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Texans Wide Receiver Brandon Cooks: Sunday, October 11, 2020

Q. How did it feel to have this kind of breakout game after a slow start to the season, and what do you think were some of the keys to getting that downfield connection going?

BRANDON COOKS: "It feels good from the overall standpoint of the offense, going out there and playing complementary football when we had the chance. So you know, just blessed from that standpoint and just getting everybody going, and at the end of the day when you do that, it seemed like everything clicked. For personally, I'm just thankful. Deshaun was throwing great passes today, o-line was blocking well, running backs, as well. It takes a collective effort, and so I'm just thankful from that standpoint."

Q. Was the strategy and feeling any different with Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach Tim Kelly that allowed you to get going today?

BRANDON COOKS: "I just think it's one of those things you felt that's where the game was going. You call your opportunities, you just try to take advantage. It wasn't nothing in particular, just came out and had a great day, even from a coaching standpoint."

Q. Could you take us through the fourth down conversion that you turned into a touchdown? What did you see and what was the moment like for you?

BRANDON COOKS: "I think that moment defined the trust right there. Not only from a player to player standpoint but from a coach to player standpoint. You know, calling it in a 'got to have it' situation. All guys were open, he just happened to come to me, and I just tried to do my best to make something happen for the offense. He threw a great ball and the rest was history."

Q. What was different for you and QB Deshaun Watson today?

BRANDON COOKS: "I think it was just more so we all getting involved. It was just one of those things, I wouldn't say anything was different. The ball happened to come my way. Everyone was making plays today, and when you have that, it seemed like everything just goes well for everyone."

Q. What was it like playing in the first game for Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel, and was there anything different he did or a different energy he brought today?

BRANDON COOKS: "It was great. You're talking about a coach that has a lot of history in this league and a lot of respect for him and everything that he's done. So, once again, trusting him, and he put us in a position just to go out there and play great ball on both sides of the ball and trusted us as players and coaches. So other than that, just the respect that you have for him, the guy is awesome. Yeah."

Q. What does it mean to get this win, to get your first win of the year?

BRANDON COOKS: "It means a lot. At the end of the day just getting a win on the column and trying to take that momentum and continue to take it day by day, game by game. We see what we can do as an offense and a defense and special teams together when we all play together and complementary football. So, to be able to get that win, it just gives you that joy of all that work that you put in throughout the week pays off."

Q. What was the locker room like?

BRANDON COOKS: "Exciting. I mean, when you win, you're always excited, right?"