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Transcript - Jaguars Defensive End Jordan Smith: May 1, 2021

(On his college career) "I started at Florida. I had one hiccup at Florida my second year there, ended up transferring to Butler, had a good year at Butler, at the community college, ended up getting second team all-conference. I ended up transferring to UAB for two years and I was second-team conference my first year there and I was first-team last year, so I had a pretty good bounce back from my situation at Florida."

(On when the Jaguars became an option for him) "I feel like the Jags were always in the picture. Even since the Senior Bowl, I feel like their meeting was more trying to really get to know me instead of trying to just nitpick at what I had in the past. They were actually trying to figure out what type of person I was. They told me they loved me as a player, so it was very good from the start. I always had the Jags in my eyes."

(On what he brings to the game) "First, I feel like I was the best pass rusher in this draft. I've shown multiple different moves that I've used effectively where other pass rushers have less moves, two or three moves. I have a big arsenal of moves. I use my mind. I use my mental game to help me excel in the game. So, I feel like I bring a lot to the table. I'm a great person. I'm a great teammate, great locker room guy, so I feel like I bring a lot to the table."

(On his favorite pass rush move) "My favorite pass rush move would probably be 'stab, swipe'. It was the move that I learned in high school, 'stab, swipe, rip'. Still to this day, to become a professional, it still works, so that's one of my favorite moves."

(On getting the call that he was drafted) "It's a dream come true, but at the end of the day, I just feel like this is my call for my job, for my career. I am living a dream. Now this dream is reality and that dream is my job, so I have to use this as my occupation. It's not time for fun, not time for play. This is time for me to build my brand and start my career as an adult."

(On what he has learned about himself through adversity) "What I learned about myself is I'm very mentally strong. I feel like if that was any other player in this draft to have to go through what I went through, they probably wouldn't have made it back to this point. I just know I have a great mental [state]. I give everything to God. I keep everything spiritual. I just make sure I do everything I need to to make sure I don't go back down those roads again, make sure I just go up from here and excel."

(On where he is for the draft and his reaction to be selected by the Jaguars) "I was home. I'm right here where I was, I'm in my house, and I was excited. Like I told [during the] last question, I kind of had the Jags as one of my front-runners from the jump. So, it wasn't a surprise to me that the Jags picked me."

(On the importance of the Senior Bowl) "I feel like the Senior Bowl was a great experience for what I needed to prove. Never playing a down at Florida and having to go to UAB and having an outstanding career, people were asking, 'Is this something that he can do against anybody?' I feel like the Senior Bowl was my opportunity to show that I can do what I do against anybody regardless of who's in front of me, and I felt like I did a great job at that. I had some good reps against first-rounders, top-rounders, a lot of great reps against a lot of great tackles that was there. I felt like I did have a good showing that it doesn't matter who is in front of me. I'm using my skill, I'm using my mind, and I'm going to do the best I can."

(On where the Jaguars see him fitting into their defense) "As far as like an outside linebacker, defensive end type of deal."

(On meeting with Head Coach Urban Meyer prior to the draft) "We had Zoom [calls]. I never met with him in person, but I did have a Zoom [call] with the coaching staff."

(On where he sees himself fitting in with this young team) "I honestly feel like this is one of the best draft classes of all the teams. They did a great job of picking what they needed: Trevor Lawrence as a quarterback, you have Tyson Campbell as a great corner to go beside CJ Henderson. Also, we have Jay Tufele and me to try to build a dynasty. I feel like Urban Meyer has done this continually in the past, so I feel like it's an honor for me to be a part of something, another dynasty that he's about to create."

(On using his athleticism to be used as an outside linebacker) "I feel like if I [will] be an outside linebacker in that scheme, then I'll be successful."

(On adjusting to the attention during his senior year at UAB) "2019 at UAB, I kind of had free run every time I pass rushed. It was one on one; I never really got the double chip. But after I had that breakout season in 2019, I came back to this year, the teams that we were playing against in Conference USA were destined to make sure I didn't touch the quarterback. I would have double teams, triple teams. I would have running back chips almost every time. Even when I would have a one on one, it would be a quick slant, pitch and catch type of feel with the quarterback. But I mean, I adjusted. I played my game. This year, I did a lot of different stuff in a lot of different areas because my coaching staff knew that that would be the situation. I feel like it was a respect level that Conference USA gave me with the stats, so I feel like that was why there was a decrease in stats from the 2019 to the 2020 year."