Cunningham: Sunday, November 8, 2020

(On what it was like playing with teammates he normally doesn't play with) "Of course it's sad when you see guys go down, but we've been playing with these same guys this entire season and even back before the season. It's not like there's new faces that are out there; it's guys that you've been around and have played with so you still have that trust in them to step up and fill that role."

(On if it was tough to play without Bradley Roby) "Yeah, he provides a big [role on] defense so it was definitely different having to go out there and play, but I felt like the guys that we had stepped up and got the job done."

(On if he would call this his best game of the season and how did he feel out there) "I wouldn't say my best game. I felt like I played good enough to get a W. I played decent out there, obviously I made some plays. There's still more that I could've been able to do out there."

(On how much communication does he have to have with newer players in the huddle) "Obviously, communication plays a big part. For me, just getting out there and making sure I bring the other guys along with me, anybody that's coming in and hasn't gotten those game reps in. Getting them in there and getting them acclimated to the speed and everything that goes on with the game, just bringing them along with me."

(On if he felt extra pressure to pick up the slack with key players out) "No, I didn't really feel that pressure. I trust all the guys that were able to come in and step into their roles, trust that they're going to make their plays, they're going to do their jobs, knowing that I could trust them playing around me. I didn't really feel much pressure."