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Transcript - Jaguars Running Back Carlos Hyde: March 22, 2021

(On the reason why he decided to return to Jacksonville) "It was a no-brainer for me once I saw Coach [Urban] Meyer become the head coach here. I had good years with Coach Meyer at Ohio State and honestly, I've been waiting for Coach Meyer to become a head coach in the NFL. He's finally here and so it was a no-brainer for me to come to Jacksonville, once I saw he became the head coach here."

(On the timing of Coach Meyer deciding to transition to the NFL) "I feel like eventually he would have made his way to the NFL. I'm happy he decided to do that now, while I'm still playing. I'm excited that he's here now."

(On what he thinks Coach Meyer will do to make this a smooth transition) "Because one thing about Coach Meyer, it's all about winning. So, he's just going to figure it out, how to get the wins, how to consistently get wins, how to get a lot of wins, to build a winning program here, build the right the culture, get the right guys in here to—. When he's not around, you know you've got guys here in there that he can count on that are keeping the culture alive, keeping guys bought in into the program."

(On his development in maturity as a player since 2018) "Back in '18, [it] was just growth. I was actually going through a lot through that year; just family, personal issues also. So, it was a lot of growth in that year. Definitely, I wouldn't say it changed anything, it just helped me understand who I am, what I stand for. Things didn't go the right way when I was here; I wish it could've gone better, but it didn't. It's new times here, new journey, new beginning here, new team, new faces, new coaches. So, I'm ready to start off on the right foot here and get things going."

(On what made Coach Meyer so respected by so many players) "We won a lot of games at Ohio State. So, you take Coach Meyer's record, the places he's been, he's won a lot. So, that's one thing when I look at it as winning, and that's what we're all here for, it's to win. So, that's what persuaded me to come back to Jacksonville, because I know Coach Meyer. He wants to win and he's going to figure out how to win and I want to win, so I would love to be with Coach Meyer once again and go win with him."

(On whether they've discussed his role as a leader in the backfield) "I mean, we haven't talked much about the role. Just come in and—Coach Meyer, he expects me to come in and handle my business, be a pro, compete, compete for the job, compete for playing time, come in and be a leader. Because I've been in the league for a while now, so be a leader for these young guys. Things probably aren't going right and if things are going right, then I'll just be a leader, be something positive that they can learn from."

(On whether he's had a chance to speak with RB James Robinson yet) "No, I haven't had a chance to meet him yet."

(On his experience playing for Coach Schottenheimer last year) "Oh I had a great time in Seattle, we had a good time. I thought we were going to make it far to the Super Bowl, but you know that got cut short. But I had a great experience with Coach Schotty. Coach Schotty is the first coach to ever call me up front and allow me to speak to the guys before the game. So, I will always be grateful for that moment right there, that he allowed me to get up there and talk. And I went on to have a good game, we went on to win that game also. So, I will always appreciate Coach Schotty for that moment right there."

(On which game it was that Coach Schottenheimer allowed him to speak) "The Arizona game, when we played them at home. I want to say probably Thursday night, [I] could be wrong."

(On what else he could say about Coach Schottenheimer] "Well, I mean it's a good thing for me, you know a familiar face. I'm sure the offense will be familiar, I'm sure he'll [be] adding something familiar, what we did in Seattle. But you know, it's good to see familiar faces. Schotty has been great, he's definitely going to help me continue to be the player I am, come in and just handle my business."

(On relationship with Jaguars General Manager Trent Baalke during their time in San Francisco and whether that was a factor in his return to Jacksonville) "Trent [and I] had a good relationship. I haven't seen him in a while. We always kept in contact through somebody, there was always a middleman telling me, 'Trent said hello,' and I'd tell the person back, 'Well, you tell him—.' It's finally good to see him though, in person and be back around him. I had a good time with Trent also when I was in San Fran."

(On whether it was Coach Schottenheimer, GM Trent Baalke or Coach Meyer that facilitated his return to Jacksonville) "It was Coach Meyer. Coach Meyer made it all happen."

(On the story behind Coach Meyer calling him for his return) "Oh no. Once I saw Coach Meyer become the head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, I already knew where I was going."