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Transcript - Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer: April 30, 2021

(On if the value wasn't there to draft a tight end) "Yeah, we're still looking around. Obviously, Kyle Pitts is someone — I said how do we get him? Trent looked at me like I had five heads, so you were going to have to mortgage your future for that. That's one that we have not addressed yet. There's some conversations going on right now about how to try to find a tight end."

(On where he sees S Andre Cisco fitting in) "Well, I tell you what, he's a guy we just all fell in love with. Before that injury, he's — I had Malik Hooker at Ohio State — and he's the best overlap player I thought in the draft. We used to call Reggie Nelson the eraser, he makes a lot of things right. Best ball skills we felt in the back end of the draft. We had a couple incredible Zoom calls with him. Great background, great character and if he wasn't injured, I think that was a value pick. We're real pleased with that."

(On where he sees Tyson Campbell fitting in the cornerback room) "I've known Tyson since his sophomore year in high school, state champ in Florida. He was [Patrick] Surtain's teammate, wonderful family, played safety, very good tackler when you watch him blitz. He's a versatile defensive back so when you look at our corners and Tyson, you've got these long, six-foot-plus guys that run a 4.4 [40-yard dash] and he's physical. The flexibility that he will provide — he didn't play a lot of inside for Georgia, but he was a safety in high school, and like I said I've known him a long time. I actually heard on television and we agreed with the assessment on television that he's so confident in his speed he's never out of control. We love that guy on film."

(On if he believes Campbell has the flexibility with his skillset to potentially play inside) "Oh yeah, that's one of the reasons that we took him, but his flexibility — because you're going to get your best players on the field and we're going to be, if we can hold up, we're going to play much more man coverage that hurt the Jaguars last year. That was an area of need, we didn't play well in the back end of our defense and you've got Shaq [Shaquill Griffin], you've got Tyson and then you've got Ray [Rayshawn Jenkins] and the safety position is [Andre] Cisco to add to who we already have."

(On if it helps having college experience with the way NFL defenses are starting to mirror college defenses) "Yeah, Chris Ash — I brought him in from college. It depends — if we're playing the Titans it's a completely different looking defense than if you're playing spread teams — so we'll be a 3-4 defense but then when you see nickel and dime situations we'll be a 4-3 and that'll be where nickel and dime people — if you have those people that can play man coverage — if not you can't play it."

(On how CJ Henderson is doing in his recovery from surgery) "Oh, he's doing great. It's been very positive in all areas. Wonderful guy, very talented guy, and he's doing very good."

(On if the expectation for CJ Henderson is to be starting outside) "Yes."

(On what sold him on Walker Little) "Great story there. He hasn't played in a long time. He was the number one tackle coming out of high school, I remember him. He was very good before he got hurt early in the season, not this past year but before. And then the Pac-12 canceled the season, and that's when he started training somewhere else. We were kind of hoping he'd go play in the Senior Bowl so we could go and watch him, but we did a lot of intel. I know Coach [David] Shaw fairly well, and you watch his athleticism and bendability for a big man. The tackle position was very thin this year, and we needed a backup left tackle. He's again trying to develop to at one point to become a starter. We've kind of focused on him pretty early in the whole scenario."

(On if it's hard to draft two players who haven't played in a long time) "Very hard and I needed help with that, to be quite honest. We had to do as much intel as we could, but if you look at sheer talent, I think the two guys Walker and Cisco, yeah it was really hard. I'd much rather have those guys in, spend time with them, but the good thing is we have great connections with Cisco and we had great connections with Stanford and Walker Little."