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Titans Running Back Derrick Henry: Sunday, December 13, 2020

(On if he heard his teammates lobby Coach Vrabel to put him in the game to reach 200 yards and what does that mean to him) "I love my teammates. I appreciate those guys every day for what they do. The unselfishness that they have for me – I'm truly blessed to have teammates and the team that I have. Coach Vrabel was just trying to look out for me and take extra shots. My body feels good. I just love my teammates."

(On if he was able to have a lot of people from his hometown at the game) "It's a different time now, but my family was here. I could see a good bit of Titans fans. It's always good to come back home and play a division opponent. They know us, we know them, so it's always going to be a game against them. Their record, it is what it is, but I feel like they always play hard. I had a good game, but those guys always play to the whistle. It's always fun coming back home and being able to play in front of my family."

(On if he can feel a buildup to a long run) "I think those guys get momentum moving guys off the ball, pushing forward, and I just had to go out there and get north and south and move the pile forward, fall forward and get yards so we could move down the field. I told those guys while the game was going on and we were out that I appreciate all of them – receivers, tight ends, fullback, O-Line – like I said the unselfishness for them to have that excitement about the way the game's going for me – I always appreciate that. It doesn't come around too often, to have teammates like that. I love my teammates, and I'm happy we were able to go out there and have a good game as a team."

(On how key was it for the defense to make quick stops early in the game) "Defense did a great job. I think they played lights out. We stalled a couple times and definitely would've liked to finish better, but like I said the defense held it down, so we were able to leave out here with a win. That's the most important thing – leaving here with a W, and I'm glad we were able to do that as a team."

(On what it would mean to reach 2,000 yards this season) "If we could go 4-0 these last couple of weeks I'd be most happy. Like I said earlier this week, I don't care about stats. Last week I was really pissed off about the way I played, thought I played poorly and I didn't do my job to help my team, so I'm still pissed off about last week. I just want to do my job to help my team and do anything I can to help us win. Stats really don't matter. You do what you need to do to help your team win then everything else takes care of itself. Really focusing on playing good team football and helping us win games.

(On if he's fully aware of how much the offense relies upon him and does that make it tougher to be successful) "Not at all. I pride myself on being a leader. I pride myself on being one of the guys that's able to help this team, able to help the offense by how I play in all aspects of the game when I'm in there to get opportunities. That comes with it, and I accept it and I love it. Sometimes this game will give you adversity, like I said, I don't mean to talk about last week, but last week was a hit in the face, and I need to step up and be a better leader, play better. Whatever I got to do to help this team win, that's what I'm going to do."