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Transcript - Jaguars Wide Receiver Marvin Jones Jr.: March 22, 2021

(On what works for him in Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell's offense) "I think just the camaraderie that we have with each other and just the leader that he is. Obviously, his offense kind of speaks for itself with the success that he's had since he's been in the league, and it's just a fun offense. It's a fun offense where I can go inside, go outside, do a lot of the things that I didn't do before having his offense. So, it's a lot of stuff that you can do, and I think it fits perfect for me."

(On being the most experienced player in the wide receiver room) "It feels good obviously because I'm still here and I'm still playing at the top of my game. I just met everybody, met the young receivers and they didn't know I was 31. They were like, 'Man, you look like us.' I'm like, 'Yeah. I'll show you the way. I'll show you how to get there.' I'm here, I'm here to be that mentor and for them to follow me. I love that and I love that type of pressure. So yeah, it feels good."

(On how close he was to giving up football after the 2019 season) "I feel like I was close for a couple days, but then after what happened and the support that I had from the community, not only the football community but just thousands of people that are reaching out to me, I instantly felt better. So, I would say, [at] the time it happened I was close, but after talking with the family and everything, that quickly changed. I am where I'm supposed to be."

(On his role and responsibility of being a leader in Jacksonville) "I think it just shows you my worth. I've been doing this a long time at a high level. I wouldn't say it's pressure just because I felt like even when I was in Cincy when I was a young guy, I was still a leader in a way. So, I think everywhere I've been, every stop that I've made, I've been a leader, and that's not necessarily saying I'm going to be the one that's talking all the time and stuff like that. I like to show it and I think as you can look at my career, that's what you see. You see that I am a leader on and off the field and I'm just excited for the opportunity to keep my level of play sky high and to take everybody with me. It's a great room. I just talked to those guys and those guys are very personable, they're hungry. So, I'm ready, I'm ready for that opportunity."

(On the quarterback situation) "I feel good about it, but at the same time, we'll see. We'll see when it happens and then we can double back and talk about that."

(On playing with a young quarterback versus a veteran quarterback, like he had in Detroit with QB Matt Stafford) "It can be different, but I think it's going to be great just because this is my favorite offense that I've been in during my career. The quarterback who comes in here, I'm going to be a tool that he can use, that he can lean on, and the same goes for everybody. I'm definitely excited for the future and excited for what's going to happen. I'm just excited about this whole opportunity."

(On watching college tape of potential draft picks) "I think I have. We went to the National Championship last year and I've watched a little bit of tape. So yeah, [I'm] definitely excited."

(On his decision to come to Jacksonville) "I think it wasn't necessarily the offense, but obviously that's a big factor and I think you want to go somewhere where you're comfortable and I could do my thing. I don't go into any situation being like, 'Okay, this is how it's going to be, and this is how it's going to be.' It's like no, I'm going to come in here and I'm going to do what I can to help the organization. Obviously, the location [helped] as well. My family, we're in the Miami area as well. I just got on a flight, it's a 50-minute flight, 4-hour drive. As a family, this was kind of number one [and] coming in with the camaraderie that I already have with some of the coaches. I just ran into [Defensive Line Coach] Tosh Lupoi. We kind of started off together when I was at Cal. Tyson Alualu, all our kids were at the Cal games. They were pregnant at the same time and stuff like that. When you look at things like that, that ties into the decision making. But I'm not coming here saying, 'This is how we're going to be.' I've come here to be great, and you expect that from everybody else on the team. It's a new kind of regime obviously, it's a new energy, and you can come here, and you can feel that from all the coaches, so I'm just excited to be here."

(On if friends and former teammates asked him why he chose Jacksonville) "No, you're probably the first one."

(On the wide receiver group) "I think they look great, off the bat, the two young guys. Obviously, I played here this past year, so you watch. When you play similar teams, you watch these guys on tape and they can flat out ball. It's a situation that I'm happy about and I'm confident that we're going to be dynamic, so I can't wait to get it started. In terms of my role and how I fit, I think you could look on the highlights and see where I fit in this, so I'm just overall excited."

(On WR Jamal Agnew) "The guy is dynamic. He's one of the best return men that I've seen, but people don't understand how smart this guy is. You're talking about a guy who was on defense and made a change and seamlessly fit into our offense and what we had to do and provided us a big spark. So, you're going to get a guy that's going to come, and he has home run ability. As he progresses as a receiver as well, you're going to see some big plays and that's the reason why he's here. I'm glad to have been with him and now we continue, so it's going to be fun."