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Tweet, tweet and other things

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Cole from Jacksonville:
You have said in the past that if the salary cap goes away for good, small-market teams will have to get more creative. Do you think the Jags may be trying to get a jump start on this by bringing in so many undrafted free agents?

Vic: I think that's a perfect example of creativity. You see, drafted players don't count against your roster until they're under contract, so until that happens you can load up your roster with undrafted players or street guys you've signed to contracts. The more the merrier, right? That's creativity.

Ray from Nampa, ID:
Vic, start tweeting.

Vic: I started tweeting on Thursday. I'm not sure what I accomplished but the one thing I've learned in this business is you can't resist progress. I still have the Royal portable with which I began my career. It's in the cubby hole under the steps. I might take it with me to that big press box in the sky some day. Anyhow, yeah, I'm tweetin', baby, and here's why: The IT guys say it'll provide a signal when the next "Ask Vic" is posted. More importantly, during the season I'll tweet when a little birdie tweets something in my ear. I think it's fantastic that we have a forum for that kind of instant communication. I'm in a communication business and the faster the better. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Sean from St Johns, FL:
Can David Garrard make all the throws?

Vic: He absolutely can make all the throws, though he makes some better than others. As I had said previously, I missed the boat on Garrard until a couple of years ago. Because he has a strong arm, I always thought of him as a deep-drop, throw-it-downfield guy, but all of a sudden it hit me one day in OTAs that David is a true west coast quarterback, meaning he throws the short, timing stuff better than he does the deep ball. When I shared this epiphany with Jack Del Rio, he looked at me as if to say, "You just figured that out, huh?" David throws a great slant. David throws a great dump pass. He's good on the curls and the intermediate routes and the sideline stuff, etc. What he needs to improve is his deep ball. I think it would help if he gets a receiver who can get open deep and catch it. Dennis Northcutt did that late last season and David put it on the money, right?

Sage from Dillon, MT:
You just killed me. Now I'll never be able to peel myself away from Twitter.

Vic: You gotta go with the flow. I'm thinkin' about getting' one of those Ian Poulter hairdos.

Al from Fruit Cove, FL:
Crosby or Ovechkin?

Vic: Wednesday night, it was Malkin. What a game. Monday night Crosby and Ovechkin each scored hat tricks, though Ovechkin was clearly the star of the game. He was dominant. Usually, the team with the hot goalie wins, and the Caps have the hot goalie. With a hot goalie and Ovechkin, they could go all the way. I tip my hat to the NHL. They have a great product. I love the intensity of playoff hockey and I love the players' poise and self-control. They kill each other for three hours but they have proper respect for the game and its rules of decorum, and the players enforce those standards on each other.

Lance from Jacksonville:
Will fans be invited to OTAs?

Vic: Nope. Remember what Michael Corleone said to Tom Hagen? You're out on this one, Tom. I'll keep you posted.

Randy from Cape Coral, FL:
What was it about Freeman that he fell to 17? He is bigger than the other two and can make the throws. He didn't have the weapons Stafford and Sanchez had, and didn't play for a perennial football powerhouse. How much does surrounding talent matter when scouts are looking at a player?

Vic: That's not it. Josh Freeman is a true talent but he's raw. It's my understanding that he needs technical work and there's a concern for a lack of accuracy he demonstrated at Kansas State. Hey, the middle of the first round isn't bad. He needs time to develop his talents.

Tim from Springfield, PA:
What do you think are reasonable expectations for Derek Cox this season? Do you see him as a starter? Nickel back? Or is this just a development year for him?

Vic: I think his goal should be to become a starting cornerback and use that opportunity in his rookie season to get a head start on his development as a top-flight NFL cornerback. Rookie cornerbacks make mistakes, but the sooner they play the sooner they stop being rookies.

Geoff from Clermont, FL:
I was watching the travel channel and Primanti Bros. sandwiches were featured. It immediately caught my attention, having been mentioned in your forum several times, and they mentioned that they have two branches in Ft. Lauderdale. Road Trip?

Vic: Yinze want fries with that?

Ronie from Jacksonville:
In golf, if you win you get paid more, if you are last you get paid least. Would this type thing work in the NFL, especially for rookies?

Vic: You play golf until you die. Fred Taylor and Torry Holt are 32 and they're "old." In other words, golfers have a lot of time to make their money, football players don't.

Mike from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I'm curious about how some of the veterans looked at camp, specifically the defensive line. Is John Henderson in shape? Is Hayward moving better now that surgery is farther behind him? How did Landri and Harvey look with the extra weight?

Vic: Mini-camp? You're gonna get mad at me, but I'm gonna tell you the truth. The only time I noticed John Henderson was when he made a loud noise. The only time I noticed Reggie Hayward was when I said, "Hi, Reg," and he said, "Hi, Vic," and I thought to myself, "Those tube socks he wears are kind of funky looking." I only looked at Derek Landri once, when Jeff Lageman said to me, "Man, he's really gotten big." My lone memory of Derrick Harvey is having a trainer rubbing some kind of liniment on his back and hamstrings. Please forgive me, but I focus my attention on the young guys. It's just mini-camp.

Austin from Jacksonville:
I'm getting so sick of Pete Prisco bashing every Jaguar player and coach just because Leftwich was released. His recent article stated Jones-Drew does not have what it takes to be our guy at running back. He said he hasn't proved anything, yet, and they gave him a contract too early just like Garrard. I think he's proven himself since his rookie season and, as for Garrard, it was not his fault last season; too many injuries and bad chemistry doomed the team to 5-11. What gives with this guy? He's been doing this for some time now and I thought he was a writer and a fan for the franchise?

Vic: Pete loves the Jaguars. Everybody knows that. When they lost to the Titans in the AFC title game, he cried all night. He just knocks them so people will think he's objective.

Mark from New York, NY:
Would it be more accurate to say the total time from the beginning of a quarterback's motion to when it hits the wide receiver's hands is the true measure of what it takes to be a QB in the NFL? It's not just arm strength, but release and motion as well.

Vic: I've never heard it put that way. Usually release and air time are evaluated separately. You might be on to something. I will tell you this: Chuck Noll used to say that release was everything. He said that if a quarterback didn't have a quick release, forget about him. I remember having heard him say that several times and I'm not sure I really believed it but, now, looking back, I can't think of a great quarterback who had a slow release. I'm sure there's been one but I can't think of one. Unitas, Namath, Bradshaw, Marino, Elway, Montana, Staubach, Aikiman, Brady? No way. Favre does the chuck and duck, but there's nothing slow about his release; it's lightning. Maybe Chuck was right.

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