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Time to trade in that old Cadillac?


Week 11 of the NFL saw some highs and some lows, but not always from the people you would have thought. I wouldn't get too excited by some of these numbers because you are almost certain to not see a game like this again this season.


##### Losers

Philip Rivers:We've become so spoiled by Rivers that it hurts even more when he has an off game like he did in week 11. Rivers finished with 145 passing yards and a single TD, but things will get better in week 12 as the Chargers face the Chiefs.

Peyton Manning: Even though Manning threw for 299 yards and a TD, he makes the losers list because of the 2 INTs he threw. Maybe I am wrong, but I expect more TDs than INTs from this Manning brother each and every week.

Matt Forte: It is almost a complete and total lost season for Forte. This week Forte managed to rush for 34 yards, receive 20 yards via the air, and even managed to lose a fumble as the Bears lost to the Eagles. He has the fantasy playoffs to salvage the season.

Carnell Williams: The one they call Cadillac looked more like a used Chevy Caprice in week 12 as he finished with just 32 yards rushing and no scores. Tampa Bay's offense is terrible and that makes anyone on the Bucs a risky start any week.

Roddy White: The Falcons passing attack certainly hasn't been what anyone had hoped this season and with that come games like this where White finishes with 4 catches for 45 yards and no endzone visits. Move on.

Brandon Marshall: And week 11 is the exact reason why I never hopped on the Marshall express bandwagon. He collected a grand total of 3 receptions for 26 yards and no touchdowns. Kyle Orton is still Kyle Orton and that makes Marshall a guessing game for fantasy play. I went against my better judgment and picked him to start this week and I won't make that mistake again.

Dallas Clark: Even though Clark got himself a TD this week, it was on a 3-yard pass and on his only reception. I fully expect more from Clark and Manning so even a TD won't keep him off this list if he only catches one pass for 3 yards.

Carolina Panthers defense: The Panthers managed to find a way to get no sacks, no INTs, no fumbles, and give up 24 points in their loss to Miami. I know the Dolphins run the wildcat offense, but the Panthers flatlined with stats and that got them on this list.

Well, I went 12-16 and only missed on Brandon Marshall, Marion Barber, Chris Chambers, and the Baltimore Ravens defense. I will never get too upset about 75% correct for my picks, and you shouldn't either since the other sites are averaging around 48% for the season.

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