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Waiting for the fall

Gavin from Raleigh, NC:
Building off of Charlie's question, are there any big-name players who have come through the supplemental draft? Do these guys regularly make rosters?
John: They often make rosters, but because there are usually only a handful of players involved each year, you just don't often get many big names in the supplemental draft. Still, there have been a few, including Cris Carter and Bernie Kosar.
Chris from Jacksonville:
WOW, you get asked about players holding out for an entire year and the '85 Bears in one day. Todd Bell and Al Harris both held out the entire year of 1985 and missed out on being part of one of the most-feared defenses of all time and the Bears' first and only (so far) Super Bowl victory.
John: Great – and I do mean, great – catch. I didn't make the connection, and I should have.
Levi from Jacksonville:
What's the likelihood that the Jags play 2012 with no MoJo?
John: My guess is still very, very low. I expect him to be in camp relatively early.
Tim from Section 438:
Can you please explain the significance of July 16th and how it pertains to dealing with the Scobee contract?
John: Franchise players can't sign multi-year contracts after the July 16 deadline. They can sign a one-year deal with their current team, but must wait to sign an extension until after the last regular-season game.
Jimmy from Jacksonville:
O-Man, why are they selling Tebow Jets T-shirts at the airport? We say we want more national respect as a franchise yet when visitors come to our city via JIA they see Jets gear rather than Jaguars gear. It seems kind of obvious to me that a portion of the fan base doesn't respect the jaguars so why expect anyone else, too.
John: I don't know why they sell Tebow shirts at the airport. My guess is maybe people buy them.
Matt from State College, PA:
I was talking to a guy I had just met about football (obviously mentioning my passion for the Jags), and he insisted that Henne was going to win the starting job and that the team was going to win 5 games at most "because of their schedule." I told him he sounded ridiculous and knows nothing about the team. What would you have said?
John: I would have said I thought he was wrong, and that Gabbert will benefit from a year experience, better receivers and better coaching. I would have told him the Jaguars will win more than five games. I then would have said time will tell, because my experience is you don't win those arguments.
Mandy from Section 414 and Tallahassee, FL:
I guess posting a serious question about a small group of long-term season ticket holders (that I know of and I'm sure there are many more) being upset about losing a regular-season game and devaluing the product of season tickets is something the organization does not want to post. I love the Jags and enjoy every home game and I know the organization wants to paint a rosy picture about the team playing games oversees, but truthfully, it is going to upset a very loyal fan base no matter what kind of "spin" the organization puts on having games in London. I don't want to lose any games but if Mr. Khan insists on playing a game in London, why can't it be a preseason game? It will still get the Jags name out and the Europeans could care less if it is a practice game.
John: Mandy, that was awfully close to "I know you won't post this, but . . ." Normally, I'd look past the question based on that, but because it's a slow time, I'll make an exception. The issue you discuss is a dilemma, and one that the team won't take lightly. I can assure you the Jaguars understand the value of regular-season home games. Ideally, they wouldn't give one up. At the same time, if the idea is to grow the name of the brand and grow the fan base, then giving up a home game might have to be the route. As far as a preseason game, it just doesn't have the same impact.
Brian from Jacksonville:
I am very concerned with MJD and his contract and I just want an upfront answer on whether he will be playing as a Jaguar this year. I am starting to lose sleep because of the anticipation!
John: I'm not sure how much more up front I can be. I have written that I believe Jones-Drew will play for the Jaguars this season, and I believe that if that's the case, he'll play at a very high level. Can I guarantee it? No. But that's my answer.
Scott from Chelsea, NY:
During the live chat you said, "Sometimes you see teams that enter camp knowing they're going to need to make a move at a certain position after cut-down day. I don't get the sense that's the case for the Jaguars at receiver this season." What position do you think thats the case for?
John: I don't know that there is a position where that needs to happen for the Jaguars this season. I suppose it could happen at safety or defensive end, but overall, this is a pretty deep roster all around and I don't see any glaring holes.
Jim from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I am glad you are keeping the streak going. Only 21 days until training camp and we can be talking REAL football. I don't have a question, just keep us going for three more weeks and keep up the good work.
John: Will do.
Kenny from Jacksonville:
I don't think your argument that "contracts are contracts" holds up. What was Kampman's contract, then? Gene tore his contract up when it was clear that it overcompensated Kampman's value. MJD's contract undervalues his value, even when you include the front-loaded years.
John: Kenny, I wasn't arguing. Smith released Kampman when the team came to believe Kampman wasn't going to make a significant contribution. Kampman was actually a perfect example of a player who did in fact receive a guarantee in his contract – i.e., his up-front money guaranteed that he would be paid well by the Jaguars whatever happened. You say Jones-Drew's contract undervalues him. It remains to be seen if that's the case, and that can only really be seen in the next two seasons.
Tim from St. Petersburg, FL:
The Replacements. The story was cheesy but, those Cheerleaders.....
John: I admit I do watch the Replacements when I surf past. I was just happy to see Johnny Utah get a chance to have his moment after all he went through with Bodhi.
Will from Lake City, FL:
Do you know if the team is going to have the scrimmage open to the public again this year? Living an hour away it is one of the best opportunities to see the team meet some of the players and get some autographs.
John: The scrimmage is scheduled for Friday, August 3, at 6 p.m., and it is open to the public.
Aaron from White Hall, AR :
Since Maurice Jones-Drew hasn't been here all offseason does he already have the new playbook or does he has to wait until he shows up to get it?
John: He has to pretty much wait until he shows up. My understanding is he has some material to get familiar with the offense, but in terms of having a detailed playbook – and most important, in terms of being in meetings and being on the field in an environment to see it up close and internalize it – that process doesn't begin until he reports for training camp. That's not ideal, but it's not as arduous a process as say, one that would face a quarterback, receiver or even an offensive lineman.
Scott from Chelsea, NY:
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for what you do. While virtually every other beat writer has taken time off for the dead zone, you have remained steadfast with your streak. For those about to rock, we salute you . . .
John: . . . Fire.
Richard from Altus, OK:
The dead time: I'm hurting. Is there some kind of rehab that I can check into?
John: Patience, Richard. Patience. We're three weeks out, and after that, time will do what it normally does in the fall – i.e., turn quickly into a week-to-week frenzy of emotional highs and lows that seems at the same time to fly by and drag on forever. Can't wait.

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