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Week 1 Fantasy Recap


Week 1 was filled with some highs, but mostly lows for fantasy owners that expected much more from their high draft picks. We all knew Drew Brees was top dog under center, but Joe Flacco throwing for 307 yards and 3 TD's wasn't expected. This just goes to show you two things, 1: don't get hyper over week 1 stats and 2: don't get nervous over week 1 stats. It is still a long season; this isn't the BCS and one loss doesn't kill your season.


##### Losers

Carson Palmer: I have high hopes for him, but he finished with just 247 passing yards, no TD's and 2 INT's.

Matt Schaub: Maybe Schaub belongs just outside the top 10, but he is still a legit QB1 in fantasy leagues. However, he will have to show more than the 166 passing yards, one INT and no TD's to keep fantasy owners believing.

Steve Slaton: What a waste of a play he was this week with his 17 rushing yards and three receptions for 35 yards and no TD's.

Matt Forte: I believe that Forte is a top 3 RB in the fantasy world and the 25 rushing attempts are what I like to see. Problem is, he tallied just 55 yards and no TD's for his effort.

Steve Smith (CAR): With just three catches for 21 yards and no scores, Smith was a big letdown on a weekend of star letdowns. At least he had a solo tackle for those in IDP leagues.

Andre Johnson: Big surprise here… if Schaub has a terrible day, Johnson is going to have one too. That is why it is so risky to double-team with a QB and WR from the same team. Four catches for 35 yards isn't going to get it done.

Dallas Clark: Four catches for 39 yards and no TD's… what happened to Manning's favorite redzone target?

Greg Olson: If there was a single guy that I thought would really step up his game this season, Olson would be at the top of that list. I mean Cutler even made Tony Scheffler look good. But, when the whistle blew, Olson had just a single catch for eight yards… not even enough to get the numerical total instead of the written total.

Baltimore Ravens Defense: The Ravens allowed the Chiefs to score 24 points on them. The Kansas City Chiefs scored 24 points on the Ravens? For a top 3 defense, they looked pretty awful.

New Orleans Saints Defense: When you are playing the Detroit Lions with a rookie QB at the helm, and you give up 21 points, something isn't right. A single sack and three INT's helped, but the 21 points killed them in most leagues. The Saints defense isn't that good anyway, but it was the Lions.

Check back Friday for the Week 2 fantasy forecast and don't forget to email me with any questions you have about your specific team.

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